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Representative Maggie Jeffus – Guilford County Democrat

Representative Maggie JeffusRepresentative Maggie Jeffus is a Guilford County Democrat Representative that surely represents a LARGE number of non-custodial families in Guilford County NC. NC Fathers is a grassroots State of NC organization deeply committed to reforming the NC Family Courts and Social Services agencies that derive funding from alienating these families from their children to maximize funding. NC Fathers is asking ALL Guilford County non-custodial families to extensively share this article on Democrat Representative Maggie Jeffus to help gain momentum and educate other families on the issues we seek change on. We also ask that you joain our MAILING LIST so that we can keep you educated and informed of legislation that affects Guilford County non-custodial families. It is important for Rep Jeffus and Guilford County non-custodial families to understand their numbers when you add in ALL extended families members who get hurt equally on the issues we are about to address.


Guilford County Democrat Rep Maggie Jeffus

Posts Related to Representative Maggie Jeffus and the Guilford County Democrat Party: Guilford County Department of Social Services, Judge Wendy Enochs , and Judge Angela Foster. Additionally, we asks that Representative Maggie Jeffus and all readers of this article to read our article on Judge Wendy Enochs carefully as it goes into depth on the issues we will broach with Rep Jeffus here.

Representative Maggie Jeffus and Guilford County Non-Custodial Families

It is important that Representative Maggie Jeffus realize that Guilford County Non-Custodial make up THE largest swing vote in the county, but we also feel that they are one of the largest voting blocks. NC Fathers can think of few issues that draw from all socioeconomic, racial, and gender backgrounds equally like the systematic alienation of fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mother, paternal aunts from their minor children does. If Representative Jeffus refuses to acknowledge that this is happening in the NC Family Courts or with Social Services agencies, it really does not matter because we know you likely do. We know you see the dichotomy in the Family Courts, and what happens after court for 18 years that prevents a equal playing field. NC Fathers believes it is NOT up to Rep Maggie Jeffus to see our side of this issue, it is up to the MILLIONS of non-custodial fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles, now adult children of fathers who see clearly the problems, and friends of their families to start talking about these issues and vote on them. NC Fathers believes there is NO other legislative issue as near and dear to your hearts as your ability to equally parent, have equal access, and be a part of your kids lives equally without federal enforcement agencies, special interest groups, judges, and social services agencies standing in your way.

If you want to achieve this, send this message to Representative Maggie Jeffus by extensively sharing this article on the major social networks to get other Guilford County non-custodial families educated and motivated around this issue and join our MAILING LIST.

Representative Maggie Jeffus and NC Fathers Goal

Representative Maggie Jeffus and Guilford County Non-Custodial families must know that the goal of NC Fathers is to eventually place a top search engine placed blog for every single NC Judge, Politician, Sheriff, and Social Services agencies where we think a lot of non-custodial families are searching when they experience issues. Once complete, we are going to literally place a page one search engine blog on other groups and agencies until we reach every single non-custodial family and educate them on how the State of NC, Social Services Agencies, Special Interest Groups, Judges, and Politicians like Representative create an environment where extensive federal funding for many programs are achieved by alienation of these families from their minor children.

NC Fathers also believes that Representative Maggie Jeffus understands or is aware that social networking gives small organizations like us an equal playing field compared to the large media organizations and this is achieved by millions of non-custodial families sharing this article (and our other articles) extensively with other families in the same boat on all social networking sites.

Representative Jeffus must understand that combined with advanced search engine, social media, and email campaigns, NC Fathers is likely to reach a significant portion of these families and despite the highly controversial nature of the issues outlined HERE, the fact remains they must be addressed even if uncomfortable.

Representative Maggie Jeffus, African American Fathers and Women of Paternity

We believe that Representative Maggie Jeffus understands that African Americans and Women are the base of the Democrat Party. However, statistics show that African American Fathers are more likely to never gain custody of their children, or receive visitation awards with their children compared to others. Additionally, Representative Jeffus must understand that a lot of low income African American Fathers are unfairly targeted for child support enforcement endeavors and imprisonment for being in poverty due to inability to pay child support. NC Fathers finds it very ironic that when you take Democrat Legislation like NC Child Support Enforcement that for every $1 dollar collected in child support the federal government gives back $2 to pay for social services programs for women and children, that it is also unfairly and disproportionally affecting members of the Democrat Base the most. We think Representative Maggie Jeffus needs to hear this.

Representative Maggie Jeffus must also understand that women are a significant base for the Democrat Party. However, NC Fathers must point out the overwhelming numbers of females in non-custodial families who absolutely DO NOT get equal access and ability to nurture, raise, and effect the lives of minor children like maternal families do. NC Fathers believes that for every African American father in Guilford county who is either denied equal parentage or equal visitation, there are at least 3 women in his family who lose as well. This is very ironic Rep Jeffus.

Representative Maggie Jeffus, Hispanic Fathers and Women of Paternity

NC Fathers believes that Representative Maggie Jeffus certainly understands that Hispanic Fathers in Guilford County are fast becoming a significant base of voters for the Democrat Party and we believe the struggles African American Fathers and women of paternity in these families is an EXACT mirror of the problems African Americans face.

Please ask Representative Jeffus if she is prepared to throw African American and Hispanic Fathers AND the women in these families under the bus simply to fund programs that provide money for low income assistance programs at social services.

Again, please share this article on Representative Maggie Jeffus with other non-custodial families in Guilford County to help gain awareness and momentum on these issues and join our MAILING LIST.

Show Support by Copying and Pasting the code below to your Website or Blog:

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