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Verizon Domestic Violence Monster Video and NC Families

Verizon Domestic Violence Monster Video and NC FamiliesVerizon is a formidable communications company who in November of 2011 released a Domestic Violence public service announcement from the perspective of a young female child learning to see her Father and Male brother as Monsters because of Domestic Violence. It is important to note that Verizon removed their Domestic Violence Monster Video after many Domestic Violence, Fathers Groups, and Non-Custodial Family advocates objected and contacted Verizon to end the campaign on the grounds that it was dangerous, biased, and filled with misrepresentation of facts on Domestic Violence as it relates to Fathers and Children. Equally disturbing is the fact that Verizon attempted to stigmatize UNDERAGE male children and perpetuating the idea that they will eventually become Domestic Violence offenders because of Fathers and we think NC customers of Verizon should be sickened by this attempt at politicizing Domestic Violence to gain profits and hurting the Father/ Child Relationship in an attempt to gain profits. We hope that ALL NC Verizon customers will either end their service with Verizon or send an email to their marketing director stating that they do not appreciate Verizon’s attempts to harm young male children and the non-custodial family. NC Fathers acknowledges that Domestic Violence is an insidious problem in NC, but that statistics show Domestic Violence is committed equally between women and men, and because of under reporting, politics, and statistical generation methods, ALL Domestic Violence is not equally addressed in the media. NC Fathers also wants to point out that this is NOT a Male VS. Female issue. NC Fathers receives over 1700+ visits daily, and we hear from MANY WOMEN in non-custodial paternal families who tell us of FEMALE on MALE violence and how FALSE Domestic Violence reports are used to alienate them from their grandchildren, step-children, and nieces and nephews. NC Fathers thinks that Verizon made a huge mistake, and we cannot let this company receive a pass even after pulling the video because of the fact that it was conceived in the first place and used a minor male children to make a point. This is about as sick of a marketing tool as we have ever seen. And, we hope that our readers send this message to Verizon and encourage them to STOP ALL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE instead of the stereotypical misinformation of male on female violence.

NC Families and Verizon Domestic Violence

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Also, note that this is not the OFFICIAL Verizon Domestic Violence Monster Video, this is a copy and we want you JUST to focus on the first 45 seconds that demonizes Fathers and Male Children.

Verizon, their Domestic Violence Monster Video, and NC Non-Custodial Families

If you read our RELATED POSTS, you will surely see that Domestic Violence is a SERIOUS issue, and NOT just a MALE on FEMALE. In NC, our organization believes that non-custodial fathers represents 42% of the voting population and when you add in ALL male and female extended family members you have a very significant overwhelming base of voters that can end policies and procedures like Domestic Violence and Child Support Enforcement using these big government programs, associated special interests, and needed funding off of men, fathers, and females in non-custodial families.

Unfortunately, for Verizon and their Domestic Violence Monster Video, we feel like Verizon just alienated themselves from men, fathers, and females in non-custodial families who suffer from female on male violence and control, and from false domestic violence abuse allegations which are used as tactical advantage in divorce and child custody cases. NC Fathers believes that the Verizon corporation did not address Domestic Violence as a whole, that they were representing special interest groups that provide funding and political power for male on female violence only. And, by attempting to stigmatize men and underage male children as monsters is not even in the same ballpark as sane or appropriate.

NC Fathers asks that NC Verizon customers, or ANYONE in a non-custodial family (paternal grandmother, step-mother, paternal aunt, friends on non-custodial families) who sees this issue more clearly take objection with Verizon and educates them on Domestic Violence by ending their service with this corporation or by emailing and calling their Marketing Department about this issue.

Verizon, their Domestic Violence Monster Video, and FACTS on Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence has become an industry that receives overwhelming state and federal funding to fund programs, shelters, services, government contractors, media, supplies, etc…

In reality, Domestic Violence groups NEED Domestic Abusers to maintain funding for these programs. However, be sure that as we have seen in the Verizon Domestic Violence Monster Video, these groups are not interested in any violence except male on female violence and they are prepared to use minor children as examples to propagate this dangerous misinformation. In our opinion, Verizon and the National Domestic Violence Hotline abused male children and men by attempting to get their daughters and sisters to think of them as monsters.

NC Fathers hopes that the Verizon corporation gets their facts straight next time they make a public service announcement, because social issues like this always have another side, and we bet that Verizon never considered that they were angering a LARGE group of women in paternal families who see the other side of this issue.

Again, we are asking readers of this article to NEVER let Verizon forget this very dangerous attempt to gain profits and use politics to stigmatize minor male children and fathers over Domestic Violence.

Verizon, their Domestic Violence Monster Video, and Special Interests

NC Fathers wishes that special interest groups and big government programs and funding wasn’t associated with Domestic Violence so that supporters could focus on the real problems this social issue brings without interference from special interest groups who ALWAYS have agendas that usually revolve around politics and money. No Doubt, we think the Verizon Corporation and their Domestic Violence monster video is a pathetic attempt at political manipulation, special interest funding, and big government smiles.

The problem is, apparently Verizon Marketing Managers never considered the outrage they are getting from many Fathers Groups, WOMENS Groups, and other Domestic Violence groups who want Domestic Violence to stop and not just male on female violence to stop.

I doubt Verizon will ever tell the average customer or non-custodial family their true intentions behind this Domestic Violence Video, but we can guarantee you that Verizon also had their eye on politics, money, and special interest favors that Domestic Violence funding brings. And again, we hate to keep beating a dead horse here, but using language supporting that male children WILL become monsters is beyond any type of….. we just can’t even find a correct word here. This is sick. Verizon should be ashamed.

Verizon, their Domestic Violence Monster Video, and the FCC

NC Fathers seriously doubts that the Verizon Corporation broke any FCC policies, procedures, or laws in attempting to use the depiction of a minor children in public broadcasts that is founded in serious misinformation, but we think it is definitely worth asking the FCC to take a look at it. Therefore, we are asking every single MALE in this country to immediately call the FCC and show them this video and ask them to spare no rod in discovering if Verizon broke any rules here. NC Fathers is also asking ALL FEMALES in Paternal Families to call the FCC with the same attempt.

Verizon needs to be held accountable for this, either via the FCC, with customers, from Domestic Violence groups, and Non-Custodial families who are particularly vulnerable from the “other side” of the Domestic Violence issue like false allegations and restraining orders being issues for ZERO or LOW evidenced based allegations which ALWAYS alienates non-custodial FAMILIES from their young children. Thanks a LOT Verizon!

NC Fathers hopes that ALL Verizon Customers who read this article EXTENSIVELY email and share this article with other Verizon Customers on the wildly popular social networking sites to help gain awareness and momentum of efforts to end Domestic Violence as a WHOLE, and not using politics to gain profits by creating this very dangerous “Monsters” Video. If you are a member of a NC Non-Custodial family, or want to learn more about how Child Support Enforcement and Domestic Violence is used to alienate non-custodial families to generate revenue for US States then we encourage you to join our MAILING LIST.

Show Support by Copying and Pasting the code below to your Website or Blog:

Please Ask <a href="">Verizon</a> to learn the FACTS on <a href="">Domestic Violence</a> and to stop politicizing Fathers and Male Children as Monsters to gain profits

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  1. WOW VERIZON YOU SUCK. Im a good dad, but that Ad . holy crap. If profiling my the color of ones skin is wrong, what about a whole gender. You have just blamed every man in the world. Yes abuse is wrong. But to implicate millions of innocent men. When that ad viewed, probably every female in the world looked at all males as potential threats.


    Comment by Ken | August 7, 2013 | Reply

  2. boycotting verizon after seeing this


    Comment by dan | December 30, 2013 | Reply

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