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Judge Sherry Fowler Alloway – Judge Linda Falls – Guilford County District Court

Judge Sherry Fowler Alloway and Judge Linda Falls Judge Sherry Fowler Alloway and Judge Linda Falls are both District Court Judges in Guilford County NC who rule on cases in divorce, child custody, and child support enforcement court. NC fathers is a grassroots organization of Guilford County non-custodial families who seek to reform the family courts to be less divisive and adopt better policies so that these families are not alienated from their children. NC Fathers is asking that all Guilford County NC non-custodial fathers and females in the paternal families who daily experiences the issues outlined in this article to share this article on Judge Linda Falls and Judge Sherry Fowler Alloway with other Guilford County non-custodial families on the popular social networking sites to help educate them. Additionally, NC Fathers is building a central repository on non-custodial family voters from Guilford County who we believe can start voting on these issues and change policies so that you can have equal parentage and access to your children, grandchildren, step-children, and nieces and nephews. Please join our MAILING LIST. As always, we welcome Judge Linda Falls or Judge Sherry Fowler Alloway to speak with Guilford County non-custodial families and will be happy to post any rebuttal or insight.


NC Judge Linda Falls and Sherry Fowler Alloway

Posts Related to Judge Sherry Fowler Alloway and Judge Linda Falls : Guilford County Department of Social Services, Judge Wendy Enochs, Representative John Blust. We ask that you read the article on Judge Wendy Enochs carefully as it goes in-depth on the issues we discuss here. Additionally, read more about NC Child Support Enforcement and NC Domestic Violence policies that NEEDS and CREATES Deadbeat Fathers and Abusers for needed federal funding.

Judge Linda Falls won election in 2012 after Judge Susan Bray decided to run for Superior Court Judge.

Judge Sherry Fowler Alloway, Judge Linda Falls, and Guilford County NC Non-Custodial Families

NC Fathers is asking Judge Sherry Fowler Alloway and Judge Linda Falls to remember that representatives from non-custodial families in Guilford County come from all backgrounds, including African American families, Hispanic families, and all other ethnicity. Additionally, that women in paternal families are equally involved in these issues. NC Fathers believes that there are very well funded and super powerful lobby and special interest groups who are well united and have an interest in a divisive family court to meet their groups agenda. It is imperative that non-custodial families become a lobby in their own right since we believe that ALL members of the paternal family equal a overwhelming voter base in NC. Please help send this message to Judges Falls and Alloway via your local House and Senate politicians and let them know you intended to vote on this issue.

Judge Sherry Fowler Alloway, Judge Linda Falls, and the Guilford County Family Courts

Undoubtedly, Judge Sherry Fowler Alloway and Judge Linda Falls will acknowledge these issues for Guilford County NC non-custodial families:

  • Despite no presumption for who gets custody, we believe judges all over NC continue to give custody to mothers 85% of the time. Judge Alloway, does this mean that 85% of fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, and other members of the paternal family are unfit? This sure sounds like presumption to us. Judge Falls?
  • Judge Alloway, why do custodial mothers get free child support enforcement attorneys EVERY time they believe they have an issue, while non-custodial fathers and families have to hire private attorneys at $5000 per incident? Judge Falls?
  • Judge Falls, why do you routinely send fathers to jail for inability to meet financial obligations, but recognize that custodial mothers get extensive housing, educational, financial, and medical incentives and tax credits to make financial ends meet? Judge Alloway?
  • Why does Judge Sherry Fowler Alloway and Judge Linda Falls allow custodial mothers to move children hundreds of miles away from non-custodial families, then perpetuate a inactive father problem in North Carolina?
  • Judge Alloway, why do many fathers and non-custodial families in Guilford County still only get 4-5 days a month visitation a month with their children? Judge Falls?
  • Will Judge Sherry Fowler Alloway and Judge Linda Falls say that there is a direct correlation to scant visitation awards to maximize enforcement collection so that the State of NC can generate revenue for low income social services programs? NC Fathers believes this is significant. For every father in NC who pays $350 in child support, the federal government gives back the State of NC twice that ($700) for social services per month. This certainly sounds like a OVERWHELMING incentive Judges.

Again, NC Fathers hopes that EVERY single Guilford County non-custodial family shares this article on Judge Sherry Fowler Alloway and Judge Linda Falls with other families in Greensboro and Guilford County to help gain awareness, and we hope you join our MAILING LIST so that we can educate you on new legislation and problems in the Family Courts and Social Services agencies as it relates to the systematic alienation of children from non-custodial families due to needed funding, special interest groups, and politics.

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