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Representative Daniel McComas – Republican New Hanover County NC

Representative Daniel McComasRepresentative Daniel McComas is a Republican Representative of New Hanover County NC who represents tens of thousands of voters in New Hanover County who are a member of a non-custodial family. NC Fathers is a new State of NC organization who is using advanced search engine optimization techniques and social media to reach every single New Hanover County non-custodial family member to educate them on issues in the New Hanover County Family Courts and Social Services Agencies that is keeping them alienated from their minor children, and preventing equal parentage and equal access to them as well. We are asking that these families share this article on Representative Daniel McComas extensively with other families in New Hanover County on the major social networking sites to help gain momentum and bring about awareness so that they can make informed decisions at the next election. NC Fathers also asks that you join our MAILING LIST so that we can build a massive database of non-custodial voters who can overwhelmingly effect elections. We also encourage Representative Daniel McComas to contact us should he have any questions.


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Representative Daniel McComas

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Representative Daniel McComas

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Posts Related to Representative Daniel McComas: New Hanover County Department of Social Services, Judge J.H. Corpening, Senator Thom Goolsby, Judge Rebecca Blackmore, Representative Carolyn Justice – NC Fathers is asking readers and Representative McComas to read these articles as they go into depth on the issues we will discuss here.

Representative Daniel McComas and New Hanover County NC Non-Custodial Family Dynamics

Representative Daniel McComas must understand that non-custodial fathers and female family members are an overwhelming and significant group of people that we believe is the largest swing vote and possibly even a majority in New Hanover County. Rep McComas must also surely understand that the issues we talked about in our related posts and here are very important emotional issues that people deal with daily. NC Fathers strongly encourages the honorable Representative to sit back and think about all the voting non-custodial fathers, their current wives, paternal grandmothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and other family members who are consistently alienated from their children, and marginalized to visitor family roles by social services agencies and New Hanover County Family Law Judges.

Representative Daniel McComas must also understand that African American and Hispanic Fathers and Females in these paternal families are equally stung by the issues we discuss here as well.

NC Fathers is asking all members in all non-custodial families to understand that you are a very powerful and significant voting block in New Hanover County NC and have the ability to end the processes that prevent you from equal parentage, equal access to your children, and enslaved to federal big government programs that need you to exist to keep funding rolling in. We certainly hope that Representative Daniel McComas will reach out to these families.

Representative Daniel McComas and Funding of Programs on the Backs of New Hanover County Non-Custodial Families

Representative Daniel McComas must understand that with respect to NC Child Support Enforcement and NC Domestic Violence policies, these massive programs NEED “Deadbeat Fathers” who are Domestic Abusers in order to maintain high statistics and accompanying federal/state funding for special interest groups, programs, services, and related supplies and media these programs to stay alive. Additionally, Representative McComas should also be aware that funding for low income assistance programs at the New Hanover County Department of Social Services is directly funded on the back of non-custodial families in New Hanover County. Equally disturbing Rep McComas, is that lobbyist who need for there to be a very divisive family court system for agenda funding also lobby Family Courts Judges and undoubtedly have influence on elections. NC Fathers is educating New Hanover County non-custodial family members on this systematic wheel of special interest groups, power, money, and politics that is preventing paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts, and fathers from having a EQUAL role in their kids lives. And quite frankly Rep McComas we think this is sick and needs to be addressed.

NC Fathers recognizes that issues related to Child Support and Domestic Violence are very sensitive political issues that few politicians want to address because of the considerable power these special interest groups yield, but by turning your back on these important issues, you are also turning your back on tens of thousands on New Hanover County voting non-custodial families Representative McComas.

We hope that Representative Daniel McComas will read our related posts and evidence that NC Child Support Enforcement generates $2 for every $1 collected  in support for low income social services policies, and how False Domestic Violence allegations are being used as a tactical weapon to alienate non-custodial families from their children by hopeful custodial mothers in the family courts, and how Judges are allowing these zero and low evidenced based DV cases to live on to stay in the good graces of Domestic Violence funding. Furthermore, we hope Representative Daniel McComas reads our article on Judge J.H. Corpening to see the continued extreme bias that still exists in the family courts each and every day in New Hanover County.

Representative Daniel McComas and the New Hanover County Department of Social Services

Representative Daniel McComas must understand that if the New Hanover County Department of Social Services has a vested financial interest in major funding from Child Support Enforcement and Domestic Violence, is there a wide open door for bias and abuse from this agency that has 100% immunity for ANY wrongdoing they commit on New Hanover County non-custodial families? NC Fathers sure thinks so.

Representative McComas, are administrators at the Department of Social Services writing policies and procedures for staff at child protective services with a slant towards getting custodial mothers with problems into rehabilitation programs and dealing harshly with fathers to ensure that they are seen as bad and abusive men so that mothers have funding for programs? We sure think so and we hear from females of paternity every day on this issue Representative McComas.

Representative Daniel McComas – Our New Hanover County Readers Are Listening, is the New Hanover Republican Party Listening?

Representative Daniel McComas can not deny the power of social media and search engines and their roles in New Hanover County voters finding information. This article can be shared just one time on Facebook and it reach 400 New Hanover County Families. Currently, we have page one search engine ranking for you, the New Hanover County Department of Social Services, Judge J.H. Corpening, Senator Thom Goolsby, Judge Rebecca Blackmore, and all other Judges in New Hanover County. Our goal is to write a page one search engine for all Republican and Democrat Representatives and Senators within a week, as well as both political parties. From there, we are going to work with national organizations to get these articles shared on social networks 24 hrs a day extensively. NC Fathers wants Representative Daniel McComas to understand that we will be reaching a very significant number of New Hanover County non-custodial families, in addition to the 1700+ readers already visiting our site daily.

Again, NC Fathers asks you to extensively share this article on Representative Daniel McComas with other New Hanover County Non-Custodial families on the major social networks and to join our MAILING LIST to that we can help you in your efforts to end the division in the Family Courts and bring you to an equal playing field with your children.

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