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Judge Rebecca Knight and Judge Edwin Clontz – Buncombe County NC Court

Judge Rebecca KnightJudge Rebecca Knight and Judge Edwin Clontz are District Court Judges in the Buncombe County NC Courts who rule over child custody, divorce, and child support enforcement cases. NC Fathers is a State of NC organization attempting to reform the NC Family Courts and Social Services agencies due to the historical bias and divisiveness these entities create for Buncombe County NC non-custodial fathers and ALL females in the paternal family in regards to their minor children. NC Fathers is asking ALL Buncombe County non-custodial families to share this article on Judge Rebecca Knight and Judge Edwin Clontz of the Buncombe County District Court with other non-custodial families on the major social networks to help educate, gain  momentum, and bring awareness to this issue. Additionally, we ask that you join our MAILING LIST and we are building a centralized database of NC non-custodial families for elections. As always, we welcome any rebuttal from Judge Rebecca Knight, Judge Edwin Clontz, or any Judge in the Buncombe County District and Family Court.


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Judge Edwin Clontz

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Judge Rebecca Knight, Judge Edwin Clontz, and Buncombe County NC Non-Custodial Families

Judge Rebecca Knight and Judge Edwin Clontz surely must understand that with the current statistics on Divorce, that non-custodial fathers (including putative fathers) in Buncombe County represent somewhere around 42% of the voting population in Buncombe. Additionally, both Judge Knight and Clontz should recognize that all non-custodial fathers have families and that paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and other family and friends experience or hear about the extremely divisive Family Courts in NC.

NC Fathers is asking ALL Buncombe County non-custodial fathers, his extended family and friends, to realize that you are an overwhelming and significant voting block in NC who come from all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds and to start using this enormous potential to end the systematic abuses, bias, divisiveness that you experience with social services and Judges in Buncombe County. Furthermore, it is imperceptive that you begin to talk with your local and federal elected officials about the data and issues we are about to present.

Judge Rebecca Knight, Judge Edwin Clontz, and the Buncombe County Family Courts

Surely Judge Rebecca Knight and Judge Edwin Clontz understand the following dichotomy and frustration we think Buncombe County non-custodial families have with the Family Courts. However, if not, what is important is that those in Buncombe County who read this DO understand it and live with it daily.

  • Judge Knight, the AOC tells us that there is no presumption for who gets custody in the Buncombe County Courts. However, they also release statistics showing that mothers get custody 85% of the time. Does this mean that 85% of Buncombe County fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers and other family members are less fit to raise, nurture, and love their children? 85% sure sounds like presumption to use Judge Clontz.
  • Does Judge Rebecca Knight and Judge Edwin Clontz not realize that when custodial mothers get into financial difficulty there is significant low income assistance housing, financial, educational, and medical benefits available to her, but when non-custodial fathers get into trouble financially and cannot pay child support the only option is jail?
  • Why is Judge Rebecca Knight and Judge Edwin Clontz continuing to allow custodial mothers to move children hundreds of miles away from non-custodial families and then perpetuating a inactive father problem in North Carolina?
  • Do both of these Judges not understand that custodial mothers gets free child support enforcement lawyers when they have issues, but non-custodial families have to hire private attorneys at $5000 per incident?
  • Can Judge Knight and Judge Clontz tell us why non-custodial fathers still only get 4-5 days visitation with their children?

Can Judges in the Buncombe County NC Family and District Courts really look non-custodial families in the eyes and say that the system is not biased and fair?

With regard to NC Child Support Enforcement, NC Fathers wants all Buncombe County NC non-custodial families to understand that for every one dollar in child support collected via enforcement, the federal government via the Social Security Act Title IV-D Section 458 gives back to the State of NC TWO dollars in Incentive Payments to be used by Social Services for low income assistance payments.

Our questions to Judge Rebecca Knight and Judge Edwin Clontz is this an incentive for Social Services abuse on non-custodial families, and is this in any way directly related to low visitation awards for Buncombe County Fathers so that enforcement can be maximized for revenue generation? Also, are you happy knowing that non-custodial families are defined by their “visitor” roles and federal child support enforcement MPI #’s? Is this really all that non-custodial families in Buncombe County have to offer Judges?

NC Fathers believes that Buncombe County NC children benefit more from two equal parents, and extended families who bring way more to the table for children than some federal agency. Judge Knight, what about this federal govt contractor who wants to bill Title IV-D funding that comes out of non-custodial families? Wouldn’t this money be better spent in a program that teaches two parents the benefit of getting along together for the betterment of their children, and using the money to encourage and reward that?

Additionally, Judge Knight, Judge Clontz, we surmise that you will deny this, but in regards to NC Domestic Violence policies, hopeful custodial mothers DO use false domestic violence claims as tactical advantage in divorce and child custody matters. And, we do believe that Judges in Buncombe County hand our restraining orders like candy on zero or low evidence based accusations to appease the very powerful Domestic Violence lobby. We want Judge Rebecca Knight and Judge Edwin Clontz to understand that this ALWAYS alienates children from their non-custodial families and we realize it is politically correct and smart to stay close to the purse strings of the DV lobby, but  Buncombe County non-custodial paternal related females and fathers are watching very closely.

Again, NC Fathers asks that you join our MAILING LIST and encourage other Buncombe County non-custodial family members to join this list, as well as extensively sharing this article on Judge Rebecca Knight and Judge Edwin Clontz with the Buncombe County Courts on the major social networks using the buttons below.

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