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Representative Carolyn Justice – New Hanover and Pender County NC Republican

Representative Carolyn JusticeRepresentative Carolyn Justice is a Republican Representative for New Hanover and Pender County in North Carolina and represents tens of thousands of non-custodial families. NC Fathers is a State of NC organization working with non-custodial families all over NC who are seeking change in the NC Family Courts and Social Services Agencies with respect to the systematic alienation of non-custodial families from their children because of politics and funding for programs that rely on these families to exist. NC Fathers is asking ALL non-custodial families in New Hanover County and Pender County NC to extensively share this article on Representative Carolyn Justice with other non-custodial families on the major social networking sites to help educate and bring awareness on the issues that maintain the bias and diversity. Additionally, we ask that you join our MAILING LIST so that we can further educate you on where Representative Carolyn Justice stands on these issues so that you can make informed decisions about you family and children at election time. As always, we welcome Representative Justice to contact us at any time.

Republican Representative Carolyn Justice

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Representative Carolyn Justice and Special Interest That Work To Alienate New Hanover and Pender County NC Non-Custodial Families from Their Children

Representative Carolyn Justice should not be surprised that special interest groups have significant influence over some politicians, Judges, and other officials. However, NC Fathers believes that for New Hanover and Pender County non-custodial families, there exists a particularly insidious “wheel” of special interest that yields so much power and control over these families lives that it completely alienates fathers and females in paternal families from their children with little ability to correct it. The groups I am talking about are Lawyers, Judges, Social Services, and the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement.

Surely Representative Carolyn Justice recognizes that lawyers have a considerable financial gain in the Family Law System. Given the current setup of the courts, one person “wins”, while another person “loses”. For the winning team, there is financial support and public assistance programs to help during tough financial times, for the losing team, hard financial times means jail. For the winning team, there is 70% greater access and time spent with children, while for the losing team there is occasional visitation. NC Fathers believes this setup ensures that two parents will fight for 18 years and with lawyers charging $5000-$7000 retainers per incident, we believe that the lawyers association lobbies hard for very divisive family courts that really is only hurting children.

In regards to Judges, they are simply an extension of Lawyers who need to get elected and surely the lawyers association lobbyist know they have their ear. And, unfortunately in New Hanover and Pender Counties, Judges are attached to political organizations and we find it hard to believe that Judges do not keep their political party’s core beliefs and principles in mind when deciding cases. Certainly Representative Justice will recognize that certain political parties believe in big government programs that are centered around the government providing for low income families, which leads us to our next group on the “wheel”.

Representative Carolyn Justice must know that social services is the primary agency that helps low income families get services when they need it. The problem for New Hanover and Pender County non-custodial families is they are a MAJOR funding source for this agency and when you remember that child protective services is also located within social services we believe it opens the door for bias and abuse.

We have to wonder what New Hanover and Pender County non-custodial families who have been denied equal parentage and access to their children think about sending money to a FEDERAL ENFORCEMENT agency each month that is directly related to providing money for low income assistance programs. Representative Justice?

To NC Fathers, this seems like a HUGE Incentive for low visitation awards so that child support and accompanying federal money can be maximized. And for Judges who are aligned with political organization that have this as their core beliefs, it is dangerous.

Representative Justice, no doubt Social Services administrators have this money in mind when they write policies and procedures that Staff at the agency have to follow. This is particularly concerning with the venerable child protective services wing of social services and it sets the agency up to deal “softly” with custodial mothers and their children, and very harshly with non-custodial fathers and their family since they fund the agency. And, when you add in 100% complete immunity for any wrong doing, it gets even more dangerous for New Hanover and Pender County non-custodial families.

Representative Carolyn Justice and Funding For New Hanover and Pender County Social Services

Representative Carolyn Justice needs to know that pursuant to the federal legislation that birth Child Support Enforcement, for every one dollar collected in child support, the federal government via the Social Security Act Title IV-D gives BACK two dollars to the State of NC for low income assistance programs to women and children at social services. We strongly encourage New Hanover and Pender County NC to thoroughly read THIS LEGISLATION (particularly section 458 “Incentive Payments to States”) and THIS ARTICLE.

We also wonder if New Hanover and Pender county families will contact Representative Carolyn Justice on this.

If all this data isn’t concerning, then let us introduce you to a software company that is building a multimillion dollar software company that is building the NC Child Support Enforcement agency a advanced tracking system for non-custodial fathers. Who is going to pay for this? Because this company is a government contractor, it will come out of Title IV-D Funding. And this means that New Hanover and Pender County non-custodial families will pay for it via low visitation awards and increased collection Representative Justice.

All of this seems like a LOT of Incentive for non-custodial families to not have equal parentage and equal access to their kids.

Representative Carolyn Justice, New Hanover County and Pender County Non-Custodial Family Voters

The good news here Representative Justice is that when you add up ALL New Hanover and Pender County non-custodial fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and other friends and family of the non-custodial family, you have an EXTREMELY large base of voters that come from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. This also means that you are a very significant swing vote since non-custodial fathers and females come from African American and Hispanic families, and females are equally stung by these issues as well.

NC Fathers is asking ALL New Hanover and Pender County non-custodial fathers and female of paternity to email and talk with Representative Carolyn Justice about these issues and to ask her to encourage the NC general assembly to bring equal shared parenting to the Family Courts and start putting all this money for software companies into a system that teaches, encourages, and monitors parents in the effort of working together for the mutual benefit of their children. NC Fathers belies that two EQUAL parents, and their extended families bring more to the table for children than any software company or enforcement agency ever will Representative Justice.

The minute New Hanover and Pender County non-custodial families unite and start voting on this issue, Judges and Legislators WILL be forced to change how they deal with you. Please join our MAILING LIST and let us help.

Representative Carolyn Justice – Our New Hanover County and Pender County Families Are Listening

Representative Carolyn Justice needs to be acutely aware that this site receives greater than 1700 visits per day and that non-custodial families in New Hanover and Pender County are sharing this article and our other related articles on the major social networks and because of the viral nature of social networking, one shared article can be viewed by 400 people. Additionally, all of our articles (including this one) are at the top of the major search engines, and we continue to use advanced Internet networking to reach a LOT of New Hanover and Pender County Readers. We hope you will help in this process.

Thank You for visiting NC Fathers and reading this article on Representative Carolyn Justice. Again, we ask that you routinely share this article with other families in New Hanover and Pender County NC on the major social networks to help gain momentum on this important issue. NC Fathers is working hard to educate all NC Legislators and Judges on these issues, as well as families like yours who can effect elections and end the bias and division you experience daily. Please join our MAILING LIST

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