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Judge Michael Denning and Judge James Fullwood – Wake County NC Court

Judge Michael Denning and Judge James FullwoodJudge Michael Denning and Judge James Fullwood are Wake County NC District Courts Judges who rule in divorce, child custody, and child support enforcement courts. NC Fathers is an organization of non-custodial parents and family members in Wake County to desire to see the Wake County Reform for the presumption of equally shared parenting instead of the current system which is extremely divisive and built around special interest, politics, and funding. NC Fathers asks all non-custodial family members to routinely share this article on Judge Michael Denning and Judges James Fullwood with other Wake County non-custodial families on the major social networking sites and join our MAILING LIST so that we can build a massive email list that we believe can change the system in one election cycle. If you have a history with Judge Michael Denning or Judge James Fullwood in the Wake County Courts and you are a non-custodial family member we want to hear your thoughts.


Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then? With Equally Shared Parenting Judge Denning? Judge Fullwood?

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Judge Denning and Judge Fullwood

Before Reading this article, we ask that you read these articles on Senator Richard Burr as it goes into detail on the issues we touch on here.

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Judge Michael Denning and Judge James Fullwood – Our Wake County NC Readers Are Listening

NC Fathers wants to make it very clear to Judge Michael Denning and Judge James Fullwood that in NC, when you add up all non-custodial fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, and the many other extended family members, you have a very overwhelming voter base from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe these groups of people have had enough of the historically divisive nature and dichotomy that exists in the Wake County Family Courts and we are asking Judge Fullwood and Judge Denning to address these non-custodial families on the article to Senator Burr.


NC Fathers believes that all Wake County non-custodial families simply want equal parentage and equal access to their children that maternal families have, but everything seems to be around lawyers getting rich and the funding for NC Child Support Enforcement, NC Domestic Violence, and other special interest group programs. Judge Denning, Judge Fullwood, surely you recognize the difficulties that Wake County non-custodial families have and we welcome any contact from you.

With over 1750+ readers per day, NC Fathers is having great success in putting highly search engine optimized blogs on page one of the major search engines and with getting in front of families in Wake County using advanced social networking. Right now we have a mailing list of over 5,000 NC non-custodial families who are ready to address politicians on the issue. Surely Judge Michael Denning and Judge James Fullwood recognize that because of the extreme diversity of the courts and revenue generation for social services programs via child support enforcement, these families are angry and frustrated.

Judge Michael Denning, Judge James Fullwood, and all other Judges in the Wake County courts need to hear from non-custodial families that we are no longer satisfied with 4 days a month visitation, visitor roles, being in federal enforcement agencies with assigned MPI #s, and watching custodial mothers receive extensive state assistance to make finances meet while we and our sons are jailed under the same circumstances.

NC Fathers believes strongly that when you have two equal parents, and they bring two equal extended families to the table for children, there are more resources and opportunities for children than any big government program could ever hope to deliver.

Let us hear from you, what are your experiences in Judge Denning and Judge Fullwood’s courts?

Again, using the buttons below, we are asking all Wake County NC non-custodial family members, be it fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunt or uncles, or some other family member to extensively share this article on Judge Michael Denning and Judge James Fullwood on sites like Facebook and Twitter to gain greater momentum. Additionally, consider joining our MAILING LIST.

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  1. I am a mother who lost custody in the Wake County Courts under Judge Sasser for no particular reason. The father hired a superior attorney who clearly had a relationship with Judge Sasser when Judge Sasser did not know my attorney. It also did not hurt that the children’s father is a performer, so he was very persuasive on the stand, while I was nervous and easily confused under the pressure of his attorney yelling at me every time I opened my mouth.
    I am a professor at NCSU and I am a part-time therapist. My parenting was NEVER criticized in court. Instead, Judge Sasser gave Dad custody because she said I was “codependent” with the kids, which was never mentioned by any experts in court or in the extravagant psych eval I paid for, and the kids do not have a good relationship with their abusive father, so that became my fault–I turned the kids against him.
    I see the kids every other weekend, and their vindictive father does not let them call me or text or email.
    That was a year and a half ago. The result? My children are so unhappy and miss their mother so much that my daughter has talked repeatedly about wanting to die and my son has talked about wanting to kill his father. That court decision has ruined all of our lives, and is damaging my children.
    I’ve watched many family court proceedings here and know many people who have gone through the court system. There’s no doubt that the system is not working. Judges are making decisions based on outdated laws, their personal relationships, and a person’s ability to perform in the courtroom,
    Judge Sasser is gone now and next month we’ll be coming up before Judge Denning. I’m nervous. I don’t even hope for justice any more when I go to court–I just hope that the judge is in a good mood and that he’ll take a liking to me. In my experience in Wake County Family Court, that seems to be all that matters..
    But let’s take an honest look at the problem. We are electing attorneys to make decisions about families when they have no training in family systems–their qualifications are not connected in any way to children or family structures, and the expenses inherent in getting a professional to testify from these areas of expertise is prohibitive. In cases like mine, when a professional does testify, the judge can just disregard the testimony based on his or her feelings anyway.
    This organization is right on in asking the courts to move away from divisiveness, but the judges’ rulings are not the main problem. The structure of the system is. Family court should be run by unbiased experts who are trained in family systems. Those are the people who are qualified to assess and make judgments designed to heal families of divorce. Let’s get the attorneys and judges out of family court and try an innovative approach, an approach that might actually work.


    Comment by Jt | January 5, 2013 | Reply

    • JT,
      I must admit, we are shocked to hear that Judge Sasser ruled against a Mother, the Wake County NC Courts have a long history of father bias. Nonetheless, if being a non-custodial parent is bad for Fathers it can’t be good for Mothers either. The best approach is to start will 50/50 and take the “winning” and “losing” out of the equation because parents are doing the most damaging things to a child’s family structure in order to win or keep from losing. And, we can’t disagree more that many times Judge’s will overlook professionals and use their discretion to make very wild decisions.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | January 5, 2013 | Reply

      • My current attorney, who is very good and is more experienced than my first attorney, said he had never seen a more wrong decision.

        It seems like in criminal court there are some checks and balances, but in family court, judges can do whatever they want, and they don’t have to justify it. I asked for a new judge after the initial ruling and was rejected without so much as being allowed to appear in front of someone and argue my case.

        All I wanted was 50/50 and the dad refused. That’s why I originally took him to court–just to have them half the time. He won, Afterwards, he was disappointed that the kids rejected him and said they wanted to be with their mother, so in a rage, he filed motions against me without his attorney, apparently then discussed it with his attorney who advised him he was making a mistake, he withdrew the motions, and we are going to court next month just so I can get attorney’s fees for the motions my attorney drafted and submitted asking the court to reject the frivolous motions that dad later withdrew.

        I’ve never looked at it as winning or losing. As far as I’m concerned, every time we go to court everyone loses. After three hearings now, I’m not going to go back for custody. I don’t have the money for another court battle, and my health has suffered too much with all of this over the last seven years. I can’t continue. My children will be stuck with their dad until they are 18 or they run away.

        The abuses in the system are tragic and children are the most hapless and undeserving of victims, but unwitting parents are the victims, too. I believed in justice until I went before Judge Sasser. My kids did. too. They believed they would get to live with their mom–my son even went to court to testify, but the judge did not care about what he wanted. Now my kids don’t seem to believe in anything because they feel the system has abandoned them..


        Comment by JT | January 5, 2013

    • i feel this pain …judge denning has skrewed me for no reason…..i have nowhere to turn


      Comment by David | December 17, 2014 | Reply

  2. I want to leave you with one more piece to this puzzle and then I will stop my rant.

    I lost custody of my children in an ex parte “hearing” which took place in the judge’s chambers. Only my ex’s and his attorney’s voice were heard. They cooked up a story that was more closely a reflection of how they think than of who I am. My green attorney–I was her second litigation case–did not even inform me that I had a right to a 10-day rebuttal hearing and I didn’t know any better. So, my voice was never heard on that motion.

    The order that resulted from that “hearing,” cooked up in a back room at the courthouse, has remained in effect to this day. And I have spent around $60,000 over the last five or so years and surely lost years of my life trying to get that order reversed and have only lost ground in Judge Sasser’s court. When I have gone back and testified in front of her, she has given me a withering look as if to say, “It doesn’t matter one whit what you and your witnesses and experts have to say. You are done.”

    I never had a chance.

    That’s why I say nothing short of an entire overhaul of the system will address the needs of families, particularly ones who cannot afford to drop a hundred thousand dollars to pay for fairness.

    There are alternatives, and yes, we tried mediation, but both parties have to mediate in good faith, and my children’s father was not about that. He was about “winning,” as you mention above, and no progress was made after 18 hours of mediation.

    To sum up my experience in the Wake County Family Court (and if I sound jaded, please pardon me):
    –Attorneys are not very nice people (though I have met many exceptions to this rule).
    –When attorneys become judges, they don’t get any nicer.
    –Judges are not qualified to make decisions about structuring divorced families to benefit the children.
    –Family court is about paying for beach houses, fancy cars, and designer shoes; it’s not about families.
    –Children do not come first in Wake County Family Court. Relationships with attorneys come first, the letter of the law and technicalities second, getting you out of their overcrowded courtroom third, public speaking skills and the ability of litigants to lie persuasively fourth… families and evidence come in somewhere around 9 or 10, if at all.


    Comment by JT | January 6, 2013 | Reply

    • JT,
      EX-Parte orders are definitely traumatic, but they do serve a good purpose and the 10 day deal is there for a reason, but apparently your attorney forgot to tell you which I think is grounds for her to loose her ability to pratice law. And, even if you did what is alleged in the Ex-Parte then you should be given services, a bit of time to prove your reformed and then put back in your child’s like as an EQUAL PARENT instead of just saying ‘OK you did this your now out of the child’s life forever’. And your right about the industry side of the NC Family Courts, as long as there is conflict and one parent getting nailed, it ensures that parents will fight and Wake County NC Lawyers get rich.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | January 6, 2013 | Reply

    • “–Family court is about paying for beach houses, fancy cars, and designer shoes; it’s not about families.”

      Oh, its all about families- just not OUR families. Sadly, it is also about all these “things”.
      After “serving the people” (i.e. judicially destroying your family, fleecing your children and their future, your home, lifetime savings and assets, health and career), these illustrious civil servants drive home to support their own families in McMansions once valued near $2M with an exotic red porsche parked in the multi-bay garage. A politically correct Prius is driven to the courthouse to help relate to the common folk of the county.

      Dont take my word for it- Look up your favorite judge or illustrious lawyer in your local county online property records!


      Comment by Navin R. Johnson | October 12, 2013 | Reply

  3. Judge Fullwood has not been scheduled to hear child support or custody cases for at least the past twelve years. Whether he has actually heard any domestic cases over the past twelve years, I don’t know.

    Historically, there are few male Wake County district court judges who hear domestic cases. And the male judges who do hear domestic cases tend to be newly-elected or appointed. Why is this? Two reasons come to mind. First, new judges have little seniority and don’t have much input into their assignments. The Chief District Court Judge – the judge who sets the courtroom assignments for all the other district court judges – “volunteers” these hapless new male judges for domestic court duty. Second, you don’t need to be a law professor to know that there is a systemic, deeply-ingrained, anti-male bias in most domestic courts nationwide – Wake County, NC included. I suspect Wake’s male district court judges are well aware of this, and want no part of it.

    Undoubtedly you’ve heard the old adage “Men are the breadwinners, women are the caregivers.” There’s more than a bit of truth to this statement. For all you men out there desiring “justice” in Wake County Domestic Court, dream on. Unless the woman is an alcoholic, prostitute, drug addict, convicted felon, child abuser/sexual predator, or just doesn’t want the kids, you’ve lost your case before you even step into the courtroom. Make your arguments, present your evidence, call your witnesses, cite controlling appellate opinions… it’s all for naught. The outcome is largely pre-determined and you have lost based almost solely on your gender. Yes, it’s that bad.


    Comment by anonymous | March 26, 2013 | Reply

  4. Judge Sasser not only listened to my ex wife because she had a better attorney, she told me i was not allowed to call or email my own son. Keep in mind there is no abuse or past violent history from me, just the mom. She beat him so badly once that he cried and begged her to stop. But dumb me, i didn’t report it. She is alienating my son from me and she was told to send him to a counselor with the intent of reunification with me. But guess what? there is no timeline in the order (since her attorney wrote it) and it has been 6 months and she has done nothing. I have not had my son with me for two years. She refuses to pick up the child support that i have been paying for almost a year and she also won’t use the insurance i have for my son. She just wants nothing to do with anything from me and it is hurting our son. I just hired a new attorney and am told that Judge Denning will be the new judge in November. I am hoping that he is a better judge of character and sees what she is doing as i have much more proof now. Does anyone have experience with judge Denning?


    Comment by CW | March 31, 2013 | Reply

    • CW – Hi, I had judge Denning as my judge for a custody case in April and I just received his decision July 8th. Allowing my son’s mother to relocate with our son and her husband to Hawaii. Feel free to email me


      Comment by JR | July 12, 2013 | Reply

  5. I am interested in this thread, as I too was a mother ruled against by Judge Sasser. As JT had stated, no negative comments were made in regards to me. Every person who testified, stated I was a superb mom. It too appeared to everyone in the courtroom that my ex’s attorney clearly had a personal relationship with Judge Sasser. Upon closing statements, Judge Sasser asked my ex directly, “Please tell me exactly what you want Mr….” And then said, “Is there anything else?” Judge Sasser gave her custodial ruling immediately, giving my ex exactly as he asked, finishing with a final question to my ex (in reference to distance allowed to move), “Do YOU think this may be too strict Mr…?”

    It was a truly draw dropping experience. My child has since paid the consequences and is miserable and threatened by his dad. I filed for a Modification and have already been pushed back once. I am hoping to still be heard this year.

    For those who have been heard in front of Judge Denning, what was your experience? How did it compare to Sasser?

    Thank you.


    Comment by Michelle | August 28, 2013 | Reply

    • Michelle, if you could snap your fingers and provide for a successful outcome to your matter, what would it be?


      Comment by stompkinsnc | August 28, 2013 | Reply

      • Snap my fingers? The most successful outcome would be one that truly put my child 1st; neither parents interests nor rights. I have my opinion on what that is; first and foremost, the minor child should not feel threatened because of the motion of filed.


        Comment by Michelle | August 28, 2013

      • Ok I understand that, I think what I was getting at is if you could snap your fingers, would the successful outcome be you being switched from non-custodial to custodial? If switched to custodial, what role would the non-custodial father play in the kids life?


        Comment by stompkinsnc | August 28, 2013

  6. I have primary and he has secondary custody. The issue revolves around stability during the school year and school nights, homework, and extra curricular activities. Slightly paranoid on here and do not want to discuss too much. The dad played a very “good role” for court the 1st time. Since “winning”, he has failed to continue this “role” and has not “shown” up…


    Comment by Michelle | August 28, 2013 | Reply

  7. Dad never asked nor wanted 50/50 time; just the 50/50 schedule B; I have offered to voluntarily give up any and all rights to child support


    Comment by Michelle | August 28, 2013 | Reply

    • OK, I’m confused. You have custody but said Judge Sasser ruled against you. I’m assuming now you wanted some modification or he did and the Judge either denied your modification or favored his modification?


      Comment by stompkinsnc | August 28, 2013 | Reply

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