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Judge Kris Bailey and Judge Vinston Rozier – Wake County District Court

Judge Kris Bailey and Judge Vinston Rozier of Wake CountyNC Fathers is asking Wake County non-custodial families if Judge Kris Bailey and Judge Vinston Rozier of the Wake County Courts are biased and received equal rulings in court that gave you equal parentage and access to your children compared to the maternal family? Before reading our posts on Judge Kris Bailey and Judge Vinston Rozier, we ask that you read these posts on the Wake County Department of Social Services, Judge Kristin Ruth, Representative Deborah Ross, and Judge Michael Denning as we go into detail issues we feel Wake County non-custodial families want to see changed in the Wake County Courts and with Judges that rule in them. NC Fathers is an organization of Wake County non-custodial families who want to see Judge Kris Bailey and Judge Vinston Rozier to adopt EQUALLY Shared Parenting as presumption since we feel that Wake Conty children having two equal parents and extended families brings more to the table for children than federal enforcement agencies and division brings.


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Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then? With Equally Shared Parenting Judge Bailey? Judge Rozier?

Judge Kris Bailey and Judge Vinston Rozier

NC Fathers believes it is imperative to share this article on Judge Vinston Rozier and Judge Kris Bailey on the major social networking sites to help gain maximum exposure and interest with other Wake County non-custodial families. Also, please join our MAILING LIST so that we can alert you if Judges Bailey and Rozier respond. Also please read our article on Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison

Judge Vinston Rozier, Judge Kris Bailey, and the Wake County District Courts

If you are a Wake County non-custodial father or female in the paternal family, how did you fare in the courtroom with Judge Kris Bailey or Judge Vinston Rozier? Did you receive near equal visitation, or did you get the usual 4-5 days a month visitation with your children? How did you feel about Judge Kris Bailey putting you into a federal enforcement agency who assigned you a federal MPI # instead of giving you equal parentage with your child(ren)? Did Judge Vinston Rozier allow the hopeful custodial mother to use a zero evidenced based false domestic violence allegation to get a restraining order or favor in custody proceedings? Do you feel that either Judge Bailey or Judge Rozier gave you the same respect that they gave the maternal family in court?

NC Fathers strongly encourages you to read our articles on the NC Child Support Enforcement system and NC Domestic Violence policies that we believe are designed around NEEDING “Deadbeat Dads”, little visitation awards, and establishing abusive histories with non-custodial fathers (and by proxy all females in the non-custodial families) so that the State of NC and Social Services agencies can continue to receive mega funding.


Be sure to ask Judge Kris Bailey and Judge Vinston Rozier if the politics and money associated with these two programs had anything to do with you and your family from being given equal treatment and ruling in their court rooms.

NC County Court

Judge Vinston Rozier, Judge Kris Bailey, and Wake County Non-Custodial Families

Judge Kris Bailey, Judge Vinston Rozier, and Wake County Legislators cannot deny that non-custodial fathers from all ethnic groups, AND paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts, and other family members who get equally hurt in the Wake County Courts are a significant voter block. NC Fathers believes that the moment these families unite and start using their influence in Judge’s elections and state elections these issues will be re-structured to take you and your children’s needs in mind and they will end the dichotomy that is built around special interest groups and their needs.

Again, please help NC fathers build a massive MAILING LIST of NC non-custodial families so that we can start talking to Legislators and Judges about the issues we bring up in this article. And, we ask again that you share this article on Judge Kris Bailey and Judge Vinston Rozier with other families on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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