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Nash County Department of Social ServicesNC Fathers wants to hear from Rocky Mount NC Non-Custodial families and see if they feel that the Nash County Department of Social Services is biased when dealing with them? NC Fathers has concerns that because the Nash County Department of Social Services derives money FROM Nash County non-custodial families that it opens the door for abuses against them. NC Fathers is a State of NC organization of non-custodial family members who feel that the historical bias and different treatment from the NC Family Courts and Social Services agencies has to stop. NC Fathers asks that you repeatedly share this article on the Nash County Department of Social Services with other non-custodial family members on the major social networking sites to help spread the word about this important issue. Also, we ask that you join our MAILING LIST and encourage others in Nash County to do the same so that we can build a massive lobby organization that can change the issues we discuss in this article in one election cycle.


Social Services Bias

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Nash County Department of Social Services, Domestic Violence, NC Child Support Enforcement, And Federal Funding

The Nash County Department of Social Services receives mega funding for NC Domestic Violence Coalition initiatives that the agency uses to respond to Domestic Violence cases in Nash County. NC Fathers understands that there is an insidious problem with respect to Domestic Violence in North Carolina and Nash County, the problem is that the lobby groups and services providers responding to this issue is ONLY focused on MALE on FEMALE violence and completely denies any significant problem with FEMALE on MALE violence and control, or FEMALE on FEMALE issue. In essence, Social Services agencies NEEDS male MONSTERS to exists so that money can flow freely.

Our concern is that the Nash County Family Courts and Nash County Department of Social Services are in concert to continue this funding from the federal government by over responding on males while overlooking female violence because of politics, money, and special interest groups who make a LOT of money from funding and are then able to forward their agendas.

How does this affect non-custodial fathers AND all members in the paternal family with respect to equal parentage and access to their children? NC Fathers believes that Judges and Social Services agencies are placing so much emphasis on MALE on FEMALE violence that it has become a hot button issue that garners a lot of attention for hopeful custodial mothers who use FALSE Domestic Violence allegations of abuse to win favor in the courts and get assistance services. Additionally, we think Judges hand out restraining orders way to easy because it is politically correct and keeps them in favor with the purse strings that can help at election time. The unfortunate result for non-custodial family members is that this immediately alienates them from their children for up to a year and insures that mothers will receive custody and get social services assistance.

Like Domestic Violence, the Nash County Department of Social Services NEEDS “Deadbeat Dads” to continue receiving money from the federal government to replenish low income assistance programs at the agency. NC Fathers asks that you do your research on the Social Security Act Title IV Part D and pay particular attention to Section 458. In reading, you will see that the Nash County Department of Social Services gets TWO dollars back from the federal government for every ONE Dollar collected in child support via enforcement that they can then use to fund low income assistance programs. NC Fathers feels like this is an awful BIG incentive for Social Services to deal EXTREMELY harshly with non-custodial families in CPS investigations. NC fathers also believes that this is a big incentive for Family Court Judges to give fathers low visitation awards so that child support can be maximized and thus federal funding.

Ever wonder why custodial mothers get FREE attorneys when they have a NC Child Support Enforcement issue, but non-custodial Nash County families have to hire a private attorney at $5000 per incident? This is Social Services attempt at protecting their federal funding and insuring that more continues coming down the pipe.

To add insult to injury, here is a government contractor wanting Title IV-D money to build a software program to help employees at the Nash County Department of Social Services to track fathers who are late on child support. Be sure that this software program is going to cost millions of dollars, and that Nash County non-custodial families are going to pay for it in increased child support enforcement endeavors.

NC Fathers believes that there is way to much money going out to special interest groups, social services agencies, and others via child support enforcement and that this is the reason that non-custodial families get different treatment with respect to equal visitation and parentage with their children. NC Fathers believes that having two equal parents and extended families at the table for children brings way more resources for them than any software program or enforcement ever will.

If money is at the root of all evil, then the Nash County Department of Social Services certainly has an awful lot of incentive to deal with non-custodial fathers and females in the paternal family wrongly. NC Fathers concern is that Social Services administrators who keep their eye on the money write policies and procedures that direct agency staff to deal harshly with men and fathers since they are the number one source for funding. NC Fathers gets contact almost hourly from NC non-custodial family members who tell us of illegal and bias treatment from social services CPS workers when dealing with your sons, but work with custodial mothers very lightly.

NC Fathers also has concerns that the Nash County Department of Social Services has 100% complete immunity from lawsuits brought from Nash County families when they commit illegal and overly intrusive actions on these families. When you add up money and complete protection from abuse, you have a very dangerous situation and like you, NC Fathers knows that when social services makes mistakes, it can spell disaster for non-custodial families and their children.

Nash County Department of Social Services and Non-Custodial Family Dynamics

The Nash County Department of Social Services has an awful lot of incentive to deal harshly with Nash County non-custodial families, and as outlined above, we have shown other contractors, Judges, and special interest groups who are all lined up to pilfer through federal coffers for money. It is imperative that EVERY non-custodial father, paternal grandmother, step-mother, paternal aunts and uncles, and other family members draw the line and organize around these issue so that changes can be made. The only way to do this is to send the message to social services administrators, Judges, and Legislators that funding and money on the back of the non-custodial family/child relationship is wrong, and making a commitment to finding legislators new careers if they do not make changes. Trust us, social services, Judges, and Legislators cannot deny the number of voters that come from 50% of the voting population in Nash County who come from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Please Please consider joining our mailing list and let us bring reform to the NC Family Courts and Nash County Department of Social Services.

Again, if you are a non-custodial father or any member of the paternal family and have experience with the Nash County Department of Social Services and felt that you received biased service from them or experienced some other type of treatment, we ask that you contact us, share this article on Facebook, Twitter, or other social network, and join our MAILING LIST.

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