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Judge Matt Osman, Judge Rebecca Thorne Tin – Mecklenburg County NC Court

Judge Matt Osman and Judge Rebecca Thorne TinJudge Rebecca Thorne Tin and Judge Matt Osman of the Mecklenburg County NC Courts
are two Judges in Mecklenburg County who rule in court cases involving child custody and child support enforcement. Before reading this article on Judge Tin and Judge Osman, we ask that you read this article on Senator Richard Burr as it goes into extensive detail on the issues we will touch on here. If you are a member of a Mecklenburg County non-custodial family, be it a paternal grandmother, step-mother, paternal aunt, or a father, then we ask that you share this article on both Judges with other non-custodial families in North Carolina to help educate them on the environment we think exists which keeps you alienated from your children compared to maternal families access. Please be sure to use the social sharing buttons at the end of this article to routinely publish this article on the major social networking sites. Additionally, we ask that you join our MAILING LIST and help us reach our goal of one million NC non-custodial families who we believe can immediately change the divisive nature of the NC Family Courts in one election cycle. As always, we welcome any rebuttal or insight from Judge Rebecca Thorne Tin or Judge Matt Osman on this article.


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District Court

Judge Osman and Judge Tin in the Mecklenburg County Family Court

Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then? With Equally Shared Parenting Judge Osman? Judge Tin?

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Judge Rebecca Thorne Tin, Judge Matt Osman, and the Mecklenburg County Family Courts

Neither Judge Rebecca Thorne Tin or Judge Matt Osman should be shocked to learn that Mecklenburg County non-custodial families think that the courts are broken, are very divisive, and unfair to children. In our article to Senator Richard Burr above, we pointed out no less that thirteen issues that have dramatic consequences with respect to non-custodial families being systematically alienated from their minor children.

Additionally, neither Judge Tin or Judge Osman should find it hard to believe that the revenue generation for social services, special interest groups, and software companies who all want Title IV-D child support enforcement money is a slap in the face of Mecklenburg County NC non-custodial families who deserve and desire equal parentage and access to their children. Therefore, NC Fathers will flat out ask Judge Rebecca Thorne Tin and Judge Matt Osman WHY the courts have to be so divisive and why are there so many special interest groups eating at the plate of child support enforcement funding instead of the courts focusing on a program that strengthens Mecklenburg County children’s parents and extended families who bring more resources and opportunities to the plate than any big government program could ever hope to bring?

Judge Osman, why are Judges in the Mecklenburg County Courts perpetuating a “inactive father” problem in NC when Judges routinely exacerbate this issue and allow custodial mothers to move hundreds of miles away from non-custodial families? Additionally, why are you only giving non-custodial families 4-5 days a month visitation with children? Judge Tin?

Why is Judge Matt Osman and Judge Rebecca Thorne Tin throwing poverty stricken fathers in jail during this dangerous economy for inability to pay child support when custodial mothers get extensive federal and state assistance to make financial ends meet?

Why is Judge Matt Osman and Judge Rebecca Thorne Tin not recognizing that giving custodial mothers free child support enforcement lawyers is a problem when non-custodial families have to secure private attorneys at $5000-$7000 per incident?

With respect to NC Child Support Enforcement and NC Domestic Violence policies, is Judge Tin and Judge Osman working in concert with Social Services agencies to insure that non-custodial fathers and families remain a funding source for these hot button political social issues?

NC County Court

Judge Rebecca Thorne Tin, Judge Matt Osman, and Mecklenburg County Non-Custodial Family Dynamics

Neither Judge Rebecca Thorne Tin or Judge Matt Osman can deny that voting non-custodial families in NC equal greater than 50% of the population when you consider non-custodial fathers, and ALL family members and friends of the non-custodial family who see and feel your struggle daily. NC Fathers sincerely believes that when 4 million North Carolinian’s start emailing, writing, and FAXing their local, state, and federal Representatives and Senators about these issue, they will be FORCED to act. And, shortly after that Judges will follow.

If you are tired of not having equal access and parentage to your children, and you are tired of Social Services and Judicial abuse, the ONLY way out of this is to start affecting elections like the special interest groups do.

Judge Judge Rebecca Thorne Tin and Judge Matt Osman should realize that NC Fathers is getting almost 1800 daily readers and we already have thousands of people on our mailing list. Additionally, we will continue to use advanced social networking and search engine marketing to reach our goal of putting this data into the hands on NC non-custodial families.

Again, please join our MAILING LIST and be sure to share this article on Judge Rebecca Thorne Tin and Judge Matt Osman with other Mecklenburg County NC non-custodial families on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and other social networks routinely.

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