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Judge Ronald Chapman, Judge Donnie Hoover – Mecklenburg County NC Courts

Judge Donnie HooverNC Fathers is asking Judge Donnie Hoover and Judge Ronald Chapman of the Mecklenburg County NC Courts to be leaders and start addressing the extensive dichotomy in the Family Courts that always alienates non-custodial families from their children. NC Fathers believes that EQUAL shared parenting by BOTH parents and their extended families brings more opportunities and resources to the table for Mecklenburg County children than 18 years of fighting for custody and enforcement of one family. Help NC Fathers reach it’s GOAL by routinely sharing this article on Judge Donnie Hoover and Judge Ronald Chapman of the Mecklenburg County courts on the major social networks using the sharing buttons below this article. Also, we ask that you join our several thousand member MAILING LIST so that we can start using families to put pressure on legislators to make changes to policies and procedures of the Family Courts. As always, we welcome any contact or rebuttal from Judge Chapman, Judge Hoover, or any Judge in the Mecklenburg County Family Courts.


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Judge Donnie Chapman and Judge Ronald Chapman of the Mecklenburg County Family Courts

Judge Donnie Hoover, Judge Ronald Chapman, and the Mecklenburg NC County District Courts

Before reading our article on Judge Donnie Hoover and Judge Ronald Chapman, it is imperative that the reader read this article to Senator Richard Burr as it goes into detail on the issues we briefly touch on here.

Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then? With Equally Shared Parenting Judge Chapman? Judge Hoover?

Our immediate question to Judge Ronald Chapman and Judge Donnie Hoover of the Mecklenburg County NC Courts is do you think that Mecklenburg County children receive more opportunities and resources from a federally enforced $400 a month child support payment from a father you refuse to give equal access to, or from children having two equal parents and extended family members?

Or, will Judge Chapman and Judge Hoover side with enforcement since they know that Mecklenburg County non-custodial families are literally funding Mecklenburg County Social Services low income assistance programs via Section 458 of the Social Security Act Title IV Part D entitled “INCENTIVE PAYMENTS TO STATES”?

Judges, what about THIS ARTICLE? How much child support payments is it going to take to fund this initiative Judge Hoover? Judge Chapman?

NC Fathers needs for Mecklenburg County non-custodial families to ask Judge Donnie Hoover and Judge Ronald Chapman why in the HELL so many agencies and special interest groups are wanting to make money off child support money on the BACK of these families not having equal access to their children? What happen to “a childs best interest” Judges?

If Judge Hoover and Judge Chapman decides that software programs, social services, and rich lawyers getting more $5000 retainers is more important then we recommend that you contact your State and Federal Senators and Representatives about this.

NC County Court

Judge Donnie Hoover, Judge Ronald Chapman, and Mecklenburg County NC Non-Custodial Families

Judge Donnie Hoover, Judge Ronald Chapman, and all Judges at the Mecklenburg County Family Courts may be shocked that non-custodial fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, and paternal aunts who are ALL EQUALLY devastated by the divisive family courts equal about 4.5 MILLION North Carolina voters. NO Judge, or Legislator can deny this amount of voters at ANY level.

Folks, if you are tired of being treated as a second class visitor family with 4 days a month visitation, or going to jail because of hard financial times while custodial mothers get extensive social services assistance to make the same finances meet, then use the link below to join our mailing list.

If as a Mecklenburg County NC non-custodial family, you are tired of the extreme bias and dichotomy of the Family Courts that seemingly is only interested in child support enforcement and lawyers making $5000 retainers every few years from two parents they KNOW will fight for decades, then we ask that you EXTENSIVELY share this article on Judge Donnie Hoover and Judge Ronald Chapman on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and the other social sites using the share buttons below. Also, help us reach our goal and change legislation by joining our MAILING LIST.

Show Support by Copying and Pasting the code below to your Website or Blog:

Please Ask <a href="">Judge Donnie Hoover</a> and <a href="">Judge Ronald Chapman</a> to bring EQUAL Shared Parenting to Mecklenburg County children.

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  1. Don’t talk to me about Judge Donnie Hoover. My children were abducted from their home in Australia, since then I have had false AVOS, and now have been cut off from my children, I send child support and gifts for my kids and Kristina through her attorney (I might add they send it back) then claim I don’t send any. I have been arrested, ordered to provide forensic psychiatric Evaluation (completed 2 but can’t submit one) now have pending TPR case (unpaid child support), not that that matters as this judge cut me off without even allowing me to testify from Australia. I have Attorney fees of around 200k and can’t even modify child support either.
    How is a father supposed to defend himself against the BS when he is denied the right to testify and to provide evidence? My X is on internet sex sites, her mother listens to her have sex (sick peeping tom, then asks her about it) and it’s documented and I can’t even speak to my kids.
    Oh yeah for those interested my evaluations came back normal surprise surprise. Not to mention it cost me over 5K for the evaluation that I can’t even submit.
    Peeved off, yes I am. I am a good father and to be treated like this is just plain wrong. Where I come from you get the right to defend yourself, you don’t get cut off from your children because of what one side says, here in Australia you need proof and you get the right to reply. I have had no rights what so ever in NC. God help anyone that goes before this biased judge Hoover.
    I guess I am expected to just roll over and say goodbye to my 4 children. This is all a joke.
    I have no idea what I am supposed to do, now.
    Word of advice, consent orders don’t sign them, they give you no rights at all unless you’re the mother. Oh don’t worry if child support is on there you will get that upheld, but don’t expect Hoover to assign any more value to a male than money he has to pay. In 6 months I went from a fit and proper person to having no rights at all, except I might add to pay child support.
    What I get now – No contact, no medical, and no nothing except pay child support. Oh forgot visitation to be restored after completing Evaluation, funny how it is made so I can’t submit it.
    Good luck guys, Pray you don’t get this Nasty Biased Judge
    Good Luck you will need it.


    Comment by Andrew Maxwell | August 13, 2012 | Reply

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