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Judge Monica Bousman – Wake County NC District and Family Court

Judge Monica BousmanAre you a Wake County NC non-custodial family member with a history in the court room of Judge Monica Bousman who is a Judge in the Wake County NC Family and District Court ? As an organization of Wake County non-custodial families, we are interested in hearing from you and your thoughts on Judge Bousman. Did she place a lot of emphasis on equal shared parenting, or the usual extreme division where you were diminished to a visitor family 5 days a month? Are you interested in joining our MAILING LIST and helping us reach our GOAL of reforming the Family Courts and Social Services agencies to be less about politics, special interest, rich lawyers, and funding? NC Fathers asks that you routinely share this article on Judge Monica Bousman of the Wake County NC Courts with other non-custodial families to help gain momentum on this important issue. As always, we welcome any insight and rebuttal from Judge Monica Bousman (or any Judge in Wake County NC).



Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then? With Equally Shared Parenting Judge Bousman?


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Judge Monica Bousman - Wake County NC District and Family Court

Judge Monica Bousman and the Divisive Wake County NC District and Family Court

To get a detailed list of all the problems we feel that need to be addressed with regards to reforming the NC Family Courts and Social Services agencies, we ask our readers and Judge Monica Bousman to click on the red and blue graphic below.

Basically, NC Fathers hopes that Judge Bousman will recognize equal shared parenting as the best option when dealing with two parents and their children. As it stands now, there are simply too many politics, special interest groups, big government agencies, and funding that unfortunately plays a factor in how cases are ruled on. NC Fathers asks Judge Monica Bousman to explain to Wake County NC non-custodial families WHY bringing two parents to a court room, and just flat out tell them they they created a child together, and despite the high conflict, you ARE going to get along and develop a parenting plan that satisfies everyone, and if either of you do NOT follow it then we are going back to the old system and the problematic parent then becomes non-custodial? Judge Bousman, does this system not sound better than the system now where two parents come into court and literally tear each other apart for 18 years and the winner gets a shiny “custodial” badge while the other gets a “non-custodial” badge? We realize this system works for lawyers who charge $5000 retainers every few months, but it is NOT working for NC children.


No doubt Judge Monica Bousman is aware of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation which deals with International Drug Smugglers and Organized Crime. Can Judge Bousman explain to Wake County NC non-custodial fathers exactly we have to be in a federal enforcement program simply because we are not ALLOWED to be equal parents? Judge, is this some radical feminist stigmatization technique? But seriously, is this how you see Wake County men, as people who need to be federally enforced? What about Wake County NC women of paternity, how do you feel about your son being a federally enforced parent just because he “lost” a court battle? NC Fathers is sorry if this offends Judge Bousman, but this sounds like some radical special interest group BULL that is designed to ostracize groups that oppose them. And, we hope that Wake County NC paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, and friends of men call out Judge Bousman on this.

NC Fathers is asking Judge Monica Bousman and all Judges in the Wake County NC Family and District Court to explain to Wake County NC non-custodial families why they are funding social services low income assistance programs and child support enforcement contractors? Again, this smells of big government antics and politics. Is Judge Bousman going to be able to look non-custodial grandmothers in the eye and tell them that it is OK and for the greater good that she is unable to nurture her grandchild equally compared to the maternal grandmother because you are putting food on the plate for software company employees and low income assistance participants (click the red and blue graphic below to see what we are talking about).

Judge Bousman has some explaining to do.

NC County Court
Is Judge Monica Bousman and other Judges in the Wake County NC courts AT ALL concerned that since Wake County NC non-custodial families are generating one dollar in REVENUE for every ONE dollar collected in child support via enforcement, is there an avenue for abuse and bias against non-custodial fathers (and females by proxy)? Also, since custodial  mothers and children are the recipient of services at the agency, are they dealt with lightly?

Surely, Judge Bousman recognizes protecting your funding source is good business, so our organization is concerned that social services administrators install policies and procedures that keep non-custodial fathers non-custodial so that funding can flow.

Surely Judge Monica Bousman can see the simple logistics in this relationship? But hey, not to worry, if DSS commits illegal acts, we can just sue them right? WRONG

ALL social services agencies have 100% complete immunity by law. Any DSS employee can do anything they want, and there is NO accountability for it whatsoever. When you combine this with needed funding, and our organization believes that DSS is a very dangerous machine for non-custodial families in Wake County NC.

Does it bother Judge Bousman at ALL that DSS has no external accountability, but even Judge can be investigated by the Judicial Standards Commission?

Judge Monica Bousman and Wake County NC Non-Custodial Family Voters

Does Judge Monica Bousman and other Judges in Wake County realize that non-custodial families identify as Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, African American women of paternity and fathers, Hispanic women of paternity and fathers, Asian women of paternity and fathers, and Caucasian women of paternity and fathers? Does this effectively not make Wake County NC non-custodial families the largest swing vote in Wake County? And if so, it is a really good idea for Judges who need to be elected to systematically alienate these voters from the Judiciary and their political parties by the thousands each month?

Judge Bousman, what is going to happen when NC Fathers uses advanced search engine optimized blogs and social media to reach a large segment of NC and Wake County non-custodial families and we teach them that NO Judge or Legislator will be able to turn their back on 4.5 million voters?

When is Judge Monica Bousman going to bring equally shared parenting to Wake County NC children and non-custodial families? Or, should we ask Wake County Senators and Representatives this?

Did you enjoy or related to this article on Judge Monica Bousman of the Wake County NC District and Family Court? If so, please share this article on the major social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook with other Wake County NC non-custodial families and consider joining our MAILING LIST. By doing so, you can help NC Fathers reform the Wake County Court system and Judges that rule in them.

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