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Judge Anna Worley – Wake County NC District and Family Court

Judge Anna WorleyJudge Anna Worley of the Wake County NC District and Family Court is responsible for hearing child custody cases in the Family Courts. NC Fathers is an organization of Wake County NC non-custodial families who are tired of the extreme diversity and bias the courts have historically taken with non-custodial fathers and his family. If you are a Wake County NC non-custodial family who is tired of being defined by child support enforcement and as a “visitor” family 4-5 days a month then we ask that you share this article on Judge Anna Worley of the Wake County NC Court on the major social networking sites with other non-custodial families. Also, we strongly ask that you read our organizations GOAL and join our MAILING LIST to help make this happen. As always, we welcome any insight or rebuttal from Judge Anna Worley, or any Judge in the Wake County courts to address our 1800 daily readers.


Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then? With Equally Shared Parenting Judge Worley?


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Judge Anna Worley - Wake County NC District and Family Court

Judge Anna Worley and the Divisive Wake County NC Family Court

First and foremost, NC Fathers wants to ask Judge Anna Worley why the NC Family Court system has so many attached special interest groups that benefit financially, and should Judge Worley say that these groups do not exist, then we ask our readers to click on the red and blue graphic below to get a list of problems we see in the Wake County NC that most certainly benefit many special interest groups.

Secondly, NC Fathers wants to congratulate many Judges who have portrayed the NC Child Support Enforcement system as a program “for the kids” in which for years if you did not agree with this program you were seen as a bad person who wants to hurt kids. BUT NOW, since we see that Wake County NC non-custodial families are paying for software programs (special interest lobby) and social services low income assistance programs, we have to wonder what Judge Anna Worley will have to say about this program which is clearly not “about children”. Additionally, we have to ask Judge Worley what her political party’s position is on low income assistance and Medicaid? Now, please do not take NC Fathers as heartless Judge, we have no problem with assistance programs at social services, BUT WE DO NOT think that Wake County NC non-custodial families should be the funding source for these programs simply because we are not ALLOWED to equally parent and have equal access to our children.


No doubt Judge Anna Worley will speak about a significant “absent father” problem in NC which always places blame on Fathers. But, our contention is that many Judges in the Wake County NC District and Family Court allow custodial mothers to move our children hundreds of miles away and only give us 4-5 days a MONTH visitation. Is Judge Worley SURE that Fathers are absent by choice, or do we have judicial help?

Judge Worley, why do custodial mothers get FREE legal assistance from child support enforcement, while Wake County NC non-custodial families get to hire private lawyers at $5000 per incident/review?

Can Judge Anna Worley explain why when custodial mothers get into financial hardship they get medical, educational, housing, and financial assistance and income tax credits, but when non-custodial fathers get into trouble financially they go to jail?

Is Judge Anna Worley SURE she wants to say there is no divisive family courts system in Wake County NC and that these diversities do not come down squarely on the heads of non-custodial families?

NC County Court

Judge Anna Worley, Wake County NC Social Services and Child Support Enforcement

Judge Anna Worley, and ALL Judges at the Wake County NC District and Family Court, should be ashamed of themselves if they do not see a MAJOR potential for abuse on Wake County NC non-custodial families which is committed by social services. If you clicked on the red and blue graphic above, you see evidence of legislation that gives social services $2 for every $1 collected by child support enforcement. This means that for every non-custodial parent in NC who pays $450 a month in child support, the federal government gives back $900 for social services to replenish low income assistance programs. Also, if you look at section 458 of the Social Security Act Title IV Part D Judge Worley, you will see that this section has “INCENTIVE” in it’s title. When you combine this with 100% immunity from civil litigation for ANY wrongdoing or illegal acts, we believe that this opens the door for some real significant bias and problems for the Wake County NC non-custodial families that social services NEEDS to exist for their continued funding. Is there an INCENTIVE for social services to deal aggressively with non-custodial families Judge Worley?

Judge Worley, simply put, why is Wake County NC non-custodial providing food and paychecks for software companies who want to work for Child Support Enforcement? Is enforcement going to want to further divide NC kids parents so that one group has to pay more to afford all this? Also Judge, does any of this have to do with low visitation awards so that child support payments are maximized so that social services has more money for political issues?

Judge Anna Worley and Wake County NC Non-Custodial Families

Judge Anna Worley should be aware that NC Fathers is asking all 4.5 million voting non-custodial family members from African American, Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian, and ALL ethnic groups, including females of paternity, to unite with us and start using their OVERWHELMING numbers to affect judicial and legislative elections. NC Fathers especially asks that females in these families who get EQUALLY hurt in the NC Family Courts to take a greater role in this movement because they have enormous power over special interest groups that help drive this divisiveness.

Judge Anna Worley should also recognize that NC Fathers will continue to use advanced blogging, search engine marketing, and social media to reach the millions of non-custodial families who are angry and frustrated with Judges in Wake County NC refusing to give us equal parentage and access to our children.

As a Wake County NC non-custodial family, NC Fathers realizes that you face constant frustration with Judges in the system who are more concerned about child support enforcement matters than establishing a system where both parents are equals. We ask that you help support our organization by joining our MAILING LIST and extensively sharing this article on Judge Anna Worley on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and other networking to help bring about maximum attention to these matters for other non-custodial families in Wake County NC.

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  1. Are you kidding me? Does anyone in this organization think that Judge Anna Worley gives one second thought to anything the non custodial wants or thinks? This Judge, like all in Wake County are thinking politics and advancing custodial mothers only.


    Comment by Jeffrey | October 3, 2012 | Reply

    • Jeffrey,
      Thanks for commenting. The point of this article was not to get Judge Worley to consider non-custodial families side on this issue, as there is clear evidence she hasn’t. This post is for Wake County non-custodial voters to rally around an organization that forces Judges and Politicians in Wake County to respect our side of the issue.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | October 3, 2012 | Reply

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