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Judge Lori Christian – Wake County NC Family and District Court

Judge Lori ChristianDid Judge Lori Christian of the Wake County District and Family Court decide your child custody case and you are now a Wake County Father or extended family member? NC Fathers is an organization building a central repository of non-custodial fathers and ALL family members in North Carolina who have a desire to reform the family courts and social services agencies to be less divisive. Please help us reach this GOAL and join our MAILING LIST, as well as extensively sharing this article on Judge Lori Christian on the major social networking sites with other Wake County NC non-custodial families. NC Fathers believes strongly that when NC’s 4.5 million non-custodial families realize their importance as voters and a natural lobby, they will be able to change policies and procedures in the Wake County Courts. Also, we welcome any contact from readers, Judge Lori Christian, or any Judge in the Wake County NC District and Family Court.


Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then? With Equally Shared Parenting Judge Christian?

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Wake County NC Non-Custodial Parent Question and Answers


Judge Lori Christian - Wake County NC Family and District Court

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Judge Lori Christian and Wake County NC Non-Custodial Families

Judge Lori Christian and all Judges in Wake County NC should be aware that NC fathers estimates that non-custodial families in NC equal about 4.5 million people, and that these families come from African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Caucasian families. Additionally, the numbers of females in these families is actually greater than the number of non-custodial fathers who get nailed in the Wake County NC Courts. Our question to Judge Christian and our readers is what happens when this large number of voters who are angry and frustrated get united and start exercising their voting rights in local, state, federal, and judicial elections? Will Judge Lori Christian recognize that NC and Wake County NC  non-custodial families are already a major significant lobby group?


Judge Lori Christian should also be aware that NC Fathers is using advanced blogging, social media, and search engine marketing to reach these Wake County and NC families and voters.

Is Judge Lori Christian aware of the struggles and overwhelming frustration that Wake County NC non-custodial face in court and after court daily for 18 years? We ask that Judge Christian and our readers click on the red and blue graphic below to get an exhaustive list of issues we think affect millions of families daily and seemingly are built around special interest group funding and agendas. Our organization thinks it is important that Judge Lori Christian and other Judges in Wake County hear from Wake County non-custodial families by calling your state and federal elected officials, sending them to the data in this graphic and demanding changes.

NC Fathers especially asks that Judge Christian and readers pay special attention to the funding of social services low income assistance programs on the back of Wake County NC non-custodial families under the disguise of a “its for the children” program called child support enforcement. Additionally, NC Fathers wants to know how long Judge Christian has known that Wake County NC Department of Social Services has been getting $1 dollar in revenue for every one dollar in collection of child support?

Wake County NC non-custodial grandmothers needs to ask Wake County Judges if there is any relation to low visitation awards so that child support can be maximized and social services being funded at a greater rate.

Wake County NC step-mothers need to ask Judge Lori Christian why they have to go visit their husbands in jail when they get into financial difficulty, but that Judges in Wake County make available tons of social services assistance programs to custodial mothers to make financial ends meet.

Wake County NC now adult children who see clearly the problems non-custodial fathers faced when they were younger need to ask why their fathers were putting food on the plate of software developers who wanted Title IV-D child support enforcement federal funds for their programs. And, they need to ask Judge Christian if they did not see their father equally so that these government contractors could get paid.

Again, we strongly encourage Judge Lori Christian and our readers to click the link below to get a serious list of very dangerous and disgusting issues that are affecting millions of non-custodial families and their relationship with their children.

NC County Court

Judge Lori Christian and the Wake County NC Department of Social Services

Again, if Judge Lori Christian and other Judges read the data seen by clicking the graphic above, they saw pretty detailed and irrefutable evidence that the State of NC is deriving major funding for low income assistance programs like TANF, food stamps, and Medicaid from collecting more and more child support from non-custodial parents. Judge Christian should not be shocked to learn that Wake County NC non-custodial families are pretty angry that we are providing services for OTHER PEOPLE because a Judge would not allow them to have equal visitation.

Does Judge Lori Christian have any concern that if Social Services in Wake County gets two dollars in federal funding for every dollar they collect from non-custodial families, is there a pretty insidious door open for social services to deal aggressively with these families to protect their funding? We hope that Judge Christian does not say NO, because we are hearing from families daily that are saying yes, and when we connect the dots for them on the funding, lights are going off Judge.

Will Judge Lori Christian admit that social services deals very lightly with custodial mothers because they are the consumers of services that non-custodial families pay for?

And lastly, does Judge Christian have any immediate concern that because social services has complete immunity for any illegal acts this agency commits on non-custodial families it is impossible to rectify and hold them accountable in the courts?

If as a Wake County NC non-custodial paternal grandmother, step-mother, now adult child, or father and you identify with this article, or want to learn more about the issues in the Family Courts that keep you alienated from your children, then we ask that you extensively share this article on Judge Lori Christian of the Wake County NC Courts with other families on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and other networks to help gain momentum. And, we ask that you join our MAILING LIST so that we can effect elections.

Show Support by Copying and Pasting the code below to your Website or Blog:

Please Ask <a href="">Judge Lori Christian</a> to bring EQUAL Shared Parenting to Wake County children.

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  1. As a grandmother, I can tell you that we received NOTHING but disrespect from Judge Lori Christian. Everything we brought to court was dismissed by her, but the now custodial mother was heard on everything she presented. I agree with you on Domestic Violence, false allegations are clearly being used to win. Thank you from a Wake County grandmother and see you on facebook!


    Comment by Crystal J | October 3, 2012 | Reply

    • You are absolutely right, Crystal J! My nephew was treated so unfairly by this judge that it literally made me nauseous. My nephew’s ex didn’t have a lawyer and apparently didn’t need one because Judge L.C. acted as her lawyer throughout the proceedings. The judge coached her and defended her the entire time. Sad and pathetic!


      Comment by Concerned Female Relative | March 3, 2015 | Reply

  2. I want to add my voice that Judge Lori Christian scares me and should scare any Father in Wake County NC if they are facing a child custody issue. I just couldn’t even fathom what I was seeing and hearing. It was like I was at some warped sexist anti-male rally.


    Comment by Wake County Father | March 31, 2013 | Reply

    • You are so right Wake County Father. My nephew was bashed on so badly it literally brought me to tears. I would advise any male with a child custody hearing to ask his lawyer to request another judge the moment he finds out he has to face this judge.


      Comment by Concerned Female Relative | March 3, 2015 | Reply

  3. My nephew had a child custody hearing in 2015. He had a lawyer. His ex did not. And apparently, after witnessing the court room debacle, his ex didn’t need a lawyer because Judge Lori Christian acted as her attorney the whole while. The ex painted my nephew to be a deadbeat, despite the fact that he pays child support (long before his gold-digging ex served him with papers, he was supporting his children financially and spending time with them, so much so that relatives and neighbors thought the children resided with him and not with their biological mother primarily). My nephew keeps his children the same amount of time (if not more) than the ex does.

    It made me nauseous that Judge Christian clearly coached the ex throughout the entire case. She gently questioned the ex on numerous occasions for clarification, giving her a ridiculous amount of time to elaborate and ramble on and on about nonsense, when her argument was clearly a waste of the court’s time. I even caught the courtroom deputy looking confused and disgusted on a number of occasions. If you are a male with a pending child custody case, if I were you, I’d request another judge THE INSTANT you find out you have to appear before Judge Christian. None of my nephew’s attorney’s arguments were even heard. I was there and until this day, I still can not fathom what I had seen and heard. Crystal J and Wake County Father are absolutely right in their above comments.


    Comment by Concerned Female Relative | March 3, 2015 | Reply

  4. So with all this negativity directed toward Judge Christian, What is being done to correct the issue? Or is this just a site to complain about things. I have had a Temporary Custody Order filed against me for my Daughter signed by Judge Christian, while on Military Orders which is a direct Violation of the Service Members Civil Relief Act, Also I don’t understand how a father can be a father throughout 4 days a month.


    Comment by Chad Abbott | February 7, 2017 | Reply

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