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Judge J Calvin Hill – Buncombe County NC District and Family Court

Judge J Calvin HillJudge J Calvin Hill is a Buncombe County NC District Court Judge who decides Family Court cases for non-custodial families in Buncombe County NC. NC Fathers is asking these families to contact Judge J Calvin Hill and ask him to start lobbying for and deciding Family Law matters around equally shared parenting. NC Fathers is an organization of NC non-custodial families who always get the bad end of rulings in the Family Courts and we seek to change this. Please help NC Fathers reach it’s GOAL by joining our MAILING LIST and routinely sharing this article on Judge Hill with other Buncombe County non-custodial families on the large social networking sites to help gain momentum. Also, we highly encourage Judge J Calvin Hill or any Judge in the Buncombe County NC District and Family Court to contact us and speak with our 1800+ daily readers.


Judge J Calvin Hill - Buncombe County NC District and Family Court

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Judge J Calvin Hill and the Buncombe County NC District and Family Court

Before proceeding, we ask our readers and Judge J Calvin Hill to click on the red and blue graphic below to get an extensive list of very serious issues we think keeps Buncombe County NC non-custodial fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, and other family members alienated from their children.

Has anyone in Buncombe County NC told Judge J Calvin Hill, or their local Senators and Representatives that the Buncombe County Family Court system is broken and so divisive that it is affecting millions of NC families? If you read the red and blue graphic below and clicked on it, surely Buncombe County non-custodial families recognize many of these problems that nobody in the Family Courts of NC seems poised to address. Why? NC Fathers believes that there are MANY politically motivated special interest groups that derive major federal and state funding off of the division in the family courts, and this system needs to stop for the sake of Buncombe County children and their parents who are spending tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the minor child with lawyers in the courts (a special interest).

NC Fathers also finds it very disturbing that Buncombe County non-custodial families are used to secure millions of dollars for NC Social Services agencies via the child support enforcement system and we encourage you to contact Judge J Calvin Hill and your elected officials to put a stop to this. Why are Judges and politicians telling us that enforcement is ONLY about money for children when clearly the Social Security Act Title IV Part D gives the State of NC $1 in REVENUE for every dollar collected in child support?

Equally disturbing Judge, is that social services has 100% immunity for any illegal, biased, or wrong acts they commit on Buncombe County non-custodial families and when you couple this with the money they get from non-custodial families, we believe there is the potential for social services to INSURE that non-custodial families STAY non-custodial so that funding can continue to flow. Does anyone think Judge J Calvin Hill, or any Judge in the Buncombe County NC Courts, will address this for non-custodial families?

We hope that Judge Hill and our readers will do their research on the many federal legislation pieces that allow hundreds of government contractors to get Title IV-D money for pet projects at the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement. This is problematic because we think it sets up Buncombe County NC non-custodial families to STAY non-custodial and to receive little visitation with their children so that child support and the accompanying funding from increased child support stays alive.

Judge J Calvin Hill, his political party, and other Judges in the Buncombe County NC Courts should be ashamed that they are separating kids from non-custodial families and that many agencies and special interest groups are gaining financially from it.

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Judge J Calvin Hill and Buncombe County NC Non-Custodial Family Voters

The problem for Judge J Calvin Hill, his political affiliation, and other Judges in Buncombe County NC is that non-custodial families in NC make up 4.5 million voters, and they are angry, frustrated, and ready to effect legislation to end this controversial Family Courts system. NC Fathers wants to send the message to Buncombe County non-custodial families that you are the single largest swing vote when you take into consideration women of paternity, African American and Hispanic fathers, and friends of these families who see the major division in the Family Courts. NC Fathers honestly believes that no Legislator, Judge, or political party will be able to withstand the needs of this many people.

Will Judge J Calvin Hill talk with our 1800+ daily readers and start supporting a system like equal shared parenting that brings more resources and opportunities from equal parents and their extended families than ANY federal agency or software program can deliver? If not, can Buncombe County NC voters continue to support Judge J Calvin Hill and his party affiliation?

Please help NC Fathers send the message to Judge J Calvin Hill and other Judges in the Buncombe County NC District and Family Courts that we are tired of being alienated from our children so that a big government federal agency can derive funding for social services, and we do not appreciate putting food on the plate of software companies employees and other special interest groups. Please, we strongly encourage you to share this article with other families in Buncombe County NC and join our MAILING LIST.

Show Support by Copying and Pasting the code below to your Website or Blog:

Please Ask <a href="">Judge J Calvin Hill</a> to bring Equally Shared Parenting to Buncombe County children.

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