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Forsyth County Department of Social ServicesThis article will explore whether the Forsyth County Department of Social Services has an incentive to deal harshly and aggressively with Winston-Salem NC non-custodial families compared to custodial families. NC Fathers is an organization of NC non-custodial families who believes that the social services agencies and family courts in NC are broken and favor one parent over the other, rather than focusing on both parents. If you are a Forsyth County or Winston-Salem NC non-custodial family member and you have a history with the Forsyth County Department of Social Services in NC then we encourage you to contact us, help us reach our GOAL, and join our MAILING LIST. Additionally, it is important to share this article on social services with other non-custodial families in NC to help educate them on this important issue that we believe alienates many families from their children. As always, we welcome any contact or rebuttal from any staff or administrator at the Forsyth County Department of Social Services to speak with our readers.


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Forsyth County Department of Social Services bias, abuse, and illegal acts

Forsyth County Department of Social Services, Non-Custodial Families, and Funding

The most important fact that we want Forsyth County NC non-custodial families to understand about the Forsyth County Department of Social Services is that they are MAKING MONEY off you being a non-custodial family so that they can fund low income assistance participants in the agency. NC Fathers believes this simple fact should be a reason for paternal grandmothers, fathers, step-mothers, and other family members to be completely outraged and talk to their Senators and Representatives about this. To learn more about this, NC Fathers wants you to read SECTION 458 of the Social Security Act Title IV Part D which is entitled “INCENTIVE PAYMENTS TO STATES”. According to this legislation, NC Child Support Enforcement makes the State of NC TWO Dollars for EVERY Dollar collected in child support. This means that every non-custodial parent that pays $350 a month in child support makes county social services agencies $700 to replenish funds for TANF, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and other programs. In essence, the Forsyth County Department of Social Services NEEDS you to stay “non-custodial” and would prefer you to not has as much visitation with your children so that you pay more child support. More on this HERE. NEVER let a Judge, Legislator, or NC County Social Services agency tell you that child support enforcement IS JUST about providing money for children.

Like Child Support Enforcement, NC Domestic Violence policies responding to domestic abuse receives a LOT of attention and federal money. The problem is that this response is only focused on MALE on FEMALE violence instead of Domestic Violence as a whole. Recent studies show that WOMEN hit and use aggression as control just as much as men, but that it is under reported and there is no statistical models to crunch these numbers after an incident. Now, there are a LOT of programs and services at the Forsyth County Department of Social Services dealing with Domestic Violence and they need funding to keep these programs afloat. In essence, NC County Social Services agencies NEEDS male domestic offenders so that statistics and accompanying funding stays alive.

Now, if you are not THOROUGHLY angry about all this, let NC Fathers introduce you to a government contractor that is working with NC Child Support Enforcement to implement their multimillion dollar software program into the data structure of this agency. Guess where this software company will get payed from? Correct! Title IV-D funds that we outlined above.

So our question, and concerns is, that there are an AWFUL lot of agencies and special interest groups making money ON THE BACK of Forsyth County and Winston-Salem NC non-custodial families inability to get equal parentage and access to their children. Is this by chance, or is this system in place on purpose?

Forsyth County NC - Winston-Salem
So if the Forsyth County Department of Social Services NEEDS non-custodial parents to be “Deadbeat” and domestic abusers so that funding can continue to roll down hill, is there a HUGE potential for abuse and bias from social services on these families who bread their butter? Not only is the answer YES, it is a VERY DANGEROUS YES.
NC Fathers concern is that NC County Social Services Administrators and senior staff write policies and procedures around funding and services. No doubt administrators at social services know where their funding comes from, and child support enforcement is now housed at social services.

Each day, NC Fathers get contact from NC non-custodial families telling us of very serious wrongdoing and bias from staff at social services. This can be outright illegal activity, refusal to talk to them, and just being overly aggressive in dealing with children and families. But, if you look at social services policies and procedures, their ultimate goal is reunification and we suspect they deal VERY lightly with custodial families since they are consumers of services while non-custodial families are funding sources for these services.

If as a Forsyth County or Winston-Salem non-custodial family, you ever wondered why custodial parents get a FREE child support enforcement attorney to handle their business while you have to hire a private attorney at $5000 per incident, the funding for this attorney comes from the Social Security Act Title IV Part D which you fund.

Did you realize that the Forsyth County Department of Social Services has 100% complete immunity for ANY wrongdoing or illegal act they commit on families in Forsyth County NC? Again, NC Fathers believes that when you combine in a NEED for money and immunity for anything you do to get that money, there is a very dangerous probability lines will be crossed. And, when NC county social services agencies cross lines, it can be very dangerous for children and non-custodial extended family members.

Here is what the Forsyth County Department of Social Services, Judges, Legislators, and Special Interest groups do not want us to tell you. In the United States, there is NO lobby organization insuring that non-custodial family needs are kept in mind when laws and other legislation is made. But let us be very clear, there are super powerful, very rich, and deeply entrenched lobby groups for County Social Services agencies, domestic violence, and child support enforcement which talk with Judges and Legislators weekly. And, if you have been living in this country for just a few weeks, you know the power lobby groups have over elections. NC Fathers believes this is why the NC Family Courts and Social Services agencies are so brazen in how they treat non-custodial families.

But here is the GOOD NEWS. In NC, when you add up every republican, democrat, independent, libertarian, unaffiliated, African American, Asian, Hispanic, and Caucasian non-custodial father, and you join their hands with paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles, other family members, and friends of the family who watch you struggle daily in the Family Courts and NC County Social Services agencies, you have over HALF of the voting population in North Carolina. AND, you are the single largest swing vote in this great State.


The MOMENT non-custodial families realize their “natural lobby” ability that is already built, Legislators, Judges, and County Social Services administrators will be less likely to hand you your tail and smile when dealing with you.

If you want to reform the Forsyth County Department of Social Services and NC Family Courts, get ACTIVE and start knocking on the doors of Senators and Representatives in Forsyth County NC.

Forsyth County Department of Social Services – Our Readers Are Listening

NC Fathers is sending a message to the Forsyth County Department of Social Services, Judges in the State of NC, and Legislators that this website is already getting 1800 daily reads, and we have several thousand on our mailing list. We are going to continue to use advanced search engine blogging, social media, email campaigns, and other measures to reach every single member of a non-custodial family in NC and Forsyth County NC and ask them to either change this or find new jobs. But there is NO WAY we can do this without your help.

If you are tired of being marginalized as a visitor family 5 days a month who pays money to a big government agency that funds low income assistance participants at NC County Social Services agencies, then it is imperative that you get organized and let us help you.

Again, if you are a Forsyth County or Winston-Salem Non-Custodial family who has been the subject of a Social Services CPS case and you felt like the Forsyth County Department of Social Services was bias or committed serious wrongdoing in the case, we ask that you join our MAILING LIST and extensively share this article with your friends and families on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and other networks.

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