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Judge Amy Sigmon, Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott – Catawba, Burke, Caldwell NC Court

Judge Amy SigmonJudge Amy Sigmon and Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott are both Catawba, Burke, and Caldwell County NC Judges who rule over the Family Law Courts. NC Fathers is a State of NC organization building a mailing list of non-custodial families in North Carolina and Catawba, Burke, and Caldwell County who seek to reform the Family Law Courts and Social Services agencies to be less divisive and bring equal shared parenting to Catawba County children. NC Fathers believes that non-custodial fathers AND their entire families make up a significant and overwhelming voter base who can demand that legislators and Judges level the playing field so that non-custodial families can have equal parentage and equal access to their children that maternal families enjoy. NC Fathers asks that Catawba, Burke, and Caldwell County readers of this blog extensively and consistently share this blog on Judge Amy Sigmon and Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott with other Catawba County non-custodial families to help gain awareness, and join our growing MAILING LIST so that we can educate you on the forces at work that keep the system biased against you.



Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott

Before we begin our article on Judge Amy Sigmon and Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott, we ask that you read THIS POST as it goes into detail on the major issues non-custodial families face in the Catawba, Burke, and Caldwell County Courts and Social Services agencies that we feel keep paternal families alienated from their children.

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Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott, Judge Amy Sigmon, and Catawba, Caldwell, and Burke County NC Child Support Enforcement

We ask that Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott, Judge Amy Sigmon AND especially readers of this blog to read the section under child support enforcement on THIS POST as it contains the details of what we post here.

We are asking Judges Elliott and Sigmon to talk with Catawba County non-custodial families who are in a federal ENFORCEMENT agency, and who have a federal MPI # to explain to them why they have to be under federal enforcement in the first place and assigned some pin number instead of being given equal parentage and access to their children and assigned the role “equal parent”.

Can Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott and Judge Amy Sigmon tell Catawba, Burke, and Caldwell County non-custodial families that low visitation awards are NOT directly associated with maintaining federal funds that keep special interests, this software company funded, social services funded, and low income assistance programs funded? It seems to us there are a lot of agencies and interest that make money off of Federal Title IV-D money and we have to wonder why Judge Elliott and Judge Sigmon are not lobbying the Administrative Offices of the Courts to put all of this money into a program that teaches parents the importance of getting along and encouraging this so that children have two equal parents (and both extended families) that brings more natural supports than enforcement.

Judge Sigmon, why are Catawba County NC non-custodial families funding low income assistance programs at social services? If you disagree this is happening, start with THIS ARTICLE and Google search engine results that document this relationship. Judge Elliott can you explain this?

Read More on NC Child Support Enforcement

We ask that Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott, Judge Amy Sigmon AND especially readers of this blog to read the section under domestic violence on THIS POST as it contains the details of what we post here. NC Fathers is asking Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott and Judge Amy Sigmon if false domestic violence allegations are being used as tactical advantage in divorce and child custody matters to immediately receive attention, public assistance, and custody of children and put fathers on the defensive where they are publicly stigmatized just because of an allegation. Is domestic violence a tool just like Child Support Enforcement to keep the funds rolling in?
NC Fathers wants to know from Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott and Judge Amy Sigmon if they hand out Domestic Violence restraining orders like candy on zero evidence and low evidence based allegations that can keep fathers and paternal families from seeing their children for up to a year? What is important for readers of this blog to understand here, is that federal legislation known as the “Violence Against Women Act” defines male on female violence as a raised voice, pointing of the finger, a slammed door, or if a woman simply FEELS like she is abused. Our thoughts are that if these criteria are met, Judges can remove you from your children and label you a domestic offender. However, there is NO “Violence Against Men Act” – women can scream, yell, hit, slam doors, threaten, etc… all day and no restraining order will be issued.

Again, NC Fathers thinks this is directly related to desired increased and continued federal funding domestic violence gets for male on female violence while female on male violence is denied by the NC Domestic Violence commission. As long as the State of NC has bad men, federal funding for womens programs will continue. Earlier, we pointed out that WOMEN in paternal families are screaming the loudest on these issues, and be sure this is the biggest complaint we get. Will Judge Amy Sigmon and Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott comment on this please?

Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott, Judge Amy Sigmon, and Catawba, Burke, and Caldwell County Family Courts

Simply Put, we want Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott and Judge Amy Sigmon to explain to Catawba, Caldwell, and Burke County non-custodial families why:

  • Custodial mothers who get into financial trouble get EXTENSIVE federal and state assistance, while non-custodial fathers get jail.
  • Custodial mothers get free legal care from a child support enforcement attorney, while non-custodial families have to spend $5000 on retainers for private attorneys PER INCIDENT.
  • Custodial mothers continue to be allowed to move kids hundreds of miles away from non-custodial families even though everyone is screaming about non-active fathers. Judge Elliott, is the Catawba County courts creating non-active fathers? Judge Sigmon?
  • Why do fathers still get only 4-5 days a week visitation with their children? Is it to continue funding and keeping parents fighting so $5000 retainers will be payed for over 18 years consistently?
  • Judge Sigmon, why do custodial mothers and their extended family get to enjoy, experience, and help raise their young children while non-custodial extended family members only get to see their kids a few times a month? Are we not equally important in our kids lives? Judge Elliott?

Can Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott and Judge Amy Sigmon explain all this major dichotomy?

It is important for Catawba, Burke, and Caldwell County NC non-custodial families to understand that between fathers, and ALL members in the extended family (especially females) who all hurt equally when their children are alienated from them, that you are a powerful voter block of around 80% of potential voters in Burke County. And, you are a very significant swing vote since you come from all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. Also important in this process is the female relatives and step-mothers in paternal families who are beginning to stand up and scream the loudest on these issues. We want Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott and Judge Amy Sigmon to realize this important fact because those that oppose equal shared parenting say that we are a “Fathers Rights” group. Be sure that we hear from women in paternal families every day.

Again, please join our MAILING LIST and share this article on Judge Sherri Wilson Elliott and Judge Amy Sigmon routinely on your favorite social networking sites with other Catawba, Burke, and Caldwell County NC non-custodial families.

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  1. When non custodial fathers have a habitual substance abuse problem as well as a history of violence than a movement to be progressive in regards to custody seems a bit like propaganda for female judges. You can facilitate clear judgments while maintaining your oath to the law and constitution by making wise decisions unclouded by “I have to help a man now because they might think I’m prejudice.” Stop, think about that.


    Comment by Lisa Bas | November 6, 2012 | Reply

    • Lisa, I’m not sure what this has to do with Judge Amy Sigmon and Judge Sherri Elliott, but your assertion that “When non custodial fathers have a habitual substance abuse problem as well as a history of violence..” is very problematic in that you seem to be saying that custodial mothers don’t have substance abuse problems or a history of violence. Do we really need to point you to the evidence that women hit, use substances, and hurt and kill children? But let’s entertain your thought process for a minute. Let’s say a cat and a dog walk into a store and the cat kills 9 people and the dog kills 5 people, do we ignore what the dog did and get rid of the cat only? No, both are bad. To say that more domestic violence is committed by men, therefore all men must never be allowed to be around their children is stupid and dangerous. In your argument, your saying that the kids hurt by mothers is ok because more kids are hurt by fathers. Thats insanity, therefore your rationale is denied. Have a great day.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | November 7, 2012 | Reply

  2. Now here it is, going on two years since the last post, this problem persists with Judge Amy Sigmon! My ex wife has done nothing but lie, making false accusations, and since my ex was placed in a shelter for battered women claiming I beat her and our 2 year old daughter up (for no reason!), she got FREE everything like you are saying PLUS she became Friends of The Court! Now, because my ex wanted something I wouldn’t do, she’s claimed I sexually molested our 13 year old daughter. Now I’m broke, suffered a breakdown, on 100% disability, and paying child support leaving me $1,187 a month to live on (my ex makes that in a week!) and on top of all that, my new trial date is this Nov 10th, 2014 and guess who’s presiding??? Judge Amy Sigmon! I swear I will lose my mind, again! Thank you all for trying to stop this insanity, let me know if I can help!!! Wallace Carney


    Comment by Wallace Carney | September 8, 2014 | Reply

    • Sounds like my story when I divorced in CO in 1998. Young female Judge presided there over family court and I dealt with similar accusations too. I don’t know if what you say is truth or false, but that is between you and God to deal with one day. But in my case, it was false, and as noble and hard working as I was and living by strong principles, I found out just how one sided and corrupt the real legal system is and can be today; because in divorce situations, a lot of $$$$ is made for the system and its practitioners, and most times than not, they will play the woman as the victim and use tactics of leverage to keep matters going on until all avenues are exhausted. Even in my case, years after I was remarried (now live in NC), and previous arrests by the ex even, today, the ex comes out and says everything she said and did was orchestrated and lead by her lawyers then to hurt me in every way; but sadly, nothing can be done about it and even her truthful admission. Too late now, as 3 sons and a once planned future for them was ruined by the games and lies and crapp in family court system.

      Problem I see happening, is if you get one of those “men hater” women in role of a Judge, they make angry decisions and by far fair in anyway- but they are the Law and end of the road so they feel all powerful when they make charges and claims on a father in any respect.

      Because of so much known biassnesses in divorce courts, Mad Men United was formed and tried to get hold nationally in late 90’s, to support fathers’ rights and bring out truths and facts about US legal system and yet, the system was so powerful, it suppressed them and their efforts to form such a national organization for fathers going through a divorce…

      Till the day I die, I will NEVER stop hating the phrase “For the Child’s best interest”… it couldn’t be further from the truth!

      Today I live in NC (Catawba County area), and have come in front of this Judge Amy Sigmon Walker recently for another unrelated legal (civil) matter, and realized, she is far from an honest person or fair and equal in her judgment… She (by name) is tied to old good old boy family monies in this region and that should say a lot right there…


      Comment by Stiffi | February 24, 2016 | Reply

  3. my brother had a court hearing yesterday with judge sherri elliott and i felt like she was very biased in her opinions and im glad to see that i am not the only one who feels this way ..while my brother did go from only being able to see his child 30 hrs every other weeks to a full 48 hr weekend we feel that this is not enough time and i also feel like the judge completely ignored the fact that the mother is bipolar and never takes meds. for it and that the mother leaves her child with her 83 yr. old grandma who has health problems and most recently broke her arm making it hard for her to get the child out of his crib which results in severe diaper rashes


    Comment by dara | May 5, 2015 | Reply

    • Hi Dara, of course they are bias against the fathers, the system is set up that way. My court date mentioned above went horribly wrong. All during the trial everyone thought I won because it was a no brainer. I had the investigations done to me by both the sheriff and DSS where they exonerated me from any wrong doings but guess what; Judge Amy Sigmon Walker looked at me after the closing arguments and said that she would have to deliberate over the “evidence” and let me know by Thanksgiving.

      First of all there was NO evidence and secondly, After numerous calls to find out when I could see my daughter, I finally got her answer in the mail in March! The “order” was totally for my ex-wife and I was torn to shreds, visitation cut back to 3 hours a WEEK, and ordered to attend parenting class!!!??? I’m 64 years old and after helping to raise 3 siblings, my son and my daughter, I can teach a parenting class which I have done in the past!!!

      I am going to get a Catawba County Group together to help fight what’s going on in their family courts. I would love to talk with you and your son and get your opinion on this matter. PLEASE message me through Facebook at or email me at


      Comment by Wallace | May 6, 2015 | Reply

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