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Judge Melinda Haynie Crouch, Judge Sandra Ray Criner – New Hanover County NC Courts

Judge Melinda Haynie Crouch, Judge Sandra Ray Criner - New Hanover County NC CourtsNC Fathers is asking Judge Melinda Haynie Crouch and Judge Sandra Ray Criner of the New Hanover County NC District and Family Court if they think it is fair that New Hanover County non-custodial families are paying for Welfare Programs via Child Support Enforcement? Also, is Judge Melinda Crouch and Judge Sandra Ray Criner aware that due to the Social Security Act Title IV Part D (Section 458) the State of NC Social Security agencies are getting back TWO dollars for every ONE dollar collected in child support that can then be used to replenish low income assistance programs? NC Fathers is a New Hanover County NC organization of non-custodial families who believes that the reason these families are not getting equal shared parenting with their children is directly related to the State of NC and certain special interest groups addiction to federal funds. We ask that you EXTENSIVELY share this article on Judge Melinda Crouch and Judge Sandra Ray Criner with other New Hanover County families on the major social media sites to help gain momentum on these important issues. Also, please review our GOALS and join our MAILING LIST to help this cause.


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only a NC New Hanover County divorce lawyer can file that petition for child custody


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Judge Sandra Criner and Judge Melinda Crouch

Judge Sandra Ray Criner, Judge Melinda Crouch, and the New Hanover County NC Family Courts

Before we begin this article on Judge Melinda Crouch and Judge Sandra Ray Criner, it is impossible to understand many of the issues we cite in this article without clicking on the red and blue graphic below to get an exhaustive list of issues in the New Hanover Courts that we believe are designed to alienate non-custodial families from their children so that welfare and other social services programs can continue.

Judge, courts, nc


NC County Court

As always, we welcome any rebuttal or comments from Judge Ray Criner, Judge Crouch, or any Judge in the New Hanover County NC District and Family Courts to speak with our 1800 daily readers and several thousand member mailing list.

NC Fathers is asking Judge Sandra Ray Criner and Judge Melinda Crouch if there is any relation to low visitation awards, and custodial mothers being allowed to move children hundreds of miles away from non-custodial families so that child support and accompanying social services funds can be maximized?

Is Judge Ray Criner or Judge Crouch aware that many agencies, Legislators, and other Judges are talking about an “absent father” problem in North Carolina? If so, how is the above data helping?

Judge Sandra Ray Criner, Judge Melinda Crouch, and New Hanover County NC Non-Custodial Family Voters

Is Judge Melinda Crouch, Judge Sandra Ray Criner, or any Judge in the New Hanover County NC District and Family Courts aware how big the population of non-custodial families are in NC? NC Fathers believes that when you add up all non-custodial fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and friends of the family you have approximately 4.5 million voters. And, Judge Ray Criner and Judge Crouch should recognize that these voters come from ALL ethnic backgrounds.

When is Judge Melinda Crouch and Judge Sandra Ray Criner going to lobby the Administrative Offices of the Courts and Legislators for EQUAL Shared Parenting becoming presumption in the NC Family Courts? Or better yet, when are New Hanover County NC non-custodial going to use their votes to force this?

If you are tired of being treated like a second class visitor family who only deserves a few days a month visitation with your loved ones, and your responsibility to your children being defined by a federal agency that is replenishing money for welfare programs, then we ask that you share this article on Judge Sandra Ray Criner and Judge Melinda Crouch with other New Hanover County NC non-custodial families on sites like Facebook and Twitter to help educate and guide these families to our cause. Please join our MAILING LIST and help.

Show Support by Copying and Pasting the code below to your Website or Blog:

Please Ask <a href="">Judge Melinda Crouch</a> and <a href="">Judge Sandra Ray Criner</a> to bring Equal Shared Parenting to New Hanover County NC children.

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  1. I love this page. All you have to do is type in Sandra Criner or Melinda Crouch’s names in google and this is the first page that pops up.

    Judge Sandra Criner rapes me every month destroying my family. I pay $1,000/month + $250/month medical insurance for ONE 1 year old baby boy. It’s sad enough that I grew up with two parents that fought every single day of my life and my first memories of my life are of my mom and dad fighting over child support, but now to have to deal with it with my children is just sick and disgusting. I personally hope that we find some way to get this judge thrown off the stand in the most embarrassing way ever. Do we really need someone like Sandra Criner to be supervising this bad excuse of a system? I say NO! I have another child that will be born soon and thanks to Sandra Criner and this wreck of a system, I have been unable to save up for my next child, and for a decent wedding for my fiance. Oh don’t let me forget to mention that because the mother of the child falsified text messages to get a restraining order against me, I have only been able to see my child for maybe 10 hours of his 18 months of existence on this planet. Child support should have a direct relation to child custody. If the mother is unwilling to give me time with the child, she should deal with the lack of money. It’s sad when a court system sides with a pagan felon that gave up custody of her first child, and has never paid for her own apartment or lived on her own over a man who owns his own business, has no criminal record, owns his own home and can provide a much more stable home for that child as well as spend more time with that child than she can.

    Judge Melinda Crouch. This lady also chooses to say the mother I’ve described above is a “more fit” parent. After I came to her for help to try and get custody of my son from a lying manipulative mother, and seeing as how Crouch had that alleged bankruptcy last year, I do not see her giving one bit of care in the world for any unfortunate soul who tries to ask her for help with their children. Instead I see her and Criner working together to keep as much money pumping into the system as possible to keep up the “performance” level so the government will give them that reimbursement for the IV D fund.

    I say good luck to any unfortunate souls to encounter these two judges. They would rather legally bastardize your kids than help you.


    Comment by A father | November 2, 2012 | Reply

  2. I happen to be a non custodial father, and will more than likely be seeing either Judge Sandra Criner or Judge Melinda Crouch soon. I do have a few questions though. Is there an agency that regulates the family court system in NC, or does it just run rampant? Dictating who pays what, so the the state can receive, what is it this year, an 80% match from the Federal Government for every dollar paid in child support?

    Let’s just run some numbers:

    If 1000 fathers (we are all not so naive to believe that this is an accurate number), pay an AVERAGE of $800 per month in child support, at 80% that is $640 per father, per month in Title IV-D money. That is 7,680 per year per father. Multiply that by the 1000 fathers I previously mentioned (and also said that we all know is NOT accurate), and that makes the state $7,680,000 per year. Now stick a REAL figure in there (not 1000). It seems to me that as long as there are babies being born, the money machine keeps churning. The system CLAIMS to have “the best interest of the child” in mind. Seriously? That is a ridiculous statement. The system makes it IMPOSSIBLE for GOOD fathers who want to have a productive relationship with their child(ren). I have recently read some research on the topic that says the 80% match of federal money to every dollar paid in child support, pays more than 50% of state employees’ salaries. Why WOULD anyone that works for the state want the laws changed? The law doesn’t know my child, it doesn’t care for my child, it doesn’t walk my child to sleep, it doesn’t sing to him at bedtime, it doesn’t wipe his runny nose, and I can GUARANTEE his “best interest” is the furthest thing from their collective minds, as long as the machine keeps turning. I log EVERYTHING, Names, dates, people involved, recordings, pictures, my journal to my child, everything, so that when he gets old enough to understand, he can either get these things from me, or they are kept safe enough that someone else can get them to him. He will KNOW how much his daddy loved him and fought for HIM, and how everyone else involved (remember, names of EVERYONE involved), basically, for lack of a better term, pimped him out for money. There is a criminal side of the justice system, that I TOTALLY support in putting people that exploit children away. There is another side…family court, the hypocritical side of the law that exploits children, and what’s worse, is that they can get away with it. I hope the law realizes that people are waking up. Non custodial families make up a HUGE swing vote in NC, and until someone recognizes us, and stands up for shared parenting, things WILL not change. I for one could not give a dang about a state employees’ salary, I’ve got my job, I could care less about ANY judges job, any court reporters job, any lawyers retainer. When it comes to my child, as a parent, my ONLY role is to LOVE, and PROTECT him/her. To raise him/her as a productive member of society. To shield him/her from …well….things like this system, that see him/her as a money making machine, and not the beautiful, growing, happy soul he/she is. To teach him/her right from wrong. To nurture his/her development in a sharing, we are all in this together kind of way.

    Oh, that brings up another question….have you EVER seen the research done on children raised in a fatherless home?

    I assume not, or if so, its still in “the best interest of the child”

    Voters in this demographic are watching, coming together, joining forces. VOTING. I work out of town all week, yet have gotten 7 calls this week alone. 4 were from fathers, 2 were from spouses of fathers, and ONE from a grandmother in a non custodial family. Go figure, they care too.

    The bottom line:

    I know now why parental alienation in not recognized as much as it should be, because the law ENCOURAGES it, actually contributes to it with outrageous support orders, and pathetically minimal consent orders. PLEASE tell me how 4 days a month is a substantial amount of time to be a parent, to build and sustain a meaningful relationship with their child. Heck, I know drug dealers that see my child more often than I do, but let’s go back to the law’s favorite term…”the best interest of the child”. PLEASE refrain from telling me what is in MY child’s best interest, as I can PROMISE you, actually I’ll bet you next year’s salary, that child support will pay, his parents know FAR better than any judge or lawyer what is in his best interest, so spare me the faux caring act. On the contrary, I fully believe that the children are the least of the law’s concerns when it comes to what REALLY matters, which I’m sure MOST voters, with any kind of conscience, would agree with.

    If I’m mistaken about any of this, I more than welcome the argument of anyone appointed to UPHOLD the law. I’ll be more than willing to recant everything said here if there is a valid, BELIEVABLE response for me to recant. I’m a high school dropout, I’m assuming anyone on the bench or in the law community is college educated. Even in the Child Support Enforcement Agency. Instead of trying to squash people’s right to free speech, use this as a forum to challenge our views. Explain how we’re wrong. Explain how the system knows better than us what is best for our children. I have a 26 year old boy, who is a Sgt. in the U.S. Army, and just returned with his unit from Afghanistan, from protecting the right of the law to continue taking advantage of his father and exploiting his brother. He seemed to turn out OK without the government’s help. I hope this post goes viral across NC. I invite anyone to come to my support hearing, from anywhere in NC. A support hearing, by the way, where I’ve never even spoken to a caseworker. I BET I’m on Worksheet A, as per the “standard” consent order. Let me explain, by the “standard” NC consent order, my child doesn’t spend more than 119 nights a year with me, so I go on worksheet A, Therefore, Child Support Enforcement can order more in support, therefore, NC gets more Fed money.

    In addition, although my child’s mother could have agreed in the legal document, more time for me to see my child, she does allow me more time than that ridiculous “standard” consent order, so I am not on here to attack mommy. I actually commend her, as she is one of many that just doesn’t understand the extent of how many people are being taken advantage of or how badly. I am posting for help from ALL ethnic backgrounds to help reform this rampant injustice to fathers everywhere in NC. This archaic system is BROKEN, and must be fixed. Not for me as a father, but for our children’s future, their happiness, and their relationship with their fathers. If we can start it in NC, who knows, this could go on to help other fathers nationwide.

    Is it any wonder why shared parenting is not the norm in the U.S.? Everyone (obviously not everyone cares though) knows children having both parents in their lives is the best situation possible when it’s logistically feasible and there are no provable issues related to either parent in terms of their parental fitness. If states pass and enforce shared parenting laws, they stand to lose millions of dollars. Nationwide it is more than a $4-BILLION INDUSTRY! Yes, it’s an industry. – Custody Coach

    Again, I welcome any rebuttal from ANYONE in the Family Court System, or Child Support Enforcement. I’ll never say I am perfect and I have been wrong before, so if I am in this case, please enlighten me.


    Comment by Jeffrey Reichert | November 3, 2012 | Reply

    • Jeff, thank you for this comment on Judge Melinda Crouch and Judge Sandra Criner. Thank You for pointing out that children receive far greater resources and opportunities when children have two equal parents and extended families, rather than the marginalization of the paternal family and father to gain greater child support and federal Title IV-D money for the state to use on Welfare.

      Also, we agree with your assessment that Judge Crouch and Judge Criner should recognize that women in the non-custodial family, such as grandmothers, step-mothers, and aunts, get equally hurt in this system.

      Jeff, we hope you will continue to share this message with other voting non-custodial families in the coming year and help us build a massive organization that holds these Judges accountable.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | November 3, 2012 | Reply

  3. To the site owner, if these Judges start harrassing you to take this page down, please email me and I will GLADLY take a backup of this site and host it over seas where they will need a federal ruling for each locations to remove it. I will also give you the administrative rights to take care of it as you already do. All for free. These Judges need as much exposure as possible for the wrong doings they are responsible for. The entire community of Wilmington, NC needs to do something about these two child court judges.


    Comment by Greg | November 3, 2012 | Reply

    • Greg thank you for your offer. Indeed, we have had several requests to take the site down, but all have failed because we are doing nothing wrong. If you look at all 400 posts on our site, we simply ask questions. The best way to deal with Judges who hide behind discretion to commit bias on non-custodial fathers and the many women in paternal families who get equally hurt is to get every single non-custodial family to start using their large numbers to force Legislators to bring equality. You come across many non-custodial families in your daily travels in New Hanover County NC and the key is to invite them here so whe can start having them contacting their state politicians to either bring about change or lose a vote. And, at the rate Judges in New Hanover County are creating marginalized non-custodial families that is a lot of votes.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | November 3, 2012 | Reply

      • If you want to make up a qcode and email it to me, along with a nice template to put on a sign, I have been very tempted to buy hundreds of those signs just like the ones that all the politicians stick in the ground around voting time (same one a lot of real estate agents use to direct traffic to a house for sale), and just randomly leaving them all over New Hanover County. I see you edit my posts so I hope you saved my email. Thanks.


        Comment by Greg | November 3, 2012

      • Greg the only part that we edited was your name and email address, and that is just a policy we have here to not put people’s personal information up on the site. And yes, we noted your email address and offer 🙂


        Comment by stompkinsnc | November 3, 2012

  4. I am also a victim of Melinda Crouch! However, I am a mother! And I have been doing a lot of reading on the family court system as a whole. And there IS a problem! And it’s NOT just from one side.
    I do agree with the comment made about Crouch ‘I do not see her giving one bit of care in the world for any unfortunate soul who tries to ask her for help with their children’. You are right, she doesn’t care about the children at all! She has her own agenda!
    During my trial, Judge Crouch was presented with evidence and then given facts, but she still ruled to leave my child in the hands of her father who wanted nothing to do with her, her entire life, until his own mother was left an ‘inheritance’ (I am sure you can understand why). My ex is NOT a good person, and I had proof I raised my little girl on my own and tried to encourage him to be in her life, but he chose not to. If and when he did occasionally come around, he was abusive. I suggested he get help, but he insisted there wasn’t a problem.
    I do not however agree with the statement here about ‘research done on children raised in a fatherless home’. Yes a lot has be said about that. But we need to look at the whole picture here on this issue.
    There is an upcoming ‘Family Court Reform’ in Alexandria VA November 15 and 16th. I think that you will see that there are problems with the Family Court System as a whole, and everyone can benefit in one way or another by attending. It is my hope to be able to network and educate myself. These judges need regulated, and they need someone to answer to. Its about the money for them…
    I will be coming up against Melinda Crouch again soon!
    There needs to be a family court watch. What this woman is doing is wrong and corrupt! She does NOT base her ruling in fact, and she does NOT do the right thing – for either parent!


    Comment by Victim of Crouch | September 2, 2014 | Reply

    • It’s a shame both of you did not show up at the voting polls to help let the public know about her so that she wouldn’t have gotten re elected. I was out there every day handing out my story on her.

      She actually broke a few of her canons (judicial code of ethics) right there at the polls in my opinion.

      Also in my opinion, she is highly unethical and dangerous to children and families.

      I believe the only reason she was re elected was the connections she has in Wilmington thanks to her husband Walter Lee Crouch who works for intracoastal realty.


      Comment by greg | November 27, 2014 | Reply

  5. There is a BIG problem with family court! And Judge Melinda Crouch creates her own rules!
    The problems in the family court are with the judges. They aren’t biased toward just fathers…it’s ALL about the money!


    Comment by Concerned Parent of Family Court | September 4, 2014 | Reply

  6. We are putting together a “Meet-up” group in the area to address some of our concerns; If you are interested please contact: for more information.


    Comment by aidileys | August 19, 2015 | Reply

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