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Chowan County Department of Social Services Bias

Chowan County NC DSSThis article on Chowan County Department of Social Services is meant to give a voice to the many Chowan County Fathers and members of the extended family a voice and insight into the systematic bias that we believe exists in the Department of Social Services not only in Chowan County, but all over North Carolina. If you are reading this article, and you identify with it, we ask that you please use the social sharing buttons below this article to share with other non-custodial paternal families on your favorite social networking sites. Additionally, we ask that your join our MAILING LIST as we are building a central repository of non-custodial families in NC who desire to see reform within the NC Family Courts and with Social Services. Be sure that NC Fathers will send this article to the administrator at the Chowan County NC Department of Social Services.


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Chowan County NC

Chowan County NC Department of Social Services and Funding Of Programs On The Back Of Fathers and Paternal Families

What few non-custodial families in Chowan County NC realize is that the Department of Social Services relies heavily on funding derived from the NC Child Support Enforcement program and NC Domestic Violence policies. Both of these issues are significant hot button social issues that receive a lot of attention and thus a lot of federal funding. We strongly believe that the Chowan County DSS system needs for their to be increased statistics of “Deadbeat” and abusive fathers and men to keep the funds flowing into their agency. Disagree? Let us consider the Incentive Payments the State of NC receives on INCREASED collection of child support via the Department of Social Services. According to the Social Security Act Title IV Part D (skip to Section 454, 455, and 458) the federal government gives back to NC federal monies on the amount of child support it collects that can then be used for low income assistance programs that are usually given to women and children. How does the State of NC insure that the goal of “INCREASED” can be maintained? We think it comes in the form of decreased custody and visitation awards to fathers so that child support can be maximized to keep social services and other agencies funded.

NC County Court

Also, no doubt the Chowan County Department of Social Services has it’s hands in NC Domestic Violence which most certainly receives money. But do NOT be fooled. There are no monies for men who experience Domestic Violence, we are talking JUST about man on woman violence spelled out in VAWA legislation. NC Fathers thinks that this is the reason Domestic Violence restraining orders are handed out like candy for man on woman violence so that statistics can remain high and funding rolling in. The fact is, NEW studies on Domestic Violence shows two problems. First, that women hit just as much as men. And second, that false domestic violence reports are used as a tactical advantage in divorce and custody courts.

Be sure that administrators at the Chowan County Department of Social Services who keep and eye on money and create policies have their hands in on socially engineering DSS staff into thinking that men and females in their families are always problems in any investigation.

Chowan County Department of Social Services And Military Families

NC Fathers has been receiving a lot of contact lately from wives of military fathers, mothers of military fathers, and sisters of military fathers who are telling us that the Chowan County Department of Social Services is being very heavy handed in dealing with them. If you are a military father, or family member who has experience in the DSS system in Chowan County and feel like something just wasn’t right, then we STRONGLY encourage you to contact us so that we can start deciphering what might be going on. However, keep in mind we are NOT lawyers. We are simply building a very large list of NC families who can then use their significant voting base to affect judges, legislators, and social services funding to be more on a equal playing field.

Chowan County Department of Social Services and Immunity

The Chowan County Department of Social Services is 100% completely immune from being sued by any person who they have dealings with even if there exists major negligence. Additionally, few staff working in the field have certification with any regulatory board that people who experience problems can contact to deal with any abuses that arise. In fact, most of the CPS workers at DSS have only 4 yr degrees in some type of human services field and are not held to very high standards like Nurses and Social Workers are that have to contended with strict oversight by their licensure boards. The bottom line for Chowan County non-custodial families, staff at the Chowan County DSS system can make egregious and devastating decisions that affect children and families without any concern for being held responsible and we think this is a recipe for disaster.

Chowan County Department of Social Services and NC Non-Custodial Family Statistics

Given the current divorce rate of around 51%, we surmise that in Chowan County NC non-custodial fathers represent about 42% of the voting population. When you add in JUST one strong female in the paternal family, be it a sister, wife, or mother, that number sky rockets to about 84% of the voting population. Let us be VERY CLEAR. This is a overwhelming and significant number of people that ANY Judge, Legislator, or Social Services administrator can NOT ignore. Trust us when we say that their are well entrenched and well funded lobby groups who drive social services, legal, and legislative policies that are systematically alienating non-custodial families from their children to drive funding. It is IMPERATIVE that NC non-custodial families get on the same page and become their own lobby and we want to help make that happen.

Again, PLEASE share this page with other Chowan County Non-Custodial families on the major social networks so that we can begin to execute change with the NC Family Courts and Chowan County NC Department of Social Services. Also, please join our MAILING LIST

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