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Lenoir County Department of Social Services Bias

Lenoir County Department of Social ServicesNC Fathers is asking the Lenoir County NC Department of Social Services to address Lenoir County NC Non-Custodial families on whether Social Services in his community is biased in dealing with men and fathers in these families to increase funding for social programs at his agency. NC Fathers is an organization that receives greater than 1700+ readers per day from members of NC Non-Custodial families, including those in Lenoir County NC, hoping to encourage these families to realize their voting numbers all across North Carolina. We ask this because we believe that NC Legislators, Judges, and Social Services Administrators cannot deny these numbers and will begin to develop policies and procedures that are less divisive. We are asking these families to join our MAILING LIST and share this article with other Lenoir County Non-Custodial families for greater awareness.


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Lenoir County NC, Social Services, and Fathers

Lenoir County NC Department of Social Services and Funding Of Programs

The Lenoir County NC Department of Social Services needs “Deadbeat Dads” paying into the NC Child Support Enforcement system in order to continue the federal funding this state agency gets. The more Fathers that are not getting equal visitation or custody, the greater collection that can done via enforcement and thus funding for social services programs in Lenoir County NC. Few Non-Custodial families understand that the US Federal Govt gives back money to the State of NC for INCREASED collection and REPORTING of child support. If Fathers were to be given equal visitation and parentage, child support COLLECTION and REPORTING would decrease and so would federal funding for programs within the Lenoir County Department of Social Services. Let us be clear, enforcement is not in the best interest of children. Children having two equal parents who bring their extended families into kids lives is in the best interest of children. Enforcement does nothing except alienate fathers and females in the paternal extended family so that enforcement can live.

NC County Court

Like Child Support Enforcement, the Lenoir County Department of Social Services gets federal funding for NC Domestic Violence programs and initiatives. If Domestic Violence statistics decrease, then so would federal funding. NC Fathers believes that the State of NC needs male on female violence to occur so that programs, employees, and supplies for Domestic Violence related programs can flourish, especially since this is a hot button topic that is politically motivated. We also believe the hot button nature of this issue is why Judges hand out restraining orders for low or non-existent evidence based Domestic Violence based allegations and is even driving a false allegation culture because is is 100% absolute that a hopeful custodial mother will get custody is a father has a Domestic Violence allegation on his shoulders and it also opens up social services programs for her.

Be sure, this is why we think that men, fathers, and females in paternal non-custodial families have such a hard time with the Lenoir County Department of Social Services. You are essentially helping to pay the bills and salaries of the professionals working in the agency.

The Lenoir County NC Department of Social Services has 100% complete immunity for any bad decisions or wrongdoing they do to Lenoir County Families and we think they know this. NC Fathers thinks that when you add in the funding incentive above with the absence of any responsibility for wrong doing you have a major potential for abuse. If you are a Lenoir County Father, or Female in the paternal family then we think you are a target for this abuse. We also believe that immunity was put into place to protect money that the agency receives yearly for services. I guess Legislators felt like if they allow Social Services to be sued then it would pull from their budget and less people could be served. Regardless, we think this is a very dangerous situation for non-custodial families.

Lenoir County NC Department of Social Services and Fathers Bias

Ever wonder why the majority of workers (and especially with CPS) at the Lenoir County Department of Social Services are females? I know that everyone that contacts us when there is a issue between a man or father at social services, there is a female CPS worker involved. Also, when you get the chance, go to and search “Social Services AND feminism”. Trust us when we say that when you add in a female controlled agency with feminism there is zero chance that males have a chance with the Department of Social Services. But it is not just males that have a problem. If you are female and related to a man or father, you are usually viewed as collateral damage. NC Fathers feels very clear drawing a parallel between women at social services and feminism given the amount of web data associated with the two, and the historical problems men and social services have faced.

What is interesting about our organization is that we are receiving about 1700+ hits a day and the majority of people that contact us are females in the non-custodial paternal family who are telling us about bias and wrongdoing at the Lenoir County Department of Social Services. This is significant, because most “Fathers Rights” organizations contain a lot (if not a majority) of paternal related females who are seeing the abuses in the NC Family Courts and with Social Services agencies. We believe that this is a problem for the major feminist groups that control lobby organizations that benefit from the divisive nature of the courts. NC Fathers also believe that paternal related females will play a key role in bring problems to feminist oriented Legislators that protect the courts and social services agencies across NC.

OK, so we have thrown a bunch of bad news at you regarding the Lenoir County Department of Social Services… lets now focus on the GOOD News. In NC, given the divorce rate, non-custodial FATHERS make up around 42% of the voting population in NC and Lenoir County. When you add in JUST ONE paternal grandmother, step-mother, paternal aunt, or a now adult child of a father who sees the abuses in the system, you now have a group of around 84% of voters. NC Fathers believes that no Legislator, Judge, or Social Services Administrator can ignore a number like 84% and we are equally sure that when non-custodial families all across NC realize their potential and numbers in NC and unite around voting on the issues they historically face in the courts and with social services there will be a MAJOR paradigm shift in how these groups deal with Lenoir County NC Non-Custodial Families.

Again, if your are a Lenoir County NC non-custodial family who is tired of the abuses in the NC family courts and with the Lenoir County Department of Social Services, and you believe that you have a equal role in parenting and access to your children that not should be decided around funding for social services agencies and special interest groups, then we encourage you to once again join our MAILING LIST and share this article with other families in Lenoir County NC

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  1. I am a 39 year old father of a 10 year old son. I left his mother around 5 years ago due to her infidelity. He was in a good school and as I had to be the one to move, decided to leave him with his mother. We divorced and agreed on child support. Just a little over a year ago, my support came up for the three year review. I received a letter from the NC Department of Social Services stating my support was up for review and that based on the review, I was going to have to pay $790. The letter stated if I didn’t agree with the calculation, to contact the DSS. In reviewing the calculation worksheet, the DSS had put everything under his mother’s column and didn’t put anything under mine. I cover him on my health insurance, dental, vision, and under the DSS calculation, I received credit for nothing. As always, when you call the Lenoir Co Department of Social Services and you are a male and are the non-custodial parent, good luck. I call and after getting transferred numerous times, I finally got someone on the phone. I explained I didn’t agree with the calculation. I was told I would have to go to court. I said that’s fine, let’s go to court. The lady explained they would mail a letter. I said fine and gave my address to ensure I received the letter. She said I should receive the notice of hearing in January. January came and went and when I received my first paycheck in Feb, you bet, money gone! My support had gone up. Furious, I called the Lenoir Co Department of Social Services to find out how my payment could go up when I was supposed to go to court. After being transferred and talked down to, I finally got someone to help. The lady stated, “let’s see, yea, your case went to court on Jan 24th.” I asked how that was possible as I never received the letter I was told I would receive. She explained it went to court and that was it. The custodial parent showed up and you did not. Of course, it makes a lot of sense for me to request a court date and then not show up. I then find out the lady did not change my address and so the letter was mailed to my old address. Then, it happened, I was transferred and an answering machine picked up. I hung up and called back so I could complain and find out what I could do. Each call went to an answering machine. After about 10 calls, I looked up the office in Raleigh. So, after having to call the Raleigh office to find out what I could do, I had to hire an attorney. I also complained on the Lenoir co office as it seemed once they found out my issue and that I wanted to complain, no one would pick up the phone.

    Now, I hire an attorney. My attorney files motion for hearing and we go to court on the scheduled date. Magically, after waiting for hours and asking someone at the courthouse what was going on, I find out I am not on the schedule for the day. My attorney then goes downstairs and speaks with the clerk of court. Somehow, the DSS states they never received a notice of hearing. Somehow however, the Lenoir Co Courthouse had the motion but the DSS attorney did not????? So, I miss a day of work and go to court to not be heard due to yet another mistake. After filing another motion, we finally get into court and my support goes up instead of down. My ex-wife falsely reports that she is paying for an after school program and so I end of paying $850. I find out that my son’s school does not have an after school program and file a motion to amend. The case is heard and my payment reduced to just under $600. His mother agreed to, judge signed, and motion filed. Done right? No! Just today I receive another notice from the Lenoir County Department of Social Services stating I have to appear in court again. A motion is being filed by the DSS attorney to amend my payment. The reason: an error by the agency???? Somehow they miscalculated my income and now I have to go to court again due to a mistake by the Lenoir County Department of Social Services. How many mistakes is an agency allowed to make? I love my son, have joint legal custody, work 50 hours a week to pay child support, and have had enough of the Lenoir County NC. Anyone else have the same problem? I know I can’t be the only one.


    Comment by R Allen | March 12, 2013 | Reply

    • Mr. Allen,
      Thanks for commenting on our Lenoir County NC Social Services post. From your comment, it clearly looks like they are more interested in money rather than a father and child having a equal relationship. But, as pointed out in this post, one can clearly see where social services in Lenoir County gets Title IV-D money, rather greater amounts, when Fathers are not allowed to be equal parents and pay greater child support. Hope you will join us on Facebook and help us build a massive organization of non-custodial family voters.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | March 12, 2013 | Reply

  2. I have been dealt a hand from Lenoir County DSS as well. Everything you stated about the Federal and State incentives for collection increases is 100% true. I have copies of an old request for proposal #07-001, that is no longer on the net, stating all of this in great detail. It also details worker salaries and just how much “Dal W” gets a year for his one day a month part in this unfairness. (up to $95,000 in 05) hell, they waste $61,000 for just for a bailiff and car for Christ’s sake. What the heck does a bailiff need a vehicle for? Glad someone else is seeing this corruption for what it is. I have written a congressman AND Lenoir County on these subjects. Neither could care less. We are just nats being swatted by the giant.


    Comment by lynwood summerlin | February 3, 2014 | Reply

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