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Judge James Stanley Carmical – Robeson County NC District and Family Court

Judge James Stanley CarmicalJudge James Stanley Carmical is a District Court and Family Law Judge in the Robeson County NC Courts. NC Fathers is a State of NC Organization seeking to build a mailing list and central repository of NC Non-Custodial FAMILIES in NC and Robeson County NC because we believe that non-custodial families are not represented by a significant lobby organization that have influences over NC Judges. NC Fathers believes that the moment NC Non-Custodial families realize their significant numbers of voters and they come together, that the historical abuses that take place in the NC Family Courts and with Social Services agencies will stop and the courts will move towards equally shared parenting and equal access. NC Fathers is asking ALL Robeson County Non-Custodial families to share this article on Judge James Stanley Carmical with other Non-Custodial Families in Robeson County to help gain awareness and join our MAILING LIST to help our cause.


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James Stanley Carmical District Court Judge

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Are you ANGRY knowing that your Child Support efforts are helping Welfare Recipients and Low Income Assistance Participants enjoy time with their kids while you are alienated from yours?

Judge James Stanley Carmical and Robeson County NC Non-Custodial Family Statistics and Dynamics

Before we begin our article on Judge James Stanley Carmical, we ask that you read THIS DOCUMENT as it goes into much more detail on the points made in this article.

NC Fathers is asking that Judge James Stanley Carmical remember that given the divorce rate in NC, we believe that NC Non-Custodial Fathers make up around 42% of the voting population in NC and Robeson County NC. We also believe that once you add in paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and friends of these families you have a significant and overwhelming natural lobby organization that has a vested interest in the VERY SAME desires to raise their young children on THE SAME level playing field as mothers and maternal families. Surely, Judge James Stanley Carmical cannot deny this.

Additionally, we are asking Judge James Stanley Carmical to speak with Robeson County Non-Custodial families about the numbers of well funded and highly politically motivated lobby organization that directly speak with Judges in NC and help set policies and procedures. NC Fathers reminds Robeson County NC families that their is NOT ONE Federal or State level lobby group for Non-Custodial families and we believe this has a major bearing on the historical nature of why Fathers and their families experience a MAJOR dichotomy in the Family Courts and with Social Services agencies. We certainly invite Judge James Stanley Carmical to email us answering this and we will be happy to post her response here.

As we are sure Judge Carmical is aware, in NC there is NO presumption for who gets custody, but statistics show that mothers get custody 85% of the time. This certainly sounds like presumption to us given the high figure. We are asking Judge Carmical to release her statistics showing if she also rules in favor of custodial mothers 85% of the time even though there is no presumption.

Again, please join our MAILING LIST and be sure to share this article on Judge James Stanley Carmical with other families in the Robeson County community using sites like Twitter and Facebook to gain insight and momentum on these important issues.

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