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Surry County Department of Social Services Problems

Surry County Department of Social ServicesThis article serves to educate and inform Surry County NC Non-Custodial Families on the extreme potential bias from the Surry County Department of Social Services, and the potential for abuse related to their 100% immunity from any civil litigation for illegal or bad decisions. After reading this article, we ask Surry County NC Non-Custodial Fathers, Paternal Grandmothers, Step-Mothers, Paternal Aunts, and other family members to review our GOAL, join our MAILING LIST, and vent their ANGER at Surry County NC Politicians who should be dealing with the data we bring to light regarding the Surry County Department of Social Services. In short, this article will show how ALL NC County Department of Social Services Agencies use Non-Custodial Families to generate revenue for Low Income Assistance Programs and Welfare. NC Fathers also wants to point out that this article is NOT about the political debate of these programs, but merely pointing out that Surry County NC Non-Custodial Families should not be funding these programs on the back of them not being allowed to have equal parentage and access to their minor children so that they can pay increased child support. Lastly, NC Fathers welcomes any dissent or rebuttal from Administrators at the Surry County Department of Social Services, and we will be happy to publish this contact so that our 1800 daily readers can make informed decisions in future elections.


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Surry County Department of Social Services, NC Child Support Enforcement, and Funding

Never let anyone from the Surry County Department of Social Services, a Surry County NC Judge, Legislator, or for that matter a Custodial Parent tell you that NC Child Support Enforcement is ONLY alive to provide financial assistance to a child by the Non-Custodial Parent. There has been a LOT of resources put to stigmatizing non-custodial fathers into believing that if you did not support this program, you were a deadbeat. The reason that the State of NC, Judges, Legislators, and others have done this, is to make sure that equal shared parenting never comes into play so that funding of NC County Social Services Agencies can continue to get money for dwindling Welfare Funds. Proof? Turn your attention to the Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, Section 458 entitled “INCENTIVE Payments to States“. The Incentive? As long as Surry County NC Non-Custodial families are marginalized as visitor families, and having few overnights with their children, they will pay increased child support, and the federal government will give back TWO dollars for every ONE dollar collected in Child Support. This money is then used to replenish Low Income Programs at agencies like the Surry County Department of Social Services.

How do you feel knowing that there is a system in place by NC Judges, Legislators, and Social Services Agencies that is making money for Welfare Recipients to have an easier time raising their children on the back of you being alienated from yours?

NC Fathers believes that NC Children benefit from MORE resources and opportunities when they have both parents, and both extended families equally than ANY amount of child support from a big government agency will ever achieve.

As an addendum, see our article on NC Domestic Violence to see how the Surry County Department of Social Services NEEDS for deadbeat abusive fathers to exist so that money for this social services initiative to continue flowing.

NC Fathers believes that few Surry County NC Non-Custodial families realize that the Surry County Department of Social Services has legislative ordered immunity from any civil action by residents even when they commit illegal or bias acts against families. And, when you combine the money generation from Non-Custodial Families for funding of programs, shelters, attorneys who handle child support cases, and CPS Staff, we believe that there is a HUGE incentive for abuse that is affecting Non-Custodial families each and every day.

NC Fathers hears DAILY from Non-Custodial Fathers and Women in these families about unbelievable abuse, bias, and illegal acts committed on them by NC Department of Social Services Agencies, and it is time for NC and Surry County NC Families to stand up to this system.

It is VERY important that Surry County NC Families Contact their State Representatives and Senators about this issue with Social Services.

Surry County Department of Social Services, Non-Custodial Family Dynamics and Voters

The Surry County Department of Social Services Administrators and Staff who work at this Agency can not sustain millions of NC Non-Custodial Families using their power as voters to demand that Surry County Legislators end the immunity of Social Services, and the Funding Generation derived from Non-Custodial Families. It is important to keep in mind that when you take into account the number of Non-Custodial Fathers, every Woman in these families, and Friends who witness the issues you face daily, there exists an overwhelming and significant base of voters who can change the system in ONE election cycle if members of these families will unite with a lobby organization looking out for their interest.

Right now Social Services needs you for funding. Help use turn the tables and make this an issue of Social Services needing you not to raise hell and bring a system where funding is not driving millions of NC families being alienated from their children.

As a Surry County NC Non-Custodial Father, Paternal Grandmother, Step-Mother, Paternal Aunt, or other Family Member, we ask that you join our growing several thousand member MAILING LIST so that we can be a voice for you in future elections. And, to help us reach our goal, we ask that you routinely and extensively share this article on the Surry County Department of Social Services with other Surry County NC families on Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Networks to help gain momentum and insight on the issues discussed in this article.

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