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Judge Angela Puckett, Judge William Southern – Stokes and Surry County NC Court

Judge Angela Puckett and Judge William SouthernNC Fathers is asking ALL Non-Custodial Families in Surry and Stokes County NC who have been in the court of Judge William Southern and Judge Angela Puckett
to review our GOAL and join our MAILING LIST. If as a Non-Custodial Father, Paternal Grandmother, Step-Mother, Paternal Aunt or Uncle, or some other Family Member you are tired of being marginalized as a second class visitor family who gets a different legal designation compared to the custodial parent, who only deserves to have 4-5 days visitation with your children, and who is tired of watching custodial parents get extensive state and federal assistance to make ends meet, while you (or your son/husband/aunt) are jailed when you can’t make the same ends meet, then definitely contact us. Our Message to Judge William Southern and Judge Angela Puckett is that we believe Non-Custodial Families in Surry and Stokes County NC are going to be VERY ANGRY to learn that their inability to get equal parentage and access to their children, and the subsequent introduction into a federal enforcement agency is benefiting Welfare and Low Income Assistance Recipients to have an easier time caring for their children at our expense. Additionally, NC Fathers is asking Surry and Stokes County NC Non-Custodial grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts, and fathers to extensively and daily share our articles, including this article on Judge Angela Puckett and Judge William Southern, with other families on sites like Facebook and Twitter to help gain exposure.


Judge Stokes County NC

family court struggle in North Carolina for lawyers social services petitions increase by 5 for men


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Where does Judge Angela Puckett and Judge William Southern Stand on Equal Shared Parenting

NC Fathers is asking Judge Angela Puckett, Judge William Southern, Other Judges in the Surry and Stokes County NC Family and District Courts, and ESPECIALLY Non-Custodial Families to click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to get an exhaustive list of issues that we believe are keeping you alienated from your children so that Social Services can be funded, politics, and financial gain (lawyers advocating for a dichotomy in the courts so they can charge $5000 retainers for 18 years).

NC County Court

Again, it is VITALLY important that all Surry County and Stokes County NC Non-Custodial Families who have a desire to see the NC Legislator remove Judges who do not recognize that kids receive more resources and opportunities from having ALL family members compared to big government enforcement. Please share this article on Judge Angela Puckett and Judge William Southern after joining our MAILING LIST.

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  1. I am in full agreement! My nephew is self employed and has been ordered to pay child support and post separation support by Judge Neaves and Judge Puckett. The amount he has been ordered to pay is impossible for him to meet. Both Judges stated that they didn’t know how to calculate income on a self employed individual’s tax return. I think it is a shame that our tax dollars pay Judge’s salaries in excess of $100,000 and they can’t even read a tax return or at least have the decency to take the returns to the child support enforcement office located in the court house with the Judge’s office and ask them to calculate. I have lived in Stokes County for 54 years and fortunately have never had any dealings with our judicial system BUT after this experience I see that it is a good ole boy system and fathers are treated like second class citizens! He was ordered to pay post separation support to a perfectly healthy 29 year old who is perfectly able to work but just chooses not to. I am sure she is collecting all kinds of low income benefits to help support her but my nephew will be put in jail if he doesn’t pay. I am a woman and strongly agree that men should support their children but I also believe that men should at least be left with enough money to be able to eat and have some kind of roof over their heads. I am totally frustrated and would love some advice from anyone on who to contact or where to go to try and rectify this ridiculous ruling???


    Comment by Janet Jones | February 3, 2014 | Reply

    • Janet, thanks for commenting on our article directed at Judge Puckett and Judge Southern. We agree that fathers should support their children, but not via the enforcement program if they desire to be an equal parent. If they do, they should be directly supporting their children during the near equal time they have them. For those that do not, they should be paying reasonable child support via the government.

      As for why Judges are focused on child support and a biased system is that lawyers make a lot of money from a unequal system because it keeps parents fighting for 18 years and writing checks to lawyers. Also, the way in which child support is setup, for each dollar collected in child support via enforcement, the federal government gives back an equal amount to states to help welfare stay afloat. As more people go on welfare, they need more money from the government, thus more child support being payed. The best way to get more child support payed is to decrease visitation.

      Then there is the women’s and domestic violence lobby that says since most men are violent, we do not need men getting custody, equal parentage, and as little visitation as possible so they don’t kill their kids and ex-wives.

      Wrap all of the above up into public policy and you know why your nephew can’t get a fair shake in the courts.

      You can also read:


      Comment by stompkinsnc | February 4, 2014 | Reply

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