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Sheriff Asa Buck and Carteret County NC Non-Custodial Families

Sheriff Asa BuckThis article is meant to enlighten Carteret County NC Sheriff Asa Buck and the tens of thousands of voting Non-Custodial Fathers, Step-Mothers, Paternal Grandmothers, Paternal Aunts and Uncles, other Family Members, and Friends of these families on issues we think affect these family members as it relates to arrest for Child Support Enforcement and Domestic Violence matters. NC Fathers will attempt to contact Sheriff Buck to get an official response back from him on this article and will post it here. NC Fathers is an organization of NC and Carteret County NC Non-Custodial Family members who want to reform the NC Family Courts, Social Services Agencies, and NC Sheriffs practices which we believe are biased and focused on revenue generation and politics. We ask that you review our GOAL, join our MAILING LIST, and extensively share this article on Sheriff Asa Buck with other voting Carteret County NC Non-Custodial families so they can make informed decisions at election time. Again, NC Fathers welcomes any rebuttal or comments on this article from Sheriff Asa Buck or Administrative staff at the Carteret County Sheriffs Department to address our 1800 daily readers.

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In Sheriff Buck’s defense, we feel that the information we are about to present regarding Child Support Enforcement, he may very well not be aware of the dynamics which we believe keep the before mentioned family members alienated from their children, and that he is just following current law. However, after contacting the Sheriff, we ask that you keep his response in mind at the next election because these issues will NOT change until you assert your authority as voters.

Sheriff Asa Buck and Carteret County NC Families

NC County Court

Sheriff Asa Buck, The Carteret County Sheriffs Department, and Child Support Enforcement

Our first message to Sheriff Asa Buck and readers is that despite what NC Legislators and Judges tell you, all men who are arrested for child support enforcement contempt violations are NOT purposeful fathers who REFUSE to support their children. Many are men who are UNABLE to financially support their children in this dangerous economy, may never have realized they fathered a child, or who went bankrupt spending $5000 retainers every few months in the historical biased Family Courts of Carteret County. We also want Sheriff Asa Buck to realize that Non-Custodial Fathers do NOT get extensive housing, medical, education, financial assistance at the Carteret County Department of Social Services and tax credits to make financial ends meet.

Additionally, we want Sheriff Asa Buck to know that like all big government programs, which child support enforcement is, there is always a second side to these legislative pieces than what is reported to the general public. In regards to child support enforcement, many advocates say that this program ONLY provides financial assistance to children from Non-Custodial Families. In reality, Child Support Enforcement is generating money for Welfare and other Low Income Assistance Programs that the State of NC desperately needs to keep these services running. NC Fathers believes that this need for money to fund social services is one of the main reasons why Carteret County NC Legislators and Judges NEED Non-Custodial Fathers, Step-Mothers, Paternal Aunts and Uncles, and other family members to spend fewer overnights with their children so that they are paying increased child support which makes money available for social services. In essence, supporting child support enforcement Sheriff Buck, is advocating for a system that keeps Carteret County NC Non-Custodial families from equal parentage and access to their children. And, that by blindly arresting these fathers, instead of lobbying for changes to the system, you are a part of the problem Sheriff. With respect to your OWN children Sheriff Buck, would you be more responsible as a active father who helps raise and nurture your children equally compared to your (ex)wife, or a father who is court ordered to only see your child 4 days a month and pay a big government agency for access to your children?

NC Fathers is sending the message to Sheriff Asa Buck that we believe Carteret County NC Families will be VERY ANGRY to learn that for EVERY one dollar collected in child support, the State of NC receives back TWO dollars via the Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, Section 458 suspiciously entitled “INCENTIVE payments to States“. The INCENTIVE here Sheriff Buck is to collect as MUCH child support as possible, for greater social services funding. The only way this incentive can be realized is if these Carteret County NC Families are spending LESS time with their children.

To our readers, to include the OVERWHELMING numbers of voters who are Fathers, Grandmothers, Step-Moms, and Aunts/Uncles, the next time a Carteret County Sheriffs Department Deputy comes to your home and calls you a deadbeat, remember this data…. and remember Sheriff Asa Buck at election time. Are you ANGRY knowing that your arrest is helping to fund Welfare recipients kids while you are alienated from yours?

Sheriff Buck, with two parents EACH spending $5000 retainers on average of twice a year fighting in a system that pits two parents against each other to win something, then multiplying that times 18 years. Do you realize that figure alone would equal about 5 times the amount of money that could go to reported child support arrears in NC? Why are you not advocating for changes like this, instead of focusing on arresting kids parents?

Sheriff Asa Buck, The Carteret County Sheriffs Department, and Domestic Violence

No Doubt Sheriff Asa Buck will say that Domestic Violence in NC is an insidious problem that needs to be addressed, and we agree wholeheartedly. However, NC Fathers believes that Sheriff Buck, his deputies, and the NC Domestic Violence lobby that gives so much money at elections is only focused on MALE on FEMALE domestic violence DESPITE newer statistics that are finally recording and documenting FEMALE on MALE violence which show that women hit and use aggressive control just as much as men. But arresting WOMEN for these infractions does not make the female controlled Domestic Violence lobby happy does it Sheriff Buck?

NC Fathers also believes that Sheriff Asa Buck is WELL aware that because of the hot button political nature of Domestic Violence, hopeful custodial mothers will use FALSE allegations to bring them a LOT of attention and favor in future child custody matters. And, that Judges allow these FALSE allegations to proceed to conviction to appease the NC Domestic Violence lobby and their money which funds elections.

We also want Sheriff Asa Buck to remember that each time a Father/Male faces a FALSE claim of Domestic Violence, that he and EVERY FEMALE in the paternal family are alienated from their children IMMEDIATELY for up to a year.

Remember Sheriff Buck, Domestic Violence NEEDS male offenders and HIGH statistics to keep federal funding in place so that many people can further agendas and collect monthly salaries. Are you sure you are not a part of the system that helps CREATE full blown Domestic Violence statistics from clear FALSE claims Sheriff Buck?

As a Carteret County NC Non-Custodial Family Member, did you identify with this article? If so, we ask that you extensively share this article on Sheriff Asa Buck and the Carteret County Sheriffs Department with other family members and your friends on Facebook and Twitter, after joining our MAILING LIST.

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  1. Asa Buck is a great sheriff who has turned around the Carteret County Sheriff’s Department. But as a non-custodial father, you have a VERY good point. All it takes is loss of employment, an illness, or some other issue and your unable to pay ANY debts and it’s off to jail you go while custodial mothers have expanding welfare to save them.


    Comment by Randy | November 17, 2012 | Reply

  2. Are you telling me that Sheriff Asa Buck gets federal and state money by jailing child support offenders?


    Comment by Carteret County Father | March 30, 2013 | Reply

    • Carteret County Father, thanks for commenting on our blog regarding Sheriff Buck. Yes, all NC Sheriffs get money from Title IV-D to help offset incarcerating parents not paying child support. But the bigger issue is that this Sheriff likely uses this issue as a political issue to gain support from people who want children supported. The reality is, many people not paying child support are not doing it because they don’t want to, they can’t. Consider this article:

      If Sheriff Asa Buck was committed to ending child support delinquents, one would think he would want to empower non-custodial dads by being equal parents with equal access to their children instead of being routinely marginalized as visitors and payment providers only. I hope you will send more Carteret County NC non-custodial families our way.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | March 30, 2013 | Reply

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