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Judge R Marshall Bickett Jr – Rowan County NC District and Family Court

Judge R Marshall Bickett JrNon-Custodial parents in Rowan County NC want to know where Judge R Marshall Bickett Jr of the Rowan County NC District and Family Court stands on equal shared parenting of their children. Surely Judge Bickett and any member of the Rowan County NC Courts should recognize that Non-Custodial parents and their entire extended family makes up greater than 50% of NC’s population and it is time we are heard. Additionally, we are asking each and every member of a Non-Custodial Family, be it a grandmother, grandfather, step-parent, or aunt/uncle, in Rowan County NC to use the Contact US form



located on this site to send us your contact information as we are building a massive list of families in NC who seek reform in the NC Family Courts. NC Fathers believes that Non-Custodial parents and families make up a massive swing vote and it is time we use these votes to end the systematic alienation of children from us in the courts.

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How Do You feel knowing that Judge R Marshall Bickett Jr and other Judges in the Rowan County NC Courts have known for years that Child Support Enforcement is subsidizing Welfare and Low Income Assistance Programs on the back of you not being allowed to have equal access to your kids? Angry? We thought so, now realize your importance as a voter. Judge Bickett, are NC Family Court Judges aware that the State of NC has no money to fund social services, and therefore you NEED these families alienated from their children to help Welfare Recipients have an easier time raising their children?

Judge R Marshall Bickett - Rowan County NC District and Family Court

It is important to note that Judge R Marshall Bickett Jr is up for re-election in the Rowan County NC Courts for the 2012 session. During his campaign, if you see him, please invite him to read this post and click the red and blue graphic below to remind him of the devastating dichotomy he has put you in with your children. NC Fathers asks that you pay special attention to the linking pointing to the Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, Section 458 which allows the State of NC to get ONE dollar in REVENUE for every ONE dollar collected in Child Support. THIS IS WHY YOU LOSE IN THE NC FAMILY COURTS.

NC County Court

Lastly, the issue of the Rowan County NC Courts and Judges allowing a massive divide where one parent wins all, while the other parent (and their families) loses is not in the best interest of a child and we believe that the Rowan County NC Courts and Judge  R Marshall Bickett Jr know this. So again, if you are a member of an African American Non-Custodial family, a Woman in a Non-Custodial Family, or a Hispanic Non-Custodial Father then we urge you to contact us.

Here are the questions we have for Rowan County NC Court officials and Judge R Marshall Bickett Jr :

  • As spelled out in the federal legislation that birthed the NC Child Support Enforcement agency, the State of NC gets incentive payments from the federal government for increased collection and reporting of child support. These funds are then used to pay for Title IV programs. For many, this feels like the State of NC using Non-Custodial families to gain revenue on the backs of our relationship with our children.
  • Judge Bickett, you are aware that custodial parents use Title IV programs to receive state assistance, educational assistance, housing assistance, and medical assistance to help provide a better life for a child. What help does Rowan County NC give to Non-Custodial families except for incarceration when we have difficulty providing in this dangerous economy? Are NC Non-Custodial families being used to pay for Medicaid programs?
  • The Rowan County NC Courts and Judges should be aware of the modern data that shows BOTH parents being in the best for children, so why do we regularly hear of Judges in Rowan County allowing custodial parents to move their children across the country after a divorce to start a new life? How is this in any way beneficial to children to lose the resources and consistent nurturing and love from one set of grandmothers, step-parents, aunts, fathers, and siblings?
  • In regards to domestic violence, are judges in the Rowan County NC Courts sure that false allegations are not being used as tactical advantage in divorce and child custody matters? Surely, county residents know that the issue of domestic violence gets massive federal funding and many are wondering if the courts needs these allegations to continue the money stream. Surely Judge Bickett would not allow a weak domestic violence case based just on the word of another without any evidence to proceed just to appease special interest groups? Surely when women in paternal families see this happening will it not eventually bring doubt on ALL domestic cases that are legitimate?
  • Judge Bickett, you are aware that Custodial parents receive FREE legal representation within child support enforcement while Non-Custodial parents have to secure private attorneys. Are you at all concerned that these parents are at an extreme disadvantage in a system that is know for being fair? How many Rowan County parents do you think exists who are alienated from their children simply because they were unable to retain a attorney to fight a massive federal agency that has unlimited resources?
  • Is the Rowan County NC Courts aware that the resources and opportunities available to children who have consistent support from maternal and paternal families goes well beyond what any amount of child support could ever hope to provide? So why is Rowan County spending so much money on enforcement and incarceration to secure child support when this money would be best spent on strengthening a child’s ENTIRE family?

NC Fathers believes that the answers to all of the above questions fits in nicely with special interest groups that have agendas using Rowan County politicians and judges to further their cause. And, because their exists no lobby or groups for Non-Custodial families, you will continue to lose and be alienated from your children until you REALIZE that you make up 50% of the population and start ending the careers of judges and politicians that use children to do their work.

We hope that Judge R Marshall Bickett Jr, or any member of the Rowan County NC Courts decides to respond to us, and we ask that you join our MAILING LIST and extensively share this article on Facebook and Twitter.

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