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Judge Scott Brewer, Judge Lisa Thacker – Anson, Stanley, Richmond County NC Courts

Judge Scott Brewer and Judge Lisa ThackerNC Fathers message to Judge Lisa Thacker, Judge Scott Brewer, and all Judges in the Anson, Stanley, and Richmond County NC District and Family Court is what happens when county non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and other family members get tired of being treated like second class visitor families who only deserve 5 days a month visitation with their children, and who are defined responsibly by a big government enforcement agency that is funding Welfare and Low Income Assistance program recipients? Do you think Judge Lisa Thacker and Judge Scott Brewer CARE knowing that you are ANGRY about funding Welfare recipients ability to raise their children more easily while you are alienated from yours? Will Judge Brewer or Judge Thacker explain HOW in NC there is NO presumption for who gets custody in the NC Family Courts, while the Administrative Offices of the Courts tell us 85% of women get custody? Really? No presumption Judges? NC Fathers is an organization of NC and Anson, Stanley, and Richmond County NC non-custodial family members who are tired of the bias and discrimination in the NC Family Courts, and we ask these voting family members to review our GOAL and join our MAILING LIST so that we can start affecting elections. Furthermore, we ask Richmond, Anson, and Stanley County NC families to extensively share this article on Judge Scott Brewer, Judge Lisa Thacker, and the District and Family Courts in these Counties with other families on Facebook and Twitter to bring maximum exposure to the details we will discuss in this article.



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Judge Lisa Thacker and Judge Scott Brewer - Anson, Stanley, Richmond County NC District and Family Court

NC Fathers is asking Richmond, Stanley, and Anson County NC non-custodial families to click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to get a detailed assessment of the many problems we have identified in the NC Family Courts that you are forced to live with daily. We especially ask that you follow the links to the Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, Section 458 which is providing ONE dollar in revenue to NC Social Services agencies for every  ONE dollar they collect in Child Support. This means that for EVERY Anson County non-custodial parent who pays $500 a month in child support, the State of NC gets back $1000 every month to replenish money being depleted by low income assistance recipients. Then, we are going to ask Judge Lisa Thacker and Judge Scott Brewer if this needed money is ANY reason why Judges in NC make such a big deal about enforcement, and if this has anything to do with the highly divisive family courts and low visitation awards for fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and other family members?

NC County Court

“The Only People Who Win in the Family Courts Are Lawyers

Pretty Common Phrase across the United States is it not? Therefore, NC Fathers is asking Judge Scott Brewer, Judge Lisa Thacker, and other Judges in the Anson, Stanley, and Richmond County NC Courts to explain how Lawyers who demand $5000 retainers on average of every 6 months from parents who they know will fight bitterly for 18 years are the NUMBER ONE LOBBY against JOINT CUSTODY or EQUAL SHARED PARENTING. Any idea why? Could it be that they want this money for 18 years?

So Anson, Richmond, and Stanley County NC non-custodial families are funding Social Services and keeping Lawyers Rich, and no doubt the special interest groups who benefit from all this make sure they affect and drive elections, NC Fathers wants to know when non-custodial families are going to stop it by recognizing their LARGE NUMBERS and importance as voters?

Judge Brewer, again, what happens when African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Caucasian Step-Mothers, Grandmothers, and Aunts (who also get stung in the divisive family courts) stand with Fathers and become their own lobby? Judge Thacker ?

Please remember to join our MAILING LIST after sharing this article on Judge Lisa Thacker, Judge Scott Brewer, and the Anson, Richmond, and Stanley County NC Courts with other families so that we can help you have equal parentage and access to your children.

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  1. Stanly, Anson & Richmond county have procedures where they schedule a case to establish “temporary” custody and child support. It is “affidavit” driven with 1 hour testimony, 30 minutes to each party. HOWEVER, this procedure is obviously only a money scheme to get money for the attorney’s and the courts as the Judge doesn’t base his decision on the Affidavits or testimony at all. In Stanly, Anson & Richmond county, the Judge awards FULL legal and physical custody in a “temporary” hearing, to the mother in the majority of cases and then gives the non-custodial parent , the majority of which are the fathers (because normally the father’s have the greater incomes) 4 nights a month AND a couple of hours one day, every other week, “VISITATION” with their children. Why? Because child support is calculated on the number of overnights the children are with each parent. Giving the parent with the highest income 4 nights a month “visitation” calculates to an astronomically high and out of proportion child support order. For every $1.00 the county collects in child support, the Federal Government pays $2.00 to the state. And the counties compete for their portion of the state’s money. The county with the highest collection, gets a greater percentage than the counties with the lower amounts of collections. SO, non-custodial parents are being treated like “visitors” in their children’s lives and children are being denied EQUAL time with each of their parents SO THAT COUNTIES CAN GET MONEY WHICH GOES TO FUND WELFARE PROGRAMS!!!!!! This sickens me. Parents that work are being denied equal time with the children they support, so they can support the children of people who don’t work and whose children are being supported off welfare. This is ludicrous. We must put a stop to this practice. Many states and counties promote equal time between the parents which is what is in the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD, not the best interest of the county. It also puts a stop to constant and prolonged court battles. The reason this problem is so hard to stop, greedy custodial parents, greedy attorney’s, a growing population of people who choose to live off of government entitlements. The problem is, the government can only support these entitlement programs on the backs of our children. We need to write our representatives and demand this practice stop. CHILDREN DESERVE BOTH PARENTS EQUALLY.


    Comment by JDeas | November 21, 2012 | Reply

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