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Rep Rayne Brown – Davidson County NC Republican

Representative Rayne BrownRegarding Representative Rayne Brown and the Davidson County Republican Party, if Davidson County NC non-custodial family voters wonder where the Representative Stands on Equally Shared Parenting, then we hope you will bookmark (Ctrl+D) this page and check back often. Immediately, we believe that Representative Rayne Brown will recognize the controversial issues on this page and may want to distance herself from it. However, we want Rep Brown to realize that these issues are affecting thousands of non-custodial women and men in all racial backgrounds from her district daily. NC Fathers is asking Davidson County NC non-custodial readers to review our GOAL and join our MAILING LIST so that we can inform you where Rep Brown falls on these issues so that you can make better decisions in future elections. Furthermore, we are asking that you extensively share this article on Representative Brown on sites like Twitter and Facebook so that our message reaches viral consciousness with other Davidson County non-custodial families who are also facing these issues daily.


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Rep Rayne Brown - Republican

NC County Rep

NC Fathers wants to make it very clear that Representative Rayne Brown may be inclined to make this a male vs. female issue and look out for the Women vote. However, we would like to point out that paternal step-mothers, grandmothers, paternal aunts, female friends of men, other female family members, and now adult female children make up the female vote and that these women are 100% stung by the issues we are about to present.

Republican Representative Rayne Brown and the Davidson County County NC Family Courts

  • The law in NC is that there is NO PRESUMPTION for who gets custody of a child in the NC Family Courts. Yet, the Administrative Offices of the Courts show that mothers get custody 85% of the time. 85% sound like a big number Representative Brown, are you sure there is no presumption? If 85% of Women and African Americans in 2012 where not allowed to vote or ride public transportation, yet the establishment saying it’s a non-issue, would you trust it and not be outraged?
  • No doubt Representative Rayne Brown has heard about the “absent father” problem in NC and all over the country. Is the honorable representative sure that this isn’t court ordered absenteeism given that Judges in NC still allow custodial parents to move kids hundreds of miles away DAILY, and fathers only being given 4 days a month visitation?
  • Historically, the NC Family Courts and Lawyers have encouraged parents in the Courts to divulge everything negative that they have about the other parent in order to win. Children don’t win when just one parent wins. Parents are spending $5000 retainers each year on average (both parents) for 18 years. The resulting $180,000 figure PER FAMILY far exceeds the amount of child support arrears in NC. NC Fathers wants Rep Brown to understand that lawyers are a special interest group that benefits from the divisive courts.
  • NC Non-Custodial Families are NOT second class visitor families who only deserve 4 days visitation with their children assuming they are following the rules of a big government agency that requests money for access and is funding social services.
  • NC Fathers hears daily from non-custodial fathers, paternal grandmothers, and step-mothers daily about how custodial mothers will abruptly keep children from fathers if there is no court order (and sometimes with court orders) and the courts do nothing about it. Rep Brown, should parents be keeping children from other parents? What do you think would happen if a father kept a child from a mother?

Republican Representative Rayne Brown and Davidson County NC Child Support Enforcement

  • Pursuant to the Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, Section 458 suspiciously entitled “INCENTIVE payments to States“, which provides ONE dollar in REVENUE for every ONE dollar collected in child support which is then used to replenish Welfare and Low Income Assistance Programs, do you think that NC and Davidson County NC non-custodial families will be ANGRY that their inability to get equal parentage and access to their children and subsequent increased child support payments are helping Welfare Recipients have an easier time with their children?
  • Representative Rayne Brown should be aware that custodial mothers get FREE legal representation in child support matters, while non-custodial families have to come up with $5000-$7000 retainers each time this federal agency gets a request from a custodial mother wanting money. Is this really fair?
  • Rep Brown, why are mothers, wives, and aunts visiting their sons/husbands/nephews in prison when they cant make financial ends meet, while custodial mothers in financial trouble get seemingly endless and extensive tax credits, housing assistance, financial assistance, educational assistance, dental assistance, and medical assistance?
  • Because the State of NC has no money to fund social services programs, should the State really be funding this by alienating families from their children so that they meet guidelines in a federal program that provides incentives? Does the State of NC NEED “Deadbeat Fathers” so that everyone can ostracize them publicly and use these political endeavors to keep funding rolling in?
  • Speaking of “Deadbeat Dads” Representative Brown, which is a term used on so many NC Sheriffs, Judges, Legislators, and other State Sponsored websites, how is using derogatory terms useful? Would you be outraged if you saw the N word or Medicaid Mom on a Judges or another Legislators website?
  • Legislators and Judges have put Davidson County NC Fathers is a no win situation. We are often referred to as “Deadbeat Fathers” by asking for equal access, opponents stating the only reason we do this is to lower child support. But then we are called Deadbeats when we do NOT want equal access.

Republican Representative Rayne Brown and NC Domestic Violence

Like we are sure Representative Rayne Brown will concede, NC Fathers believes that violence is Domestic Partnerships and Marriages/Relationships is an insidious problem that needs to be addressed. HOWEVER..

  • Now that systems and statistics are in place to document showing that women hit and use aggression to control partners just as much as men, why is the NC Domestic Violence coalition still only focused on Male on Female Violence? Is Rep Brown aware of the violence statistics in Female partnerships? Is it possible that the NC Domestic Violence coalition is only speaking framing Domestic Violence from a Females perspective because special interest derive money for female related programs only?
  • Representative Rayne Brown should be aware that given the hot button nature of Domestic Violence that garners so much attention and resources for victims, that FALSE allegations are becoming rampant primarily from hopeful custodial mothers that use this as a tactical advantage in court?
  • Rep Brown should be aware that Judges in the Family Courts are allowing FALSE allegations to proceed to conviction, and that restraining orders are being issued like candy, so that these Judges stay in the good graces of special interest groups that give to elections.
  • Rep Brown should be aware that each time a false domestic violence allegation is used on a male/father, there are up to 3 females in these families who are immediately alienated from their grandchildren, step-children, and nieces.
  • Rep Brown should be aware that the system is such that the State of NC Domestic Violence groups NEED male offenders to exists so that they can scream about increased statistics and receive funding for their paychecks and programs?
  • Representative Rayne Brown should understand that if NC Social Services Agencies receive so much funding from NC non-custodial families, is it in their best interest to deal harshly with non-custodial families while working lightly with custodial families who typically use their services?
  • Does Rep Brown have any concerns that since Social Services has 100% immunity for ANY illegal or biased acts that they may commit on non-custodial families (who they need for funding), that there is a huge door open for abuse?

As a Davidson County or NC non-custodial family member, we ask that you join our MAILING LIST of several thousand so that we can inform you when/if Representative Rayne Brown responds to the data in this article. In the mean time, we ask that you extensively propagate this article on sites like Twitter and Facebook so that other NC non-custodial families receive and learn from this data.

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  1. Very well written and presented. I have shared on my FB page.


    Comment by Doris Decker | January 6, 2013 | Reply

  2. This is a problem, and it is a problem for the children who are caught up in the web of anger between two parents. The attitude that every woman makes a mother is a myth. Children require nurturing, and many times the male can provide that better than the mother. Every situation should be addressed uniquely and without bias and prejudice toward either parent. Children should not be used as a pawn in the criminal justice system to provide a means to recoup expenditures.


    Comment by Doris Decker | January 6, 2013 | Reply

    • Hi Doris,
      Thank you for commenting on our blog post about Representative Rayne Brown in Davidson County NC. Our assertion is that Mothers are good and that Fathers are good, but the Family Court system NEEDS for one to be bad to justify the custodial/non-custodial system that keeps parents fighting for 18 years and making lawyers rich. We hope that the good Representative will hear our message and again thank you for commenting.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | January 6, 2013 | Reply

  3. I was disappointed to see that Representative Brown did not sign on to the House Shared Parenting bill and decided to throw good non-custodial parents, step-parents, grandparents, and other family members under the bus. Surely, this Representative must understand how many voters this equals given the divorce rate. When are Republicans in Davidson County NC going to get it?


    Comment by David Wayne (Davidson County Father) | May 4, 2013 | Reply

  4. Representative Rayne Brown should understand that this is actually a very easy thing to support. To vote on equality is a good thing, to stand idle and support divisiveness just makes people in Davidson County angry.


    Comment by Rachel Adams (Davidson County Step-Mother) | May 4, 2013 | Reply

  5. My message to Rep Brown is that you are helping to exacerbate domestic violence. Whenever you allow one parent so much control over children and send the other parent to the back of the line you are in essence throwing match on a fire. Then, to allow a Judge to let the custodial parent to move the children away so that they can live their life while fathers, step-moms, and grandparents languish is just further adding problems to the fire. If things were equal then there would be nothing to fight about. This is nothing more than this Representative looking out for special interest like the lawyers.


    Comment by Tom (Davidson County Father) | May 4, 2013 | Reply

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