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Judge Robert Wilkins, Judge Donald Creed Jr – Moore, Randolph, and Montgomery County NC Court

Judge Robert Wilkins, Judge Donald Creed Jr - District CourtNC Fathers is asking Judge Robert Wilkins and Judge Donald Creed Jr of the Montgomery, Randolph, and Moore County District Court where they stand on EQUAL Shared Parenting. NC Fathers is asking Montgomery, Randolph, and Moore County NC non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, paternal aunts and uncles to check back frequently for any answer from either Judge Creed or Judge Wilkins. If Judge Creed and Judge Wilkins support the current system where everything is focused around one parent winning custody and another not winning so that the one not winning can be forced into a federal agency and alienated from their children three quarters of the month, then we ask non-custodial families in Montgomery, Randolph, and Moore County to read our GOAL, join our MAILING LIST, and get FIRED UP around using your overwhelming voting numbers to hand Judge Donald Creed Jr, Judge Robert Wilkins and their political affiliations a loss at the next election. We also ask that you share this article on Judge Robert Wilkins, Judge Donald Creed Jr, and the Montgomery and Randolph Family Courts with other NC non-custodial families on sites like Twitter and Facebook to gain statewide exposure.


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Judge Donald Creed Jr, Judge Robert Wilkins - Montgomery, Randolph, Moore County NC District and Family Court

As a Randolph, Montgomery, and Moore County NC non-custodial family, have you ever wondered why there is a system in place that is so divisive, and encourages two parents to fight like the devil to win something, and then put the other parent into a federal child support enforcement agency that stands as a gate keeper wanting money before you can have a normal relationship with your children? NC Fathers is asking the “losing” family, Judge Robert Wilkins, and Judge Donald Creed Jr to click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to learn why, and we ask that you pay special attention to the funding of social services via the Social Security Act as this is the second largest reason why you are alienated from your children.

NC County Court

Having clicked on the RED and BLUE graphic above, you can see that the State of NC is generating funding for Low Income Assistance programs and Welfare off your increased child support. If you were allowed greater access and visitation with your children, your child support payments would be lower, and thus funding for the State of NC. Judges realize this system is in place, but they always verbalize that child support enforcement is ONLY about the children. How do you feel knowing that your alienation from your children is helping women in social services to have an easier time raising theirs?

NC Fathers gets no less than 20 contacts a day asking if we can help them in their cases, so we ask that you READ THIS.

NC Fathers also wants to ask Judge Robert Wilkins and Judge Donald Creed Jr if they are protecting the special interest groups who derive so much money from the current system. Specifically, Randolph, Montgomery, and Moore County NC Lawyers for who $5000 retainers every few months for 18 years make for a nice living.

NC Fathers is asking Montgomery, Randolph, and Moore County NC non-custodial grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and fathers to join with us and let us build a MAILING LIST of voters who can change the current system from one that is about money, power, and votes into one that respects BOTH parents and their extended families. We believe that Montgomery, Randolph, and Moore County NC children receive more natural supports from this setup than any federal big government program can ever hope to achieve. If the Montgomery, Randolph, and Moore County NC District Court had ANY thought on providing financial support for children while allowing them to have access to both parents equally, they would end the system that requires both parents (EACH) to spend $5000 every few months or years. Ten thousand dollars every few years, from every parent in the system is a lot of money and most likely doubles the amount of child support arrears.

If you are tired of being treated like a second class visitor family who only deserves a few days a month visitation with your children/grandchildren/step-child/niece/nephew IF you follow the rules of a big government agency, then we ask that you PLEASE share this article on Judge Robert Wilkins and Judge Donald Creed Jr with others on the major social networking sites.

Show Support by Copying and Pasting the code below to your Website or Blog:

Please Ask <a href="">Judge Robert Wilkins</a> and <a href="">Judge Donald Creed Jr</a> to bring Equal Shared Parenting to Montgomery, Randolph, and Moore County NC children.

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  1. I am a stepmother of a child that was given to her mother by judge donald creed after she ran away with her daughter to FL with an abusive boyfriend and didn’t tell anyone where she was until 4/5 months had passed. she then went into court (because my husband – the dad) filed for custody (full) and told the judge that she had a 50-B(domestic violence charge) on him that she was afraid for her and her daughters life – that’s why she left and didn’t say anything- and that she had pictures of bruises to prove it- which she didn’t, my husband (boyfriend at the time) lived with me and all exchanges we had I was there for that reason- to be a witness so she couldn’t lie. well she did and she got full temp custody without even letting us get a word in. then the ENTIRE hearing we were asked by judge creed to negotiate- we already tried everything but she is the type of woman who wants my husband to pay for everything but never get to see or have anything to do with his daughter or get to make any choices regarding her. so that never worked. She had 2 CPS cases -1for domestic violence in the home that was open from Feb-July of 2008 and another one for Child endangerment that was open from June -July or august 2008. she also had XXX pics of herself and videos that another man had taken while she was in her office at work (supposedly at the time she was dating my husband- it was before we met) and she kept them on her phone where their daughter could easily get a hold of and see them. She currently doesn’t comply with 99% of the court order and she now has another child out of wedlock with another sucker. They fight and cuss at each other constantly to the point where my stepdaughter has to take her and sometimes her baby sister to her room and shut the door. My stepdaughter failed Kindergarten and first grade because her mom kept moving her around and was constantly at work and wouldn’t let my husband help out with school or homework. she was supposed to go into third grade last year and my husband and i pushed very hard for her new school to test her and make sure she was ready and when they finally agreed came to the conclusion to hold her back one grade as her reading levels alone were at a first grade level (remember she was supposed to be in third grade). She was diagnosed with Child bi-polar, ADHD, anxiety, depression and ODD which most would disappear if she wasn’t living with her mother, and the others that need medication to help her she doesn’t currently get because her mother wont even take her to get a second opinion on the subject. so she does without any help with those issues either. yet her mother still gets full custody my husband got 4 weeks in the summer and every other Christmas and Easter because we moved out of state for work and a better life.


    Comment by AMD | November 10, 2012 | Reply

    • Hi AMD, Thanks for commenting on our article about Judge Donald Creed and Judge Robert Wilkins. Are you in Moore, Randolph, or Montgomery County?

      We agree that false domestic violence allegations many times are used in custody battles as a tactical tool to win bcause it is so easy and Judges tend to let them happen because it looks good politically and keeps them in the good graces of th domestic violence folks. Unfortunately, it ends up alienating children from their families which is never good.

      It is good to see women in non-custodial families starting to stand up for what is right!!! Have you joined us on Facebook or joined our mailing list?


      Comment by stompkinsnc | November 10, 2012 | Reply

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