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VAWA Reauthorization 2012 and Non-Custodial Families

VAWA Reauthorization 2012 and Non-Custodial WomenVAWA Reauthorization 2012 is underway tonight in Congress, so we wanted to write an article to delve into what VAWA Legislation is, and how it affects hundreds of millions of Non-Custodial Fathers and Women in Paternal Families. Opponents of VAWA say that this ground breaking legislation is simply designed to stop intimate partner abuse, and any dissent to it’s existence constitutes a war on women. And, therein lies the problem with this legislation. VAWA is NOT about stopping ALL intimate partner abuse, just MALE on FEMALE abuse. The other serious problem with VAWA and it’s reauthorization is that the definition of abuse is so low, that simply raising one’s voice is considered abuse and by doing this, a perpetrator can then have a restraining order placed upon them, they will be removed from their home, lose their job, and be alienated from their children for years. However, this same definition does NOT apply to women and they are free to intimidate, scream, throw things, control, and do anything that does not meet the traditional definition of violence.


VAWA Reauthorization 2012 and Non-Custodial Paternal Related Females

VAWA Reauthorization will hurt hundreds of millions of women, and these women will be step-mothers, paternal aunts, paternal grandmothers, women friends of men, and other females in paternal families. No doubt, these women in paternal families are WELL aware that custodial mothers use FALSE domestic violence allegations against fathers to maintain their custodial roles, and that hopeful custodial mothers are well aware that because of VAWA Legislation it is VERY easy to claim violence and have to stick given the rules of VAWA. NC Fathers believes that women in paternal families live each and every day alienated from their step-children, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews because of false domestic violence allegations that in rampant because of VAWA. And, if it is reauthorized in 2012 these females can expect to have Judges and Legislators continue their assault on Non-Custodial families that have been going on for decades.


NC Fathers strongly believes that VAWA Legislation will eventually undermine women who are true victims of domestic violence. Since VAWA provides for decreased definitions of abuse for one gender, while maintaining traditional definitions for another, this will lead to false allegations becoming common in the courts and start casting doubt on ALL domestic violence matters.

VAWA Reauthorization 2012 and Non-Custodial Fathers

As a Non-Custodial Father, you are already well aware that the Family Courts in the USA are biased and discriminatory against you, and that there is a system in place where the Courts, Legislators, and Special Interest groups are using federal child support to pay for Welfare and other Low Income Assistance Programs instead of seeing you have equal parentage of your children.

There is a significant push in America to move towards equally shared parenting that focuses on strengthening the relationship of children’s PARENTS instead of just focusing on children and women. There are very well entrenched groups who do NOT want to see shared parenting come to light, as it would affect the amount of child support that is collected via the government. Enter VAWA Legislation.

By making sure that it is VERY easy for men to be established as domestic batterers, it effectively prevents them from ever mounting an equal parenting relationship wit their children. But the devastation is NOT limited to Fathers. There are MILLIONS of paternal related step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, and paternal aunts that get caught in this loop as well and are equally affected by VAWA and it’s political agenda.

It is VITALLY important that Fathers and Women of Paternity continue to fight against VAWA Reauthorization in 2012 and force Legislators to develop intimate partner abuse legislation that affects ALL, instead of gender stereotyping and establishing different rules for different genders.


VAWA Reauthorization 2012 and US Legislators

It is time that US Non-Custodial Fathers and Women in these Families tell Senators and Representatives to stop playing games with intimate partner abuse via VAWA Legislation and using it for political purposes to appease special interest groups that benefit from this legislation. Please visit the SAVE Services website to learn more about this organization of WOMEN and Men who are against VAWA Reauthorization and language in this legislation. Also, be sure to contact your Legislators.

If you are a US Non-Custodial Father or a Paternal Related Female, and you are concerned that VAWA Reauthorization 2012 will affect your ability to have equal parentage and access to your children, then we ask that you EXTENSIVELY and ROUTINELY share this article with other families on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

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