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Judge Addie Harris Rawls, Judge Albert Corbett Jr – Harnett, Johnston, Lee County NC Courts

Judge Addie Harris Rawls, Judge Albert Corbett JrNC Fathers invites Judge Addie Harris Rawls and Judge Albert Corbett Jr of the Harnett, Lee, and Johnston County NC District and Family Court to speak with non-custodial fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles, other family members, and friends of these families who we believe are tired of being treated like second class visitor families who only deserve to have 5 days a month visitation with their young loved ones, and who have to pay money to a big government agency to see their children. Judge Rawls and Judge Corbett should also recognize that we believe that Harnett, Lee, and Johnston County NC non-custodial voters will be VERY MAD to learn that their child support payments are directly tied to social services funding for Low Income Assistance Programs and Welfare, and that it seems hard not to wonder if the State of NC, Judges, and Legislators need for these families to be alienated from their children so that social services can thrive. Additionally, we ask readers of this article on Judge Addie Rawls and Judge Albert Corbett Jr to read our GOALS, and join our MAILING LIST to that we can bring this message to a greater number of NC non-custodial voters. Lastly, we hope that you will extensively and routinely share this article on Judge Rawls and Judge Corbett with other families on sites like Facebook and Twitter using the buttons below this article.



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Judge Addie Harris Rawls and Judge Albert Corbett Jr - Lee, Harnett, Jognston County NC District and Family Court

Judge Addie Harris Rawls and Judge Albert Corbett

In looking at the glowing recommendation of the commenter St John in the comment section below, and given the level of entitlement and hatred of non-custodial fathers and their families, and given that this person was found to have the best interest of a child by one of these Judges, it tells us (and it should tell you) everything you need to know about these Judges and your future support of them and their political parties in future elections. It is Judges like these two that allow custodial mothers to have a feeling of complete entitlement and to make recommendations that unless you play by their rules, you should have no visitation.

NC Fathers again invites Judge Addie Rawls and Judge Albert Corbett Jr to click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to get a reminder of the extreme divisiveness that exists for Harnett, Lee, and Johnston County NC fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-moms, and paternal aunts. And, we ask that you pay special attention to our links to the Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, Section 458 as we believe this is ONE of the central reasons why the State of NC has an incentive to see you NOT have equal parentage and access to your children.

NC County Court

Is Judge Addie Rawls and Judge Albert Corbett Jr protecting NC Lawyers and their lobby organizations that financially benefit from the highly divisive courts?

Is Judge Addie Rawls and Judge Albert Corbett Jr furthering their political affiliations agenda and Women’s Rights groups that have so much power at election time, and if so, what about the thousands of step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, paternal aunts, and now adult children of men who vote Judges?

Again, if you are tired of the major historical bias and discrimination in the Harnett, Lee, and Johnston County NC Family Courts, and you are a non-custodial family member that is tired of seeing lawyers get rich, social services funded, and custodial parents receive excessive state and federal assistance to make ends meet while you receive nothing, then we invite you again to share this article on Judge Addie Rawls and Judge Albert Corbett Jr on Facebook and Twitter, and join our MAILING LIST.

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  1. This morning has been a time of prayer for our judges, like Judge Addie Rawls and others who are standing up for the rights of fathers and against this broken system.

    But first, my prayer today is to ask my Heavenly Father to forgive our judges for any un-forgiveness, for all of his/her sins, iniquities, trespasses, transgressions, sins of commission, sins of omission and any unknown sins according to Psalms 19:12.

    Then I pray according to the Word in Matthew 16:19, that we have been given the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and whatever we bind and loose on earth shall be bound and loosed in heaven. So I ask God to loose His angels in great abundance into our judges presence, the presence of their courtrooms, into their rooms, their chambers, halls, restrooms, and work areas.

    So as you go forth seeking justice for areas of wrong I prayer for you fathers as well as our families.

    God Bless


    Comment by Francine | July 18, 2012 | Reply

  2. You are extremely wrong about Judge Andy Corbett and Judge Addie Rawls. When it comes to finding judges who will ensure children are placed in the best possible homes and ones where they will thrive and their best interests are met with the parent who can better care for their needs.

    Money doesn’t impress these two judges – parents who spend quality time with their children, are involved with their education including helping them with homework and keeping an open line of communication with teachers in school from kindergarten through the child’s senior year of high school and beyond does!

    Contrary to your beliefs, Judge Corbett and Judge Rawls will not uproot a child who is already in a stable environment with a stable parent who has taken excellent care of the child or children; however, if the non-custodial parent is a viable part of the child’s life and will allow the children or children to thrive even more, both will and often do allow more time with the non-custodial parent and are known to award joint custody with the children spending their school weeks with one parent but providing a more liberal contact such as spending time with the child for a few hours one to two times after school but well before bedtime so the time schedule and homework time are not upset during the week.

    I don’t believe anyone will find two judges who are more qualified and experienced in working out the best interests of the child while at the same time ensuring stability but also quality time with both parents if both parents meet the best interests of the child; however, this is where it is up to the parents – both parents, to set aside any animosity and act like adults and even more so like parents!


    Comment by S St. John | May 18, 2013 | Reply

    • Thank you for commenting on our article regarding Judge Andy Corbett Jr and Judge Addie Rawls. You could not be more wrong in your assertion that we are “wrong” about these two Judges because if you re-read the article we make no claims about them. The entire article is simply educational for non-custodial families in Harnett, Johnston, and Lee counties. Nothing about this article suggest that either Judge is responsible for the problems outlined in the article.

      We appreciate when readers come to our site and tell us when Judges are doing a good job, and have the best interest of children at hand. And if you say that both Judges consider equal parenting and access a majority of the time, then we will have to trust you. The problem however is that if either of these Judges believe in that so strongly as you claim, why are they not lobbying via the Bar Association to make shared parenting a reality. We agree there are Judges in NC who believe in equally shared parenting, the problem is that a large majority do not and are just fine with taking good parents and their extended families and pushing them to the farthest margins of their kids lives, stereotyping them as mere visitors and payment providers when overwhelming evidence shows that kids do best with both parents and their extended families versus federal and state enforcement of one parent.

      Additionally, we believe that the one parent wins, other parent loses system of our family court encourages conflict. In every custody battle, one parent NEEDS the other one to be horrible and this begins the process of both parents making that happen in order to win custody and control. This increases domestic violence, family conflict, and ultimately leads to severe anxiety and depression in children.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | May 18, 2013 | Reply

  3. I guess I should thank the Goddesses, mother of all, for making judges like Judge Corbett and Judge Rawls because it takes the heart of The Goddesses to know the hearts of all children and to help place them with the safer parent who can provide love, most stability, and has more than enough stamina required when it becomes necessary to stay up all night and all day if it takes it to calm a child who is colicky or has a cold when far too many men, who act like spoiled brats, take the easy way out by calling their Mommies if their wife isn’t home due to work or it’s their visitation day/weekend and they’re sick of hearing a crying kid even though many mothers do whatever it takes to calm a crying child by first going through the likely issues: hunger, diaper-changing, burping, or colic and/or cold!

    May the Goddesses watch over these judges each day as they choose where the safest and most loving and caring home life and with which parent to spend their life with to ensure they grow up happy, healthy, and caring adults who do not expect everything to be handed them to them on a silver platter as they learned the true meaning of hard work from the parent who raised them and taught them that it isn’t pleasant but it is worth it all when it goes toward ensuring there are enough monetary funds in the bank to ensure a roof over their heads, utilities paid, groceries that are healthy (preferably vegetarian in nature as it’s never hurt us; it actually help us a great deal), and to cover any and all school clothes, supplies, and funds for a hot lunch at school where they can study and learn well enough with the help of that parent and the explanation as the child grows on the importance of attending college to obtain an undergraduate degree as well as a graduate degree and even a doctorate if that is their desire as nobody can have enough education nor can anyone take that education from them.

    May she also watch over the parent & child to keep them safe and happy while strengthening the bond between parent and child so the two can talk about any subject without fear of anger, outburst, or starting a verbal fight as some parents will do yet when the Goddesses are present, that awful behavior becomes a rarity if it happens at all…

    I am not saying that all men shouldn’t have custody of the children they helped create but there are a larger number that don’t need custody and only use the threat of it to use the child as a pawn in order to hurt the mother and that is outright wrong! Those kind of men don’t deserve to be able to create a child let alone gain custody of one! And, if they don’t plan on taking care of that child without having their Mommy do it for them – they don’t deserve visitation either!


    Comment by S St. John | July 15, 2013 | Reply

    • St John, than you for your glowing recommendation of Judge Albert Corbett Jr and Judge Addie Harris Rawls. Normally, we don’t allow trash like your comment on our site, but we decided to this time because I believe your comment will infuriate non-custodial families in the county, send them to our organization, and we can use your comment to show Legislators that it is people like you who are actually doing children a lot of damage with your entitlement theories.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | July 18, 2013 | Reply

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