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Judge Owen Henry Willis Jr, Judge Jimmy Love Jr – Harnett, Johnston, Lee County NC Court

Judge Owen Henry Willis Jr, Judge Jimmy Love JrNC Fathers is asking non-custodial fathers, step-moms, paternal grandmothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and other family members to tell us if Judge Jimmy Love Jr and Judge Owen Henry Willis Jr of the Harnett, Lee, and Johnston County NC Family and District Courts respected your equal parentage and access to your children, or made the same historic decisions in your case that focuses on big government enforcement and pitting two parents against each other so that Lawyers can collect big retainers twice a year for 18 years. NC Fathers wants to remind Judge Jimmy Love Jr and Judge Owen Henry Willis Jr that if parents weren’t spending $5000-$10,000 per year EACH for 18 years, this money would go towards children or to pay off NC’s total child support arrears amount. While on the subject of child support, NC Fathers would like for Judge Love and Judge Willis to explain the relationship between child support and funding for Welfare and Low Income Assistance Programs, and we would like to hear to here if either Judge thinks that Harnett, Lee, and Johnston County NC non-custodial families will be ANGRY knowing that their court ordered alienation from their children is helping these social services recipients having an easier time raising their kids? Want to know more? Please review our GOAL, and join our MAILING LIST, after extensively sharing this article on Judge Jimmy Love Jr and Judge Owen Henry Willis Jr with other NC non-custodial families on sites like Twitter and Facebook for maximum exposure.



How will she get a domestic violence attorney in Johnston County NC?


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Judge Jimmy Love Jr, Judge Owen Henry Willis Jr - Harnett, Lee, Johnston County NC District and Family Court

Want an exhaustive list of issues that we feel Family Court Judges in NC force non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and other family members to live under while others benefit? Please click the RED and BLUE graphic below and please remember these issues at the next election of Judge Love and Judge Willis, or their political party affiliations. Most importantly, NC Fathers is asking Judge Jimmy Love Jr and Judge Owen Henry Willis Jr WHY county non-custodial families and voters are living under a system that uses them to pay for state funding? Is there any relation to this and low visitation awards and Judges allowing custodial mothers to move hundreds of miles away with our children so that child support increases, and thus funding?

NC County Court

Are Judge Owen Henry Willis Jr and Judge Jimmy Love Jr protecting the women’s lobby that has has so much effect on elections? If so, what about women in paternal families? Why are these women thrown under the bus Judges?

Tired of being a marginalized visitor family who only needs 5 days a month to be equal parents (and extended family), and who pays money to a big government agency to see your kids, and funding social services? Please extensively share this article on Judge Jimmy Love Jr and Judge Owen Henry Willis Jr of the Harnett, Lee, and Johnston County NC Family Courts and join our MAILING LIST.

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  1. Long story short, I had joint legal and physical custody of my son. He was born in 2005. I raised him with my mother and his mother did not do anything for him. In 2010 i used my mother address so he could go to Clayton school district because that’s were we was staying. I raised my son with my mother. My son mother didn’t do anything for him. She actually did not even want him and try to abort him before he was born. I left for basic training in aug of 2010. My son mother got jealous and literally stole him away. Legally by law she could do this because she was his mother. My son ended up failing kindergarten because of her. My mother and i worked with my son over the summer and they retested him so he was able to go to first grade. I fought back knowing with her instability and me serving my country, showing that he was tardy a number of days and failed kindergarten that I would get sole custody. However i found out that my lawyer was battling a personal life case that i was not aware of and that the Johnston county courts were so bias. Iam stationed at bragg and still fighting. Now my son goes to cleveland and he failed first grade. His mother has moved again. I got a called from the school and they can’t even verify her address for reassignment. She was arrested in 2011 feb for FTA MISD-DWLR. Also this year of April for the same thing. During my trail session in Aug of 2011 Mr. Willis was falling asleep. He was also aware of ome of this information plus more in the court session but I could tell by is attitude it was like he didn’t even care. Im so frustrated because my son is suffering. My lawyer is not living up to her expectations and the justice system has failed my son. The service members of the school tries to help but I know by law their hands are kind of tied. I need help and fast before my son restarts school.


    Comment by jonathan | May 25, 2012 | Reply

  2. Judge Jimmy Love Jr. did not even want to hear anything after my ex had my children speak with him and counsel. She controlled everything they did down to what they wore for that moment. From there on I lost a huge chunk of precious time I had with my children and on top of that the accusations that were made were proven to be lies. This has only served to weaken our relationship in the way the order is now written. I don’t see how a court system designed to serve the people, seeking out the best interests of the children can determine less time a father spends in his child’s life is better. I do everything for my children and never miss a thing. There are so many fathers out there that could care less, but you have one that has demonstrated that he wants to be a part of their lives every day and he is told that less time is better. I have been investigated by CPS multiple time on false accusations, and every time I am found to be a sane, good, and loving father. I have lost all belief in our court systems and feel that it is not the integrity of the person, but finding someone to believe your lies. These Judges and Lawyers all had fathers, and I am sure they know how important a father is in their lives. When did they loose sight of this? Why are they so biased against a fathers love for his children?
    Now I am preparing again, as their mother wants to leave the state with them and again sever even more time with my children. Who will be the Judge? Likely Judge Jimmy Love Jr. again. I ask that he see the alienation that is happening and consider what is right in this matter. The lives of my children and the adults they grow into. Cutting me out of their lives serves no good and only creates more issues rather than mends problems. Judge Jimmy Loves Jr., I pray your father loved you even close to how much I love my children. I pray that you seek the truth and do right not for me or my ex, but my children.


    Comment by A Heart Broken Father | May 21, 2016 | Reply

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