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Judge Brenda Branch – Halifax County NC District Court

Judge Brenda BranchAs a non-custodial paternal grandmother, step-mother, father, paternal aunt and uncle, or some other family member, do you feel that Judge Brenda Branch of the Halifax County NC District Court respected your equal parentage and access to your children, or did they go down the historic path of marginalizing you to a visitor role, who only should have 5 days visitation with your kids, and focused on big government enforcement of one parent while strengthening the custodial parent? Did you know that the State of NC, Lawyers, and Special Interest groups benefit financially from you being alienated from your children, and that your Child Support Efforts are needed to fund Welfare and other Social Services Low Income Assistance Programs? NC Fathers invites Judge Brenda Branch and Halifax County NC non-custodial FAMILY MEMBERS to review our GOALS and join our MAILING LIST so that we can build an equally powerful special interest group that sends the message through voting that children gain more natural resources from having equal parents and extended families than any government financial assistance program will ever deliver.




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Judge Brenda Branch - Halifax County NC District and Family Court

By clicking on the RED and BLUE graphic below, do you as a Halifax County NC father, step-mother, or paternal aunt understand the severe divisiveness Judge Brenda Branch forces you to live under daily?

Halifax NC County Court

Judge Branch, you are well aware that Judges allow custodial mothers to move hundreds of miles away from non-custodial families daily, and that you reward minimal visitation awards. Are you sure there isn’t a court ordered absent father problem instead of just a absent father problem?

Judge Branch, why do custodial mother get extensive federal and state educational, medical, dental, housing and tax credits to make financial ends meet but you put fathers in jail when they can’t make the same ends meet?

Is Judge Brenda Branch protecting Women’s Groups? If so, who is going to pull women in paternal families out from under the bus Judge?

Please be sure to extensively and routinely share this article onJudge Brenda Branch of the Halifax County NC Courts with other Halifax County NC non-custodial families so that they too can learn why they do not have equal parentage and access to their children. Remember to join our MAILING LIST.

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Please Ask <a href="">Judge Brenda Branch</a> to bring Equal Shared Parenting to Halifax County NC children.

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