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Judge J Henry Banks, Judge Randolph Baskerville – Warren and Vance County NC Court

Judge J Henry Banks, Judge Randolph BaskervilleNC Fathers is asking Vance and Warren County NC non-custodial paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and fathers to contact us if you were a litigant in the court of Judge J Henry Banks or Judge Randolph Baskerville of the Vance and Warren County NC District and Family Courts. NC Fathers is an organization of Warren and Vance County NC non-custodial families who have had enough of being treated like marginalized visitor families, who only get minimal visitation per month, and who are tired of being told by the NC Family Courts that your worth is decided paying child support. Please review our GOAL, join our MAILING LIST, and recognize your importance as a HUGE GROUP OF VOTERS in county and state elections. Furthermore, we are asking Judge J Henry Banks and Judge Randolph Baskerville to explain to these custodial families why their child support payments are helping to provide State funds for Welfare and Low Income Assistance Programs at social services. Judges, is there a relation to low visitation awards, denial of custody, and allowing custodial mothers to move hundreds of miles away from non-custodial families so that child support and subsequent funding for vital state services can flow at a greater amount? NC Fathers would love to hear their thoughts on whether child support enforcement provides more resources and opportunities for children than children who have equal access to both parents and extended family members? And, we would like for Judge J Henry Banks and Judge Randolph Baskerville to tell non-custodial families where their political affiliations stand on this social services funding?



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Judge J Henry Banks, Judge Randolph Baskerville - Warren and Vance County NC District and Family Court

Vance and Warren County NC non-custodial families should click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to review our data on how their alienation from their children compared to custodial families is helping to generate money for social services. NC Fathers contends that both Judge J Henry Banks and Judge Randolph Baskerville should be embarrassed to know that their courts are separating kids from their paternal grandmothers, aunts, step-moms, and fathers so that Welfare recipients have an easier time raising theirs.

NC County Court

While on the extreme division in the Vance and Warren County NC Family Courts, NC Fathers would like for Judge Banks and Judge Baskerville to explain why when non-custodial fathers get into financial trouble they go to jail, but when custodial mothers get into financial trouble they get state assistance in the form of housing assistance, financial assistance, medical/dental assistance, educational assistance, and tax credits. Again, Judge Banks and Judge Baskerville should be ashamed that their system is strengthening ONE parent at the expense of the other parent (and the women in his family).

Is Judge J Henry Banks and Judge Randolph Baskerville looking out for the financial welfare of Vance and Warren County NC Lawyers?

NON-Custodial family member? Please share this article on Judge J Henry Banks and Judge Randolph Baskerville of the Warren County NC and Vance County NC Family Courts with other families on sites like Facebook and Twitter to help gain maximum exposure. And, join our MAILING LIST.

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  1. This is very long but I’d like to get my story out there as a mother suffering from bad courts.

    I found out the hard way my children have been abused for the past few years by my ex-husbands step mother and father who were there after school care givers!!! Over the past few years I have come to rely on (we shall list them as the bad people) to watch my children so I could maintain my job during the recession. My finance and I have spent 4k and gaining on an attorney since February fighting off the people who have ABUSED my children and another 1k this week. Now there is another court hearing on the 8th with the same exact paper work filed that was already dismissed for custody on June 14th. . The original documents were dismissed based on well in short terms the law being twisted. These people that abused my three daughters are trying to get custody of them through continuing to twist the NC Law for custody and falsifying documentations. Its’ insane the court allows these children to be put through this emotionally harming shenanigans.

    I will try and summarize this best I can but there are so many details it’s hard to leave them out. My ex-husband’s step mother was my three daughter’s after school care giver for the past few years when I first moved to NC. They offered to care for my children because she did not have any of her own children so she offered for free. Me and my ex-husband divorced in 2007 due to his substance abuse and physical harm to me, I put in effect a domestic violence order in 2006 and received sole custody of the one child we shared. My ex-husbands family swore to me they would help me protect my daughters and keep them hidden and safe from further harm from their son, since they knew their son was an aggressive risk to me and my 3 daughters. I used safe space to escape him and kept my address as his parents address for years so he could not find my true home. Now that was truly with good cause when you pull a criminal record on him he has other reports of domestic violent, assault, resisting arrest, dui’s ect. since then.
    That is the basis of where the story begins since 2006 I have used the lets call them bad people dependably to help maintain the protection of my daughters and allow me to work. I kept my daughters in the schools that were closest to my job just in case I had to get to them in an emergency. Since the end of 2006 Me and my now fiance have been together raising 5 children happily while Bad People continued to babysit my daughters for me so I could work and not lose my job during the recession. So over the last 7 years the bad people have helped me by volunteering their time to help with regular Dr. appointments and school functions, field trips, ect.. as “ex=grandparents would to keep contact with family” while I the mother worked full time and maintained a house hold of 7 with my now fiance.
    That’s the basic picture of the beginning; my daughters did not live with Bad People they stayed sum nights a week more starting around 2012ish and during the summer maybe 4 in a row so they could sleep in but I would see them every day they and if they stayed on a school night I picked them up every single morning and drove them to school and then after work if they were staying I would stop by pick up bred or milk and kiss my kids good night. My daughters would tell me they wanted to spend the night when I would go pick them up after work. It became a habit for my ex-husbands step mother to be involved in extra school activates volunteering for girl scouts and such because I lived 50 minutes from her house it was impossible for me to travel from work and feed the rest of the family dinner do homework and then travel back 50 minutes for a late evening event so she would volunteer her time to help out.

    Now from about October 2012 we started to notice the way Bad People would talk to the Girls they were just out right rude to them or wanted to punish them “make threats of spankings” for silly things like not cleaning the stove good enough. At one point Mr. bad said to my oldest daughter in front of me “what are you going to tramp school’? I snapped at him and said to never talk to her like that on another occasion Mrs. Bad told my oldest daughter she looked like a slut because her bra strap was showing I also snapped at her and said not to talk to her that way she became defensive said she did look like one and she was sick of the way she dresses. At the time it did not occur to me how bad it was and what was going on because I had trusted these two people with my daughters for so long. Around September my health had started to decline a little and by December I had to have surgery during this time in order for me to keep my job and go to physical therapy and Dr. Appoints, surgery and such I relied on Bad People to watch my daughters more and more because my Dr. Appointments were 2.5 hrs away after Dec. By the end of December/January me and my fiance noticed our daughters had become grey to say the least, not happy, depressed almost, their hygiene wasn’t as good as normal their appetites were different but we just could not put our finger on it at the time. This continued on through January my health was horrible at the time I was fighting off a major infection and was going to the doctor 1 to 2 times a week. By the middle of February I had an emergency Dr. appointment I asked Mrs. Bad to take my oldest daughter to her Dr.’s appointment due to a very sore throat. Mrs. bad took my oldest daughter to the Dr. while I went to the Dr. the next day when I picked up my daughter she seemed off very sad defensive and would not tell me what had happened.

    At that point we started pulling in the rains and telling my girls who were 7,13,15 they could not stay as much and needed to come home more. “ until I could out what in the world was going on.

    Here is where the hell starts so around Feb 18th I told Bad People she could not take my daughters to girl scouts because they had to spend time with their grandfather who was in town after 2 years. The next day when I went to pick up my daughters after work they had them locked in the other room when I attempted to open the door handle during an argument it did not open at first pull and Bad People became very aggressive towards me I became afraid it was going to get heated and Mr. Bad People yelling so loudly and got up so suddenly and started to stomp towards my I feared he may hit me but he ended up walking outside. After a 45 minute heated argument over my daughters missing one day of girl scouts to visit with family I was finally able to leave with my daughters. When I got home and told my fiance what had happened he spoke with Bad People on the phone and while talking with her he heard Mr. Bad People in the back ground making threats such as “they don’t want to mess with me ect.” The very next day around noon child protect services showed up at my door ready to do a full investigation. Coincidence? From Feb 21st to March 19 the social service case was closed but during that time I cut off contact with Bad People and Bad People except for text messages. Because the day social services were at my house Bad People was on the Phone with my fiance threatening him and threatening to take the kids. After speaking with social services about everything that was going on we decided as a family to change the girls’ schools to closer to home which was already planned earlier in the year and we had already told Bad People we were going to switch them the day before social services was called. When Bad People started to become aggressive and made threats to get attorneys involved and threats to our property our children started to come clean about the emotional abuse at first they received from Bad People. Horrible name calling, verbal abuse and constant criticism to more subtle tactics, such as intimidation, manipulation and more. (we can give more details later) As soon as I started to suspect what they were telling me was real I went to safe space to place a protective order and I consulted with an attorney and also put my children in therapy sessions. While my daughters were in therapy I found out how deeply they were being abused over the last few years and how well it was hidden from us. I also found out that there was also physical abuse such as slapping in face, spanking with pants down including underwear, hit with sticks, fly swatters, paddles and much more. Kimberly Preston had told my middle daughter that she would kill me if she ever had the chance to shoot me to gain custody of them and that she knew enough people she would go into hiding. My daughter Lily was in such fear that her mother would be killed she started to have anxiety attacks when she sees a vehicle that looks like theirs.  Since this time I have done everything in my power as a mother to proactively protect my daughters from further harm and get to the root of the problem. Bad People took us to court which was delayed may times and finally the protection order I placed was dismissed based on a jurisdiction technicality because the minor children were not listed correctly and also Bad People had went to the courts for custody based on false allegations which was dismissed on June 14 which was based on a very rare law technicality the Judge had to research with law scholars to find out if it could be applied.

    Since that time she contacted the girls within a few days by text messages and we have seen her husband’s truck on our side of town. (or we think) I did not know it was dismissed until around June 27th and when I tried to contact my attorney the next day the 28th I was served with more custody paperwork scheduled for the 11th. But it was the same Exact Paper work with little changes that was already dismissed. So I went back to the courts and filed my own answer to her false claim and attempted to place a corrected protection order for my children. Which my daughters filled out on their own and included words such has beat, hit, spank, abuse to say the least my daughters let it loose.

    Through the last few months it has come out that my CHILDREN, we spanked with their pants down , Hit it the back of the head, smacked in the face, hit with a piece of wood and many other details and extreme verbal and emotional abused such as the name calling and things like “ your smile is ugly don’t smile in pictures it will ruin them” I will forget to feed the dog if you don’t stay the night”” you will never be popular because you are not pretty enough” and many other degrading things that should never be said to a child.

    On the July 11th the judge denied the ex-party order with the allegations of child abuse,( strange )he saw me and my daughters before lunch and was ready to hear our claim the second I was sword in while my hand was still in the air Mrs. Bad’s attorney chimed in while my hand was still in the air and said I was laying? He said I do this a lot? It was very odd to be that this attorney interrupted the Judge a few times and the Judge left it be. I did put a protection order on my ex-husband in 2006 to protect me and my daughters because he had a drug related break with reality and I ended up with wearing a back brace for months afterwards. Now— Although my daughters wrote their own protection orders because they live in fear every day the Judge said he wanted to read the orders during lunch, while we were leaving for lunch my mother was with me and saw the Judge get in a large SUV with my Attorney, bad peoples attorney and head to lunch  (shouldn’t that be a conflict of interests? I’m not really sure, I can’t say I can confirm it was the Judge too but it was my attorney and Mrs. bad attorney with another man who looked very similar to the Judge. When the court was back in session Mrs. Bad was there all of the sudden? Her attorney must have called her. My daughters freaked out became scared. I think her attorney had called her in, the Judge denied the ex-party order based even though this woman has physically abused my children and threatened my life and I had documentation with me from their therapist.! The Judge did not let me say one other word than “are the children currently in your custody? Yes Sir.

    Now after the judge denied the ex-party order with which is crazy even though my daughters wrote their own orders highlighting -hit -beat -slap threatened to shoot my mom ect… What kind of court system do we have in? While my daughters were tucked away in safe space in the back of the court house when I tried to leave with them Mrs. Bad and her attorney were blocking the exit out to the front of the court house so the kids freaked! — We would have had to go past them to get out. So we ran back to safe space a domestic violence woman’s protection center and asked for a deputy to escort us out safely – because the kids were terrified she would snag one of them or shoot me as soon as we got out of the court house. Then when we got a deputy and tried to go out the back door escorted she was there in the back parking lot in the middle of the road facing the door. She was originally parked in the front of the court house across the street and would have no reason to be in the back facing the back door. Not only did it scare the butterflies out of me but my children were so terrified. She finally left after I think she noticed the deputy taking note of her actions. There is so so much more to my daughters and my story it’s hard to fill in all the details this should be a huge cut though. We really need Help we are out of money and this woman is crazy telling the courts my children lived when her when they did not and in fact she has been abusing them for years. After this happened I called the DA’s office and was told by the person who answered the phone because I had no pictures or solid proof of my children’s abuse other than their words and their therapist I should just move ? What !! we own our home. So then I contacted a detected for child abuse a few days ago and still am waiting on some type of response anything.

    there is so many more details to this story that have been left out for now we just don’t understand how two people can abuse your children and then because they have more money than you can take you to court multiple times to try and get custody based on falsifying the situation??? So when we totally go broke what happens next? Do I lose my children to a mad woman because to this date the court has not heard my side of the story? We all feel that she will not stop until she’s told to stop their abuse to my children needs to be reported so they cannot do this to other children and families.


    Comment by Kelly | August 5, 2013 | Reply

    • Kelly, thank you for commenting on our blog for Judge Henry Banks and Judge Randolph Baskerville. First things first, one of the tenets of this organizations problem with the court system is that they encourage abuse, domestic violence, and bankruptcy. Anytime you have a system where one parent will win, and another parent will lose, both parents will need the other parent to be the most horrific person in the world so they can be viewed as the better parent.

      We hear stories like this daily, even from Fathers and it just seems to us the minute parents quit trying to excoriate the other parent in order to win a custody battle, put differences aside, and work for the betterment of the child, then kids will be much more successful and the parents can enjoy a happy life. It sounds like both of you are headed towards spending $20,000 with attorneys, 18 years of battling, and likely very sick children. The Judge will love it because the lawyers will be rich and help them at election time.

      But I have to ask this, if you could snap your fingers and make your kids be at home with you full-time, would you be rolling your eyes if the Father was making these allegations. Unfortunately, the courts only know black and white, and because Fathers are putting more pressure on Judges politically you are going to see more Fathers with custody. Our hopes were that they split everything down the middle and allow equally shared parenting, but they need a divisive system to make money.

      I’m sorry you are experiencing what you are experiencing, but where were you in advocacy when it was only Fathers experiencing this?


      Comment by stompkinsnc | August 5, 2013 | Reply

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