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The Relationship Between African American Stereotypes and Wife/Child Beating Deadbeat Fathers

Wife beating Deadbeat FathersRemember back in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and the better part of the 1990s when all you saw on TV, movies, and the news regarding African Americans was that they were drug dealing, robbing, and murdering types that wanted to live on Welfare and live in the inner cities? Anyone growing up in this era, if they did not know an African American, learned that all African Americans were this way as a result. And believe me, there was an agenda behind this racism that had political and financial implications. It wasn’t until the late 1990s, and certainly now, you see more positive TV, movie, and news programming showing African Americans in a positive light which is hopefully bringing about positive change because the REALITY is that the majority of African Americans are good, honest, peaceful, and hard working people. How did this change come above? Thanks to the hard work and dedication to civil rights leaders and others, they banded together and started using their numbers to bring about change.


So what does this have to do with Wife and Child Beating Deadbeat Fathers?

As if written from the same book, the very same script is being played out against all divorced (and soon to be divorced) fathers with children across the United States. In the news, all you hear about is male on female domestic violence, how a man killed his wife, beat his children, and refuses to support his children. And you can believe there are special interest groups, political, and financial powers that are driving this programming much like the same powers did with African Americans. NC Fathers believes that until fathers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles, paternal grandparents, other family members, and friends of these families unite around a organization that demands changes, you will continue to be dovetailed into the same historical mantra that fathers should be marginalized into a visitor role with their children, who only needs five days a month visitation with his children, and who should be forced to pay the lions share of needs for children from a distance. Furthermore, we want to remind WOMEN in paternal families that you are equally affected by this culture simply because you happen to be related to a father.

Special Interest Groups, Politics, and Financial Actors Who Benefit from Wife/Child Beating Deadbeat Fathers

In the same vein as African Americans faced in the beforementioned era, there were groups who NEEDED and WANTED people to think that African Americans were bad people, and these groups benefited politically and financially from this misinformation. And, NC Fathers believes that the same unfortunate tactics are at work in regards to American Fathers who are divorced, or who are divorcing.

So who are these groups?

The National Lawyers Association and State Bar Organizations

Lawyers Unions and Organizations are probably the most well organized, financially funded political powerhouses that have an enormous financial incentive when two parents bitterly fight for 18 years. These organizations are VERY HARD at work against equally shared parenting in the United States because they make serious money from retainer fees parents gladly pay over, over, and over for 18 years. Unfortunately, someone has to lose for there to be ongoing fighting. As a non-custodial father, you have probably figured out that means you.

Domestic Violence Coalitions and Federal Child Support Enforcement Lobbyist (Social Services)

NC Fathers admits that Domestic Violence is a massive problem in the United States and North Carolina, and that the solution to solving it should be gender neutral and not tied to politics. Now I am sure many of you reading this article just raised their eyes when we said that it should be gender neutral because we all know that ONLY men hit women. Unfortunately, that is misinformation that you only hear about on TV, movies, and the news. Men hitting women usually leaves visible marks and this makes for great media coverage, ratings, and political soapboxes. But it also drives something way more important, MASSIVE FEDERAL FUNDING that ends up in the hands of politicians, special interest groups, infrastructure and jobs related to the Domestic Violence Industry. In essence, the Domestic Violence Industry NEEDS for men to be hitting women so that they can generate statistics that say “LOOK! We need more money to save jobs and keep our programs running” or for Politicians (Judges) who want money for appearing to be hard on Domestic Violence.

The accurate information about Domestic Violence is that violence in domestic partnerships is more about control and not physical marks. And, the latest federal statistics NOW THAT female on male violence is being reported accurately and more men are actually talking about it and reporting it, is that women hit and use threats to control just as much as men. And, of all ER visits relating to Domestic Violence as of 2012, 34% of those victims are men. But you will never hear these figures or facts in the mainstream media because of the organizations and people benefiting from male on female violence.

Like Domestic Violence, and all big government programs, the Federal Child Support Enforcement Agencies across the United States needs for there to be a massive out of control population of men who simply REFUSE to support their kids while taking lavish vacations with their 22 year old new brides so they can justify increased federal funding for infrastructure, jobs, political ventures, and Welfare Programs at Social Services. I bet if we took a poll, most people would say that child support enforcement is simply a program that takes money from non-custodial fathers that REFUSE to pay child support and gives it to custodial mothers so they can support their children. Again, misinformation widely reported by the media. The reality is, 90% of non-custodial fathers are herded into this massive big government agency regardless if they have a history of non-payment or NOT. Why? FEDERAL FUNDING!

According to legislation known as the Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, and specifically Section 458 entitled “Incentive Payments to States”, the federal government gives back ALL US States ONE DOLLAR for every ONE DOLLAR they collect in Child Support. While there is no oversight and reporting on how this money can be used, it is usually used to replenish Welfare and Low Income Assistance programs that are being depleted at an ever growing pace. So big deal right?!?! Wrong! The problem here is INCENTIVE breeds GREED and GREED is usually dependent on MONEY. If more child support is collected, then more federal money comes walking in the doors right? So how do we get more child support? By US Fathers having LESS visitation with their children, and certainly NOT equal parentage. Could this be the reason that despite everyone talking about a massive absent father programs, Judges routinely are the biggest creator of absent fathers? Is this why social services is notoriously hard on non-custodial families, while working over and over to give custodial mothers services? We think so.

So what if we could get everyone on earth to think that ALL divorced fathers are drug dealing, robbing, thugs who… I mean wife and child beating deadbeat fathers?

The Domestic Violence and Child Support Enforcement Agencies Marry

As more and more states are starting to talk about equally shared parenting, there are groups that are scared to death of this because it will skew politics and federal funding. As reported by the two big national fathers organizations, the American Coalition of Fathers and Children and Fathers and Families, the Domestic Violence Industry is finalizing their marriage arrangements with the Child Support Enforcement groups. Again, who cares? Well if you are a divorced father, or FEMALE in the non-custodial family, you should because there is a huge push to attach legislation that says if a parent (we all know they means dads because women don’t commit domestic violence) has a history of domestic violence, shared parenting is out the door in states that currently have shared parenting defined (or states that are about to).

In short, there is about to be a massive explosion of African American males who are going to enter the suburbs and kill all… I mean dads who are going to see false allegations of domestic violence leveled against them as tactical weapons in divorce and child custody matters. And this sits just fine with lobbyists in the Domestic Violence and Child Support Groups because Domestic Violence statistics will rise generating more money, fathers will pay increased child support because they are deemed too violent to be around their kids, generating even more federal money for Welfare programs that States desperately need.

The National Organization For Women and Other Womens’ Rights Groups

This is an easy one and we are going to oversimplify this for you. NOW looks out for women, and custodial moms who want control over their kids, and who want to continue receiving social services entitlement programs certainly don’t want equally shared parenting. These womens’ rights groups certainly do NOT care what men think, but they sure do care what women think, and it is time they hear from non-custodial step-mothers, paternal aunts, and paternal grandmothers because you are just as effectively alienated from your children when fathers are.

NC African American Deadbeat Fathers

NC County Court

NC Judges and Politicians

NC Judges and Politicians have done a GREAT job of framing child support from the perspective that you can only be a good father if you are paying child support for your kids, and have gone to great lengths to stigmatize fathers that resist. Our organization believe that a Fathers child support should be framed from his equal parentage and access to his children and not payment to a big government federal program that is dependent on non-custodial families. Many NC Judges and Politicians hand their hat on being tough on child support and domestic violence programs because it is a hot button social issue that wins elections and they simply refuse to look at false allegations and how the State of NC is dependent on child support enforcement providing money for Welfare.

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