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Cleveland County Department of Social Services – Child Protective Services Abuse and Bias

Cleveland County Department of Social Services in NCAs a non-custodial father or FAMILY MEMBER, have you ever experienced bias and abuse by Child Protective Services and the Cleveland County Department of Social Services in NC? Are you concerned that DSS in Cleveland County NC has 100% legislative immunity and has too much power to harm families when under-educated staff with a simple four year degree makes mistakes? Did you know that the Cleveland County Department of Social Services has an incentive to collect as much child support as possible, so that it can get greater federal money and we believe that many policies and procedures at DSS direct staff to deal VERY HARSHLY with non-custodial families, while working lightly with custodial mothers who generally get services? NC Fathers is an organization of Cleveland County NC non-custodial fathers, step-moms, paternal grandmothers and other family members who simply believe that NC Department of Social Services Agencies and Family Courts are out of control, 100% biased, and abusive to non-custodial families so that others can benefit financially. We ask that you please join our FACEBOOK PAGE and MAILING LIST where you can interact with other families across NC who have similar stories such as the one you may be dealing with, and help us reach our GOAL of building a massive database of non-custodial family voters who can hold Judges, Legislators, and Social Services Agencies accountable.

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As we proceed with this article on Social Services and Family Courts, we are going to point out many groups who benefit financially from the great division in the Courts and how NC DSS agencies use the Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, Section 458 to replenish Welfare and Low Income Assistance Programs within DSS. In short, for every dollar DSS collects in child support, they get $1 from the government to then be used to replenish programs like TANF, Food Stamps, and other programs. NC Fathers believes that the State of NC has an incentive for you to NOT have equal parentage and access to your children so that you are paying increased child support which triggers greater federal money for their programs.

Cleveland County Department of Social Services Abuse and Bias

DSS in Cleveland County

Cleveland County Department of Social Services and Child Protective Services Abuse

NC Fathers gets contacted daily from individuals in NC about how Department of Social Services agencies, and specifically child protective services, make monumental mistakes that have dire consequences for children and families across NC. And, no doubt it is happening in Cleveland County NC. If you are a father, step-mothers, paternal aunt or uncle, or grandmother who has been marginalized by the family courts as a visitor family, and you have discovered abuse by child protective services, then we want to hear from you. Again, it is worth pointing out this again. Many staff working at the Cleveland County Department of Social Services have only four year degrees, and they have absolute immunity from prosecution and lawsuits brought by families when they introduce bias and abuse within non-custodial families. It is time that Cleveland County NC Legislators stop this, and we are asking for your help.

Another area that we have not touched on, is that of Domestic Violence in Cleveland County NC. Domestic Violence is at epidemic levels, but it is not just MALE on FEMALE violence. In fact, the latest FEDERAL statistics that are NOW counting FEMALE on MALE violence, it is shown that women initiate combat with MEN just as routinely as men, and that of ALL US ER visits last year related to Domestic Violence, 34% were men. However, the NC Domestic Violence Coalition wants to ignore these figures, as they do not want to spend their federal money on developing programs for male victims. And, the lobby groups that push Domestic Violence legislation is mostly all women who want to keep their constituents happy. The problem here is that Domestic Violence has become an industry where programs, jobs, facilities, shelters, and other infrastructure needs to remain in place, and paid for by federal dollars. Therefore, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE needs to continue being an issue so that federal money keeps pouring in. How do they keep this federal money flowing into Social Services programs in Cleveland County NC? Again, by demonizing non-custodial fathers that are accused of Domestic Violence by hopeful custodial mothers that use this issue as tactical advantage in the Family Courts. The Cleveland County Department of Social Services in NC gets a lot of money when Domestic Violence stats remain high, and you are a target.

Another issue that we are seeing lately, is that Social Services Agencies in NC have no use for equally shared parenting laws being adopted by the NC Legislature. But, it is coming and they know that. When this happens, and more and more fathers get greater access and time with their kids, that federal money is going to drop. We believe that lobbyist at Social Services are going to add to this legislation that any FATHER convicted of Domestic Violence or currently accused of Domestic Violence, is not an option for shared parenting. This will signal to NC Lawyers, Judges, and Social Services agencies to educate custodial mothers that if they will just say “IM SCARED”, she can get a restraining order that will prevent the non-custodial father from getting shared parenting. Cleveland County NC DSS is going to protect their money.

Again, please join our FACEBOOK PAGE and MAILING LIST where you can extensively share this article on the Cleveland County Department of Social Services in NC showing how our organization believes that Child Protective Services is used very abusively to non-custodial families to protect their federal money. Will you help us stop this so that you can enjoy equal parentage and access to your children?

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