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Rep John Blust – Republican in Guilford County NC and Non-Custodial Families

Representative John BlustRepublican Representative John Blust of Guilford County NC is the chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee A (as of 2012) which could be tasked with defining EQUALLY SHARED PARENTING for NC Children and bring relief to non-custodial voting fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and other families who 85% of the time in North Carolina reduced to marginalized visitor families who only get 5 days a month with their loved ones, and who must pay a big government agency money to show their support. NC Fathers is sending Rep John Blust and Guilford County NC non-custodial families what the best way for non-custodial families in NC to support their children is when they have equal parentage and access to their children. The federal child support enforcement program does nothing emotionally, physically, spiritually, or financially for NC children that ALL extended family members and parents can do ten times better. Additionally, we are asking Republican Rep Blust of Guilford County NC to explain why in North Carolina we have “NO PRESUMPTION” for who gets custody in Family Courts matters, but the Administrative Offices of the Courts tells us that 85% of women get custody, and of the 15% that lose custody, 7% will regain custody in the near future once services are given to correct problems. Representative Blust should easily recognize that 85%-92% sure as hell sounds like presumption to us. NC Fathers is an organization not only in Guilford County NC, but across North Carolina who believes that when non-custodial parents and their ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY joins around an organization and starts holding Judges and Legislators accountable at election time, then they will make the necessary reforms within Social Services, the Family Courts, and with Lawyers who gain incredible wealth when two parents fight for 18 years and go bankrupt giving retainers to lawyers. It is also important to note that Representative John Blust is an attorney. Please consider joining our FACEBOOK PAGE and MAILING LIST so that we can keep you up-to-date on future legislation in North Carolina that fixes the historically bias and abusive NC Family Courts.

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Republican Rep John Blust - Guilford County NC

NC Fathers believes that since Rep John Blust is an attorney, he is well aware of the problems associated with the NC and Guilford County NC Family Courts. However, along with Guilford County NC voting non-custodial FAMILIES from all racial backgrounds, we ask that you click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to discover some issues you did not know about, and why we think they are happening. Please pay SPECIAL attention to the links pointing to the Social Security Act Title IV-D program that is funding Welfare and other Low Income Assistance Programs FROM non-custodial families paying greater child support. Are you going to send Rep Blust your DISMAY that his subcommittee is furthering non-custodial families inability to get equal parentage and access to their children so that Welfare Recipients have greater social services resources to raise theirs?

Guilford County NC

Republican Representative John Blust Needs To Address Problems With The Biased Courts, Child Support Enforcement Programs, and Domestic Violence Initiatives That Are Designed To Keep Guilford County NC Non-Custodial Families Marginalized

NC Fathers is sending Rep John Blust that NC and Guilford County NC voters are not stupid, we know that many Judges in North Carolina are biased along political lines and do not follow guidelines that is in the best interest of the children. In fact, we believe politics, special interest groups, and money is driving the NC Family Courts. We know there are lobbyists hard at work daily talking to Judicial and Lawyers groups, as well as politicians. Stop lying to us!

With respect to the Family Courts and Child Support Enforcement, we are asking Republican Representative John Blust to explain these issues:

  • Given that so many Politicians and other groups are talking about an “absent father” problem in North Carolina, how do you explain low visitation awards, denial of custody 85% of the time, and Judges allowing custodial mothers to move kids hundreds of miles away on a daily basis? Are Judges and Politicians not causing absent fathers?
  • Rep John Blust knows very well that custodial mothers get FREE child support attorneys who can keep men in courts for a decade when they want more money. He also knows that non-custodial fathers have to retain PRIVATE attorneys at $5000 PER INCIDENT. Do you think the honorable Representative from Guilford County NC cares that many times it is this financial division that PREVENTS fathers from mounting any significant court challenge?
  • We believe that Rep Blust is well aware that the NC Domestic Violence Coalition is NOT concerned about Domestic Violence as a whole, just MALE on FEMALE violence despite the latest statistics showing that women hit and use threats to control male partners EQUALLY, and that men account for 34% of patients in ER’s across North Carolina after a Domestic Violence incident. We also suspect the Representative knows that FALSE allegations of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse are used as tactical advantage in the Family Courts by hopeful custodial mothers, and that Judges typically allow these false allegations to proceed to conviction to appear hard of DV and appease the massive Domestic Violence lobby. Rep Blust should know that WOMEN in Paternal Family are the ones contacting us on this issue.
  • NC Fathers is asking step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, and paternal aunts to ask Republican Representative John Blust why they have to visit their husbands/sons/brothers in jail when they get into financial troubles, yet custodial mothers are quick to get expanding social services financial assistance, housing assistance, educational assistance, tax incentives, and food assistance to make ends meet?
  • Is Representative Blust at all concerned that social services in NC has 100% absolute immunity for ANY wrong, bias, and abuse they commit on Guilford County NC non-custodial families in child protective services cases, while custodial mothers are given services to correct any mistakes. Representative, is social services hard on Guilford County NC non-custodial families since they fund infrastructure, jobs, and programs at social services?

Representative John Blust and Guilford County NC Non-Custodial Family Statistics – The Road Ahead

NC Fathers is asking ALL Non-Custodial Families, including African American, Hispanic, Asian Families, and Women to realize their incredibly huge numbers across North Carolina given the Divorce Rate and at which children are bring born to unmarried parents. Surely Republican Representative John Blust recognizes that if these family members unite and use this issue to decide state and federal elections, that it will force Legislators and Judges to reform so that you can have EQUAL parentage and access to your children. Trust us, there are VERY well funded, highly entrenched, and very powerful political lobbyists hard at work daily who are working for highly divisive family courts. The only road to success is to meet them head on and make it financially and politically hard to continue with the status quo. NC Fathers already knows you are angry, despondent, and depressed over NC Legislators not allowing you to see your kids on the same level as maternal families, please GET MAD AND VOTE on this issue and join with us!

If you have a website or blog, please copy and paste the code below to your site to help bring about awareness. Also, remember to join our FACEBOOK PAGE and MAILING LIST so that you can help us build momentum on this issue and share this important article on Representative John Blust of Guilford County NC with other families.

Please Ask <a href="">Representative John Blust</a> to bring Equal Shared Parenting to Guilford County NC children.

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  1. So true!!! These are ALL of the very things that happened to me when my ex moved back from another state to NC to have our baby, postponing divorce until after, and now I don’t get but a few measly hours a month to see him and I live across the country… After multiple petitions, the court still will not grant me a DNA test, but they are happy to take my money nonetheless. And yes, attorneys cost thou$ands just to get anything done. This all occurred in Wake County, NC as well. Thank you NCFathers for fighting this mess…


    Comment by Anthony | August 14, 2012 | Reply

  2. Rep Blust is NOT, nor ever has been, from Wake County. He has always serve Guilford County. Seeing him in action over the years, he advocates for morality, even when it’s not popular in his own party.


    Comment by VoteRighteousValues | September 11, 2012 | Reply

    • VoteRighteousValues, thank you for the heads up on Representative John Blust in GUILFORD COUNTY 🙂 We have edited your changes. Our article on Re Blust was not to call his sense of morality into question, just to bring to attention the matters discussed in the article, and for non-custodial families in Guilford County NC to learn more about us.


      Comment by ncfathers | September 11, 2012 | Reply

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