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Rep N Leo Daughtry – Republican in Johnston County NC – Non-Custodial Families

Representative N Leo DaughtryIn a recent email to Republican Representative N Leo Daughtry of Johnston County NC, we asked him where he stands on Equally Shared Parenting. His response kind of bothered us since he gave a very scripted reply that basically says “My basic premise when dealing with custody matters revolves around what is best for the child.  There are cases that should incorporate joint custody while others may not.  It just depends on the case – everyone is different”. It is important to note that Representative Daughtry serves on the House Judiciary Subcommittee A, and is an attorney. Therefore, he should know better than anyone else that in NC there IS NO JOINT CUSTODY in cases that meet his definition of it being OK. In regards to “Best Interest of the Child”, we will discuss that below. NC Fathers is an organization of NC and Johnston County NC non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandparents, and paternal aunts and uncles who are routinely marginalized as second class visitor families who only need 5 days a month to help raise their young ones. And this is assuming you have money to send to a big government agency each month. NC Fathers asks that you REVIEW OUR GOALS, join our FACEBOOK PAGE, and join our MAILING LIST to help send to Republican Representative N Leo Daughtry the message that given the divorce rate, our voting numbers matter, and we are tired of the one parent receiving, while the other parenting losing system of the NC Family Courts. NC Fathers welcomes any rebuttal or insight from Representative Daughtry to our 1700 daily readers.

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Another issue that REALLY bothers us about Representative N Leo Daughtry’s email response back to us, is that he is a lawyer, and lawyers are widely known to be the only group of people who benefit from the NC Family Court System. We certainly hope the distinguished Representative is not deciding legislation while remembering his colleagues who routinely get $5000 retainers every few months for 18 years while parents fight in a notorious system where the parent who can get the most dirt on the other wins. This Representative Daughtry, IN NO WAY, is in the best interest of Johnston County NC children. Oh, but there is more…

Rep N Leo Daughtry - Johnston County NC - General Assembly

Perhaps Republican Representative N Leo Daughtry has never experienced what it is like to live as a non-custodial father, step-mother, paternal grandmother, or paternal aunt. Therefore, we are inviting him to click on the BLUE and RED graphic below to get a rather significant list NC legislation forces you to live with daily. As a voter, are you happy living like this, or would you rather have equal parentage and access to your children?

NC Republican Representative

Johnston County NC non-custodial voters need to understand the relationship between the Federal Child Support Enforcement system, Welfare, and other Low Income Assistance Programs. In short, the State of NC receives match money for every dollar they collect in child support, that can then be used for social services programs. For every father paying $400 a month into enforcement, the US Federal Govt, via the Social Security Act Title IV-D, gives back $400 to replenish Welfare Programs. Now Representative Daughtry knows that Welfare is an ever expanding program that needs more and more money to stay afloat. Therefore, there is an incentive to increase child support collection, but there is only ONE WAY to get more child support, and that is via non-custodial families having LESS time with their children so that more support is payed. How do you feel knowing that your inability to get equal parentage and access to your children is helping Welfare recipients have an easier time raising theirs? NC Fathers hopes that Johnston County NC non-custodial FAMILIES will ask Representative N Leo Daughtry if children only seeing their fathers, paternal grandmothers, and paternal aunts 5 days a month is in their best interest.

Republican Representative N Leo Daughtry, and Best Interest of Johnston County NC Children

Here are some other issues for Representative Daughtry to decipher and explain best interest.

  • When custodial mothers get into financial hardship, they get social services housing assistance, financial assistance, educational assistance, medical assistance, and tax incentives. When non-custodial fathers get into financial hardship, they go to Jail. How is Representative Daughtry going to explain that visiting your father in jail because of low income in the best interest of children?
  • Custodial Mothers get FREE child support enforcement attorneys ANY time they want to file a motion. Non-Custodial Fathers have to secure private attorneys at $5000 PER MOTION (hey it’s free, why not). Perhaps the distinguished Representative could afford this for 18 years, but I doubt FEW Johnston County NC non-custodial families could sustain this for very long and be forced to give up. How is it in the best interest to develop a system that forces fathers to give up in the best interest of children Representative Daughtry?
  • In NC, there is “NO PRESUMPTION” for which parent gets custody of a child. However, the Administrative Offices of the NC Courts tells us that 84% of Mothers get custody, and that of the 16% that lose custody, 7% will get back custody once they complete some types of services. Representative Daughtry should immediately understand that 84%-91% seems like a very high number. Is he sure there is NO PRESUMPTION (aka Bias)? Is it really accurate to say that 84% of mothers represent “best interest of children” and that 84% of non-custodial FAMILIES fall short of the mark?
  • Legislators, Judges, and other groups routinely talk about “absent fathers” and are hard at work to end this problem. Yet, hourly, in the Johnston County NC District Courts, Fathers are only given 4 days visitation a month with their children, and watch as Judges rubber stamp the OK for custodial mothers to move hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles away from non-custodial families? Is this really in the best interest of children Representative?

In reading the RED and BLUE graphic above, and the bulleted list above, how DARE Representative Daughtry say that the current system is in the best interest of children? Perhaps it’s in the best interest of certain lobbyist who’s constituents like the current system, NC Lawyers, and Social Services. But it is in NO WAY the best interest of children to use their non-custodial families to derive federal funding, seeing them in jail, only seeing them 4-5 days a month, having them hundreds of miles away, and encouraging two parents to get as much dirt on the other for 18 years in pursuit of the shiny “custodial medal”.

Republican Representative N Leo Daughtry and Johnston County NC Non-Custodial Family Statistics

Representative N Leo Daughtry should have ample statistical data available from his legislative aids. For if he did, he would know that the Divorce rate, and the rate at which non-married couples are having children is astronomical. Of that astronomical number, there is always going to be a non-custodial parent. And every non-custodial parent has an extended family who get equally stung in the current system. Additionally, non-custodial families come from ALL ethnic backgrounds, and WOMEN in paternal families are being hit by this as well. In short, Representative Daughtry represents a HUGE number of Johnston County NC non-custodial families, and helps develop legislation that is keeping you marginalized in a “have not” role with your children.

Perhaps Representative Daughtry should bring forth legislation like equally shared parenting, that STARTS OFF with equality, and have Judges REWARD parents that learn to put differences aside for their children (as opposed to encouraging fighting). Then, for those parents (yes even mothers) that buck this system, revert them back to the current system?

Do you have a website or blog? If so, copy and paste the code below to your site to help bring education and insight on this article to other NC non-custodial families. When you are ready to help us build a massive repository of voting non-custodial families across NC who want reform with social services, the family courts, and with Politicians that give scripted responses to their constituents, we ask that you join our FACEBOOK PAGE and MAILING LIST where you can extensively share this article on Republican Representative N Leo Daughtry of Johnston County NC with your Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking friends.


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  1. Representative Daughtry is the chairman of the Judiciary committee which effectively would be the committee that brought shared parenting to North Carolina. I have emailed him several times and he refuses to discuss the issue.

    This is likely directly related to him being a lawyer and realizing that his colleagues financial best interest when the family courts stay divisive and parents fight for 18 years. It is absolutely sick that this Representative finds best interest of a child when parents spend upwards of $80,000 over 18 years with his friends rather than the courts working to teach parents that the best interest lies in both parents and extended families being involved in their children’s lives.


    Comment by Kevin | January 23, 2014 | Reply

  2. It is not surprising to see a Republican looking out for the corporation that exists in the family courts.


    Comment by Angela | January 23, 2014 | Reply

  3. I second the sentiments that the Representative is simply looking out for his friends and their dependency on the excessive retainers families pay to do battle in a purposefully unequal system that ensures there will be conflict.


    Comment by Tammy | January 23, 2014 | Reply

  4. I’m a paternal grandmother who has not seen her granddaughter in three years because we do not have the money to even get to court so you can be sure I support this organization and their efforts to make changes to this system. Shame on you Representative Daughtry.


    Comment by Annie | January 23, 2014 | Reply

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