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Franklin County Department of Social Service Abuse

Franklin County Department of Social ServiceThis article on the Franklin County Department of Social Services in NC is going to expose how this agency derives massive funding on the backs of Franklin County Non-Custodial Fathers, Step-Mothers, Paternal Grandmothers, and Paternal Aunts and Uncles using Child Support Enforcement and Domestic Violence Policies. NC Fathers is an organization of non-custodial families across NC who believe that the NC Family Courts and Social Services agencies are setup to be abusive and biased in how they deal with family conflict so that greater federal dollars are received for services, jobs, and infrastructure at all NC Department of Social Services Agencies. Please review our GOALS, consider joining our MAILING LIST, and engage with other NC families on our FACEBOOK PAGE who have experienced Social Services abuse. If you have experienced Bias and Abuse at the hands of child protective services staff at the Franklin County Department of Social Service then please keep reading, and extensively share this article with other families using Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

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NC Department of Social Services

As a non-custodial family member in Franklin County, you are well aware of the bias and discrimination in the NC Family Courts, and with Social Services agencies, but you may not understand the reason behind the scenes that creates this mess. By clicking on the RED and BLUE graphic below, you will be introduced to a long laundry list of problems non-custodial face daily, and we ask that you pay special attention to the Social Security Act, Title IV-D, Section 458 legislation that we are going to talk about below, as it is a huge factor in why you do not have equal parentage and access to your children. Additionally, we believe that it is a huge factor in how Directors and Supervisors within child protective services at the Franklin County Department of Social Service develop policies and procedures that ensures you having little time spent with your children, if at all.


The Franklin County Department of Social Services, CPS, Child Support Enforcement, and Domestic Violence

Child Support and Abuse and Bias

On the front facing public side of Child Support Enforcement at Social Services, is a program that simple demands that non-custodial parents support their children. But there is a rear facing non-public side that we think few Franklin County NC non-custodial families understand. And that is the funding of Welfare, Low Income Assistance Programs, Jobs, Programs, and Infrastructure at the Franklin County Department of Social Services in NC. Under Social Security Title IV-D legislation, appropriately entitled “Incentive Payments to US States”, this legislations triggers the release of one dollar back to the State of NC social services programs every time one dollar is collected in child support. In essence, non-custodial parents are funding Welfare, Food Stamps, and TANF. Our organization has no problem with Welfare, but one set of parents should not be used to create federal money at the expense of equal parentage and access to their children. Everyone knowsd that the best way to increase child support collection is to decrease the amount of time spent with non-custodial parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. And clearly, due to this legislation, there is a clear incentive for NC Department of Social Agencies to achieve this. In short, the Franklin County Department of Social Services NEEDS “Deadbeat Dads’ to exist so that they can justify federal money for their jobs.

How do you feel knowing that your inability to get equally shared parenting of your children is helping Welfare recipients have an easier time raising their children?

Domestic Violence Policies at the Franklin County Department of Social Services Agency is another rub in the face of non-custodial fathers, but also WOMEN in paternal families. Like child support enforcement, more federal money is released to social services programs as statistics rise. In essence, NC Department of Social Services Agencies gain money when Domestic Violence occurs. But not all Domestic Violence, just MALE on FEMALE violence. In fact, the NC DV Coalition dismisses the idea that FEMALE on FEMALE violence in domestic partnerships exists, and they certainly do not see a problem with FEMALE on MALE violence, intimidation, and control despite the latest federal statistics showing that women hit at the same rate as men.

If you are reading this article as a non-custodial fathers, step-mother, or some other paternal family member, it is likely that in the Franklin County NC Family Courts Domestic Violence was alleged to have been committed by you (or son/brother/husband) that resulted in a restraining order that prevented you from seeing your young children for up to a year. And, this likely was the deciding factor in child custody arrangements. The problem here is that it is customary for hopeful custodial mothers to summarily file these allegations because it is a hot button social issue that Judges do not want to be on the wrong side of. And, it just adds another statistic for the Franklin County of Social Services to add to their roster allowing them to get greater federal dollars.

Look nothing short of throwing the moon at Domestic Violence to end this devastating issue should be undertaken. However, there needs to be a gender neutral attack on this instead of making it a politically football, and false allegations needs to be addressed as this is absolutely alienating Franklin County NC children from their paternal family for years at a time.

Franklin County Department of Social Services and Voters From Non-Custodial Families

No Director, Supervisor of Child Protective Services, or Staff member at the Franklin County Department of Social Services can argue that Franklin County non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, aunts and uncles, and other family members represent a HUGE voter block in the county. The minute that non-custodial families unite around this abusive and biased federal funding structure, we feel that Politicians, Judges, and Social Services will find other ways to secure federal funding for their programs.

It is absolutely sick that NC Department of Social Services agencies use their 100% immunity from prosecution and lawsuits to abuse non-custodial families for the sole purpose of justifying their jobs, programs, and securing federal money.

Please, join us on FACEBOOK where you will have the opportunity to extensively and routinely share this article on the Franklin County Department of Social Service with other families in your community who may be experiencing the same problems you are having.

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