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Bad Rep James Crawford – Democrat For Granville County and Vance County NC

Representative James CrawfordRepresentative James Crawford is a NC Democratic Legislator who represents thousands of non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, and paternal aunts in Vance and Granville County NC. Additionally, Representative Crawford sits on the House Judiciary Subcommittee A, which is one of the committees that would take on equally shared parenting in the State of North Carolina. NC Fathers is an organization of Vance and Granville County NC non-custodial family members who want reform in NC Family Courts with respect to how child custody matters are decided. In short, Representative James Crawford should know that non-custodial families are tired of being marginalized as visitor families, who only get 5 days a month visitation with their children, and who are deemed good parents when they pay their child support. Our organization believes the being a good parent is not set at paying child support, it is how you support your children when you have equal parentage and access to your children. If you are a non-custodial parent, grandparent, or other family member, we encourage you to review our GOALS, join our MAILING LIST, and engage with other NC non-custodial families on our FACEBOOK PAGE. Again, our goal is to build a massive organization of women in non-custodial families, be it from African-American, Hispanic, Caucasian, or other ethnic backgrounds, who want to end the divisivness of the NC Family Courts. Democrat Representative James Crawford should recognize that this segment of voters represents a lot of people given the divorce rate, and especially given the system in North Carolina where one parent HAS to be custodial, and another non-custodial. Once on our FACEBOOK PAGE, we hope you will share this important article on Representative James Craword with other families on the major social networking sites.

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Rep James Crawford of Granville and Vance County NC District

Not holding any punches, we are going to state publically that we hold Representative Crawford partially responsible for the thousands of Vance and Granville County NC fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and other family members who have to endure the problems that are highlighted by clicking the RED and BLUE graphic below. Once you are done reading, please come back to this article as we are going to touch on the main issues we would like to see the Representative change.

NC Representative

Democrat Representative James Crawford, NC Child Support Enforcement, Domestic Violence, and Vance and Granville Non-Custodial Families

From the outset, we are going to acknowledge that Representative James Crawford will immediately not want to tackle the issues we are about to discuss given the highly volatile nature of these social issues. We also expect the Representative to take the historical “Things are the way they are for the best interest of the child” which is a statement that attempts to paint detractors of these issues as bad people if they do not agree with the policies. Our organization is about to make a very clear, and very precise case where the current policies of the NC Family Courts are not acting in the best interest of children, and that the social issues outlined above stand in the way of meaningful relationships between non-custodial families and their children. Representative Crawford can put his head in the sand on these issues, but we can assure him that we are going to use a lot of search engine marketing, social media, and other mediums to reach a lot of Vance and Granville County NC voters from non-custodial families who are affected by these problems daily.

NC Child Support Enforcement

Before Democrat Representative Crawford attempts to paint us into a corner of an organization that does not want to support their children, we are going to state that we absolutely want to support our children. We want to support our children equally during the times that we have them (clearly greater than the default 5 days a month) instead of doing so via a big government federal agency.

NC Fathers is very sure that Representative James Crawford will tell you that the Federal Child Support Enforcement Program is nothing more than an agency that takes money from a non-custodial parent, and gives it to the custodial parent who cares for the child. What Representative Crawford will not tell you is that the back side of enforcement is generating money for WELFARE and other Low Income Assistance Programs at Social Services. This is clearly outlined at NC DHHS. According to the Social Security Act, Title IV-D, Section 458, there is an INCENTIVE program setup by this legislation that says for every ONE DOLLAR collected in child support, the State of NC will receive ONE DOLLAR to pay for social services programs. This means that for every non-custodial father in Vance and Granville County NC paying $900 in support, they are triggering $900 a month in federal funds for Welfare and Food Stamp recipients. Representative Crawford will also not tell you that the number of people applying for Welfare is at an all time high, and the State of NC has few funds to cover this cost.

But there is a way to cover this cost, if the State of NC can get federal money from increased child support, they just may be able to make it. What is the best way to increase child support? Exactly! By decreasing the amount of time the non-custodial parent has with their children so that they are paying increased support, thereby triggering greater federal money.

Representative Crawford should not be shocked to know that the thousands of non-custodial families who see their children infrequently and wonder why it is that the system is like this will not be happy about learning this.

Does Democrat Representative James Crawford prefer the money generation for Welfare over children receiving greater opportunities and resources equally from both parents and extended family members? It sure seems like it given that the House Judiciary refuses to even consider equally shared parenting.

How do you feel knowing that the NC Family Courts refuse to give you equal parentage and access to your children, and that the system is making sure that Welfare recipients have an easier time raising their kids?


NC Domestic Violence Policies

Before Democrat Representative Crawford attempts to paint us into a corner of an organization that wants to decrease domestic violence policies so that men can beat women, let us be very clear that we think domestic violence is a horrible problem, and nothing short of the moon should be thrown at it to eradicate this plague.

However, what you will not hear Representative James Crawford tell you about NC Domestic Violence policies is that it only focuses on MALE on FEMALE violence, and completely overlooks FEMALE on MALE violence. Or for that matter, MALE on MALE violence, or FEMALE on FEMALE violence in domestic partnerships.

Is the distinguished Representative aware that the latest federal statistics on domestic violence (now that more and more research is taking into account female aggression and violence) is that women hit men at the same rate as men hit, and they use intimidation and control at the same rate? And, that of all ER visits in 2009 related to Domestic Violence, 34% were men? Of course he is aware of these statistics, but you need to remember that the Democrat Party is the party of women. They want NOTHING to do with these statistics. They want MALE on FEMALE violence policies only so that greater federal money can be thrown to the State of NC.  The problem Democrats and Representative Crawford have is that:


Representative James Crawford and the Democrat Party are well aware that NC Judges are “rubber stamping” Domestic Violence restraining orders on men because it is politically popular to do so. The problem is many of these situations are false allegations, that hopeful custodial mothers use to alienate children from paternal FAMILIES.

Others issues we would like to see Democrat Representative James Crawford and the NC House Judiciary explain to Granville and Vance County non-custodial voters:

  • In NC there is supposedly no presumption for who gets custody of a child. But the Administrative Offices of the Courts tell us that 85% of mothers get custody, and that of the 15% who lose custody, 7% will get custody shortly after receiving counseling or other social services. 85%-92% seems like an awful big number Rep Crawford. Are you sure there is no presumption? If in 2012, 85% of African-Americans were not allowed to vote, where would the party of equality be on that?
  • Representative Crawford is surely aware of the term “Absent Fathers”. Yet, daily in the NC Courts, Judges allow custodial mothers to move children hundreds of miles away from non-custodial families. And we are only allowed 5 days visitation with our children. Are we sure the courts are not creating absent fathers, and is this to ensure federal funding as outlined earlier?
  • Representative Crawford, are you aware that in NC, the average cost of a custody battle is $15,000 PER PARENT? And that parents fight an average of three custody battles over 18 years? The grand total is $90,000. Surely this money would be better spent on Vance and Granville County NC children instead of lining the pockets of NC Lawyers?

Democrat Representative James Crawford, Vance and Granville County NC Non-Custodial Family Voters

Here is trhe good news for Vance and Granville NC Non-Custodial families, and something surely Representative Crawford understands. Given the divorce rate, rate at which parents are creating children outside wedlock, and the rate at which the NC Family Courts creates non-custodial families who leave court each day mad as hell, there are a lot of us in NC. Additionally, we come from every single ethnic group. Women in paternal families get hurt just as bad as fathers. We come from all socio-economic backgrounds. We are military families. In essence, NC non-custodial families are the single largest swing vote in North Carolina, and if united around this cause, they would be one of the largest block of voters.  If you miss your children, tired of watching the custodial parent of your child/grandchild/newphew or niece use the system to get social services funding and control things, then it is time to send NC Legislators, including Representative James Crawford, the message that it is time to stop it.

Again, please consider joining our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE, and sharing this important article on Democrat Representative James Crawford with other NC families on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

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