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Bad Wilkes County Department of Social Services And CPS

Wilkes County Department of Social ServicesIf you are reading this article on the Wilkes County Department of Social Services, it is likely that you made it here because you searched the internet for Social Services abuse, bias, corruption, or some other term related to DSS and CPS. Are you in a Non-Custodial Family? Be it a father, step-mother, paternal grandmother, or paternal aunt and you are experiencing problem with staff at the Wilkes County Department of Social Services? Let us introduce ourselves, we are an organization of non-custodial families in NC and Wilkes County who are demanding that the NC Legislature bring an end to how social services in NC works, as well as an end to the destructive family courts. Please consider reviewing OUR GOALS, join OUR MAILING LIST, and visit us on FACEBOOK so that you can learn more about how NC Department of Social Services agencies are a dangerous place for Wilkes County NC non-custodial families. After reading this article, and if you identify with it, we ask that you use the social sharing buttons at the end of this article to share this article on Wilks County DSS and Child Protective Services with other families across NC who may be experiencing the same thing you are.

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NC Department of Social Services in Wilkes

NC Fathers believes that the Wilkes County Department of Social Services and Child Protective Services staff have an incentive when they are abusive and biased towards Wilkes County non-custodial families because you are a source for a huge chunk of federal dollars that flow into the agency from NC Child Support and NC Domestic Violence initiatives. In short, ALL NC Department of Social Services agencies NEED for “Deadbeat Fathers” and Domestic Offenders to exists, so that they can continue to get federal money which justifies their jobs, programs, services, and infrastructure. By clicking on the RED and BLUE graphic below you will have the opportunity to click on links that prove this. We ask that you pay special attention to the links pointing to the Social Security Act, Title IV-D, Section 458 which is using Wilkes County NC non-custodial families child support obligations to fund Welfare and other Low Income Assistance programs for women and children.

County Social Services

Is the Wilkes County Department of Social Services More Interested In Their Federal Funding Than You Having Equal Parentage and Access To Your Children?

If you read the the data by clicking the RED and BLUE graphic above, you see links pointing to government websites showing that all NC Department of Social Services agencies in NC get one dollar for every dollar collected in child support. This means that for every non-custodial father in Wilkes County who is paying $600 a month to child support enforcement, he is triggering $600 a month from Social Security Title IV-D money which is then used to replenish TANF, Food Stamps, and Medicaid money handed out to Wilkes County recipients. In essence, via your child support obligation, you are not only keeping jobs alive at Social Services, you are helping Welfare recipients have an easier time raising their kids while you are alienated from yours. NC Fathers believes that there is NO path to custody or increased visitation for Wilkes County Fathers because the State of NC, Judges, and Politicians NEED fathers paying child support.

But what if they could get more? Did you know that staff at the Wilkes County Department of Social Services have 100% absolute legislative immunity for any mistakes, bias, or abuse they commit on anyone they investigate or serve?

Our organization believes that Social Services in Wilkes County NC knows that if they substantiate abuse or neglect on a non-custodial father, even if it’s done illegally, then that father will lose access and visitation with his child(ren) and pay increased child support which triggers more money for social services.

Child Support and Abuse and Bias

With regard to Domestic Violence, we believe that a culture of false allegations are becoming the norm as it is a perfect tactic to ensure that a hopeful custodial mother gets custody and complete control of children. And, NC Social Services staff know that if they can substantiate domestic violence, even if its a false allegation, they can add it to the statistics which will guarantee more federal funding.

Wilkes County Department of Social Services and Non-Custodial Voters

NC Fathers is asking all Wilkes County NC non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, and paternal aunts to help us build a massive lobby in NC representing non-custodial families because we believe that it is the only way to end social services abuse, and family court bias. Judges, Politicians, and Wilkes County Department of Social Services staff and directors know that given the divorce rate in NC, and the rate at which a new non-custodial family is spit out by the courts almost hourly, if these families every get together and united around the issues outlined in this article, then you will be one of the largest swing voter base in NC. Why a swing vote? Non-Custodial families come from ALL ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, and political party affiliations. Additionally, there are a LOT of women in paternal families who are on their knees tonight missing grandchildren and nieces/nephews because of bad things Social Services and Judges allow.

Again, please consider joining us on FACEBOOK, where you can extensively and routinely share this important article on the Wilkes County Department of Social Services and interact with other non-custodial families from across NC who have likely experienced the same things you are experiencing in the NC Family Courts and Social Services Agencies.

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