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Sheriff Van Duncan and Buncombe County NC Non-Custodial Family Voters

Sheriff Van DuncanThis article on Sheriff Van Duncan of the Buncombe County NC Sheriffs Department is meant to give non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, and paternal aunts and uncles some insight on how we believe NC Sheriffs are prospering financially and politically on the backs of you not being allowed to have equal parentage and access to your children. Furthermore, we are asking Buncombe County non-custodial FAMILIES to consider this article the next time that Sheriff Van Duncan comes up for election. In the vein of fairness, we are not implying that Sheriff Duncan is responsible for the policies and procedures of the NC Family Courts, or for federal legislation that results in non-custodial fathers (mostly) being incarcerated for child support and domestic violence. But we absolutely do believe that there is an industry surrounding these two social issues that Judges, Lawyers, Politicians, and Sheriffs are using to attain massive federal funding. NC Fathers welcomes any rebuttal from Sheriff Van Duncan, or a member of the Buncombe County NC Sheriffs Department, and we will even publish it so that our 1800 non-custodial family daily readers can make an informed decision at the next election.

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Sheriff Van Duncan and Buncombe County Non-Custodial Families

In case Sheriff Van Duncan is not aware of the heavy burden that the NC Family Courts and NC Lawyers ask Buncombe County NC Non-Custodial Families to live under, we invite him (or members of his department) to click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to get a reminder. NC Fathers believes that many of the fathers who are incarcerated at the Buncombe County NC Sheriffs jail are not fathers who simply REFUSE to pay child support, they are men who either didn’t realize that they had a child, have gone bankrupt in the family courts, or are a product of being low income. Sheriff Van Duncan should also remember that Buncombe County Fathers do not have the luxury of safe haven laws, abortion, or adoption when we create children that we cannot afford. If as a non-custodial family in Buncombe County NC, you are tired of visiting your son, father, husband, or brother in jail when he gets into financial trouble while you watch the custodial mother of your minor children get extensive housing, financial, educational, medical assistance, and tax incentives to make financial ends meet, then the reason (and solution) can be found below.

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Sheriff Van Duncan, Buncombe County NC Deadbeat Fathers, Child Support, and Domestic Violence

Before we go any further, the purpose of this article is NOT to sway the Buncombe County Sheriff into seeing our point of view, as we are very sure he won’t. The purpose of this article is to get Buncombe County NC non-custodial FAMILIES to start realizing your importance as a HUGE voter block in NC that can end many of the problems we are about to discuss.

Sheriff Van Duncan must know that there is an industry centered around child support enforcement, domestic violence, the NC Family Courts, and the ostracizing of non-custodial families in Buncombe County NC. If not, now is his chance to learn.

As non-custodial families in NC, you are very aware that during your brief visit to the Buncombe County NC Family Courts, you likely were denied equal parentage and access to your children (probably given 4-5 nights a month visitation) after spending around $15,000 with an attorney who promised you the world. While in court, you did not hear much about your worth as a child’s father, grandmother, step-parent, or aunt. But we are very sure there was a huge emphasis on child support and enforcement. Ever wonder why?

In NC, for every dollar collected in child support, the State of NC gets back one dollar from the US federal government that is then used to replenish Welfare and Low Income Assistance Programs. The vehicle which allows this is the Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, Section 458. The incentive? Collect as much child support as possible, so that we can get greater federal money. How much of this money Sheriff Van Duncan gets is impossible to learn about, but we know he gets it. How does the State of NC, Politicians, and Judges get more child support? By decreasing the amount of time you have with your children. How do they derive fear into non-custodial families to ensure that this industry thrives? By using Sheriff Van Duncan’s jail. You are likely NOT hearing Sheriff Duncan ask Judges and Legislators why fathers incarcerated were paying child support in the first place instead of being treated as an equal parent and supporting their kids during the increased time they have them. But you WILL hear a lot about Buncombe County Deadbeat fathers on his website because it is enormously politically advantageous to do so. NC Fathers is asking Buncombe County NC non-custodial families to remember this at the next election.

Child Support and Domestic Violence

With respect to Buncombe County Domestic Violence, we suspect that Sheriff Van Duncan knows that there is an industry related to this enormous problem as well. Perhaps not so much an industry as much as it is a funding issue at election time. As Buncombe County non-custodial families, you are likely well aware that during your custody battle, the issue of domestic violence came up which weighed heavily during your hearing. Does this sound familiar? Father and Mother get into a mutual heated argument, Father and Mother scream, slam doors, and throw things. Mother calls the Buncombe County Sheriffs Department or 911 as says “I’m scared”, deputies arrive and arrest Father, Mother uses  the exaggerated or false allegation as a tactical advantage in court despite being equally at fault, Judge allows the conviction because it looks good politically, Mother wins custody and the non-custodial parent and family is alienated from kids lives? The NC Domestic Violence Coalition then showers Sheriff Van Duncan with support at election time because they get to add this statistic to their computer systems and ask for more federal funding which helps to maintain Buncombe County shelters and the jobs associated with shelters and domestic violence programs. NC Fathers also can’t help but wonder if FEMALE on MALE domestic violence isn’t handled very delicately and shoved under the carpet, as this doesn’t exactly fit into the agenda does it Sheriff Van Duncan?

The bottom line? Sheriff Van Duncan is doing nothing pro-active about incarcerated fathers, or false domestic violence allegations. He isn’t lobbying via the NC Sheriffs Association asking the courts to allow increased time by Buncombe County NC non-custodial families with their children so that excessive child support awards aren’t an issue. The Sheriff is doing nothing about the hidden side of domestic violence except instructing his deputies to act as drones and just arrest men when they know it’s mutual combat, a false allegation, or exaggerated claims. Why? Because it isn’t politically or financially in his best interest.

Sheriff Van Duncan and Buncombe County NC Non-Custodial Family Voters

Sheriff Van Duncan should be very aware that in Buncombe County NC, there exists a LOT of non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, and paternal aunts and uncles. And, that these individuals vote. Hopefully, this article helps these families understand the industry, federal funding, and politics surround child support enforcement and domestic violence which works to make sure you are paying child support (as opposed to equal parentage and access) and labeled a domestic offender so that you can never mount a successful campaign to get equal parentage and access to your children.  Sheriff Duncan should also be aware that non-custodial families come from all walks of life, be it Democrats or Republican, African-American or Hispanic, Rich or Poor. What is important is that Buncombe County NC non-custodial families realize their SIGNIFICANCE and work to end the bias, discrimination, and alienation by NC State Government and Special Interest groups that benefit from you not being allowed equally shared parenting.

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