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The New Swing Vote in NC

Swing Vote in North CarolinaNC Fathers believes that Non-Custodial Families in North Carolina make up the largest group of Swing Voters in North Carolina who can sway elections. For Decades, NC Non-Custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandparents, and aunts and uncles who live with being stigmatized and marginalized as visitor families, and who must pay money to a big government agency (child support enforcement) for any access to their children five days a month, are quickly becoming a new voter base in NC. If you dismiss our theory that non-custodial families are not a crucial swing vote in NC, consider the following: Given the divorce rate, the rate at which parents are having children outside marriage, and the overwhelming need by the Family Courts in NC to create a non-custodial father, we believe that divorced men (and putative fathers) with children represent a large segment of NC Voters. The fathers come from ALL ethnic backgrounds, including Caucasian Fathers, African-American Fathers, and Hispanic Fathers. For every Father in NC that is denied equal parentage and access to his child(ren), he brings to the table a step-parent, paternal grandmother, and paternal aunts. Therefore, when you add up Fathers from all ethnicities, and the many women in these families, it is hard not to imagine that this group of voters does not make up a swing vote in NC.
But this is only half the story, the NC Family Courts and Judges are equal opportunity discriminators. Each day, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Tea Party, and Libertarian families find themselves on the losing side of a custody battle involving children. And, it does not matter what socioeconomic class you belong to.

Consider these groups of people, is it really all that hard to STILL imagine that non-custodial families are not the single largest swing vote in NC?

  • Fathers from ALL ethnic backgrounds
  • Grandmothers, Step-Mothers, and Paternal Aunts in these families
  • Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarian, and Tea Party voters.
  • Rich, Middle Class, and Low Income Voters.

Swing Vote in NC from Non-Custodial Families


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How Non-Custodial Swing Voters in NC Can Use Their Influence To Bring Change To The Biased Policies and Procedures of the NC Family Courts

NC Fathers is an organization of non-custodial families in NC who want to reform the NC Family Courts, Social Services agencies, and Politicians who have ideas that non-custodial families do not provide resources and opportunities to their minor children outside of the enforcement arena. The problem is that there is NO lobby group of non-custodial swing voters in NC talking to Judges and Politicians daily. Our organization believes that once these families are united around a central group that is holding Judges and Politicians accountable when they seek to dismiss and marginalize us, there will be sweeping changes. Our organization estimates that members of non-custodial families (NOT JUST FATHERS) make up about 4.7 million voters of the 9.9 million citizens of North Carolina.

Simply put, 4.7 million people is just under half of the population in NC, and far exceeds the numbers of people in the special interest groups that work daily to make sure custodial families are strengthened.

Help NC Fathers build a massive central repository of non-custodial swing voters in our state. Please review OUR GOALS, join OUR MAILING LIST, and join us on FACEBOOK today and learn more about our efforts.

Tired of the bias, discrimination, and demoralization and ready to have equal parentage and access to your kids that custodial families enjoy? Your situation can be changed in one election cycle if you will just get involved and invite other NC families to join us.

Please consider routinely sharing this article on NC Swing Voters with other non-custodial families using the popular social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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