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Judge John Horne – Hoke and Scotland County NC District Court

Family Court Judge John HorneNC Fathers is asking non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, paternal aunts and uncles to join our FACEBOOK PAGE and tell us about your experiences in the court room of Judge John Horne of the Hoke and Scotland County NC District Courts as it relates to child custody and child support. Do you feel that Judge Horne was biased towards the custodial mother in your hearing? Did Judge Horne give you anything close to equal parentage and access to your grand children, children, or nieces and nephews? Are you ready to send Judge John Horne and other Judges in the Hoke and Scotland County NC District Courts that you are more to your kids than a mere visitor who only deserves 5 days a month visitation assuming you have the money to pay a big government enforcement agency. NC Fathers is an organization of Hoke and Scotland County non-custodial families who seek reform with the NC District Courts and Social Services agencies to be more about strengthening BOTH parents for the greater good of children. Please consider reviewing OUR GOALS and join our announcement MAILING LIST to help us build a large organization of non-custodial FAMILIES in NC who can change the laws in NC as it relates to the systematic marginalization of non-custodial families so that others can benefit financially. Once on our social networking sites, we ask that you extensively share this article on Judge John Horne with other non-custodial families across NC to bring about greater awareness.
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Which Judge have Betty Troublefield Custody?

Judge John Horne - Hoke and Scotland County NC District and Family Court

By clicking on the RED and BLUE graphic below, we are going to expose you to a long list of problems that Hoke and Scotland County NC non-custodial families face when dealing with Judges in the District Courts. Some of the issues you will recognize, but many you won’t. For instance, did you know that your child support efforts are also helping Welfare and Low Income Assistance recipients have an easier time raising their children while you are denied equal parentage and access to yours? Did you know that a a false allegation of domestic violence or child abuse is becoming a routine allegation filed by hopeful custodial mothers as a tactical advantage in child custody matters, and that Judges are allowing the false allegations to proceed because it looks good politically? NC Fathers also hopes that Judge John Horne will review this data, because we do not think that Hoke and Scotland County NC voters in non-custodial families are going to be happy, and they will be looking to you to solve these problems.

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Judge John Horne and Hoke/Scotland County NC Non-Custodial Family Voters

NC Fathers believes that daily, across NC, Judges like John Horne create about ten new non-custodial families per county, and we are asking that these family members join our organization because we believe that when the estimated 4.7 million of you come together and learn more about how you as a voter block can have a dramatic effect on elections, then Legislators and Judges will make the necessary changes that levels the playing field in the historically biased family courts across NC. Judge John Horne should already recognize that non-custodial families make up many WOMEN who get equally hurt each time a Judge marginalizes a Father. Additionally, he should recognize that we come from every single racial and ethnic background, as well as every socioeconomic background. Again, we know you are tired of the bias, and the focus being on child support instead of the support you could provide financially, emotionally, psychologically, and physically if only Judges in Hoke and Scotland County NC would allow it.


Join our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE, and we hope you will consider emailing and sharing this article on Judge John Horne of the Hoke and Scotland County NC District Courts with other non-custodial families across NC

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  1. We have been going to court in hoke county for over a year….. well at least that is what the court papers say that we receive once a month. However for 16 months we have actually been to court twice the other 14 times have been canceled. Even when there are court papers filed they are never really enforced. But I bet we would be in court if the child support was late. even though jobs have been lost due to court hearings that never happened, job changes have been necessary to accommodate court ( that never occurs) but please don’t be late on child support!!! They dangle promises and excuses over your head like a horse with a sugar cube. I have been in the family court system in PA and NY and never have I seen such a kangaroo court. They push you to give up hope and walk away. Sad that fathers don’t really matter down here. But then maybe that is why the drop out rate is so high, and drugs and pregnancy run rampant… who would have thought this was the “bible belt” as i look through the pages and comments here I see a continuous statement of ” you wouldn’t believe my story” and sadly no one does until they have to go through it. And yet, there is no where you can file a complaint against a court system. You can file against a judge and a lawyer but us fathers and grandmothers… we don’t really count in the little peoples lives do we.


    Comment by Layla grims (@Laylagrims) | December 10, 2012 | Reply

    • Layla,
      Thank You for commenting on our article to Judge John Horne of the Hoke and Scotland County NC Courts. It is good to see a non-custodial grandmother standing up and telling her side of the story. We make a big deal about the fact that many women in paternal families get equally hurt in this system, so we applaud you for standing up for yourself! Be sure to join our mailing list and/or facebook page and continue to invite other non-custodial families from Hoke and Scotland County.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | December 10, 2012 | Reply

  2. We recently we went to court in hoke county in front of the “honorable” judge john horne. the judge stated in court that he does not know why parents get so hung up on the words “visitation” “joint” “physical” “legal” as they are just words and don’t mean a thing. Apparently court ordered documents spelling out visitations don’t mean a thing either as custodial parent did not bring child tonight and said she did not have to… sherriffs department wont intervene and we cant file contempt charges till Tuesday…. we thought this was over since it took us a year and a half to even be seen in hoke county after numerous cancellations…. but i guess we start all over again….. lucky us….. sad thing is… not even the lawyers want to go to hoke county. imagine that.


    Comment by Hoke County Non-Custodial Family | March 29, 2013 | Reply

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