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Hoke County Department of Social Services Abuse and Bias

Hoke County Department of Social ServicesAs a Non-Custodial family, have you had a bad experience with the Hoke County Department of Social Services in NC related to a Child Protective Services investigation where the investigator seemed very biased in dealing with you, while being very supportive of the custodial mother? NC Fathers is an organization of non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers and aunts who believes that NC Department of Social Services agencies have a huge incentive to deal overly aggressive with you as they get massive federal funding from child support enforcement and domestic violence. Please review OUR GOALS, join our MAILING LIST, and join with other families on our FACEBOOK PAGE who likely have had the same issues you had with Social Services. Furthermore, we ask that you share this article on the Hoke County Department of Social Services with other non-custodial across North Carolina using the popular social networking sites. In this article, we are going to address the dangerous issue of NC Social Services agencies having 100% immunity, which we believe opens the door for a large amount of bias, abuse, and illegal activities. And, we are going to discuss how the Hoke County Department of Social Services in NC benefits from you not having equal parentage and access to your children, as well as ways they can benefit financially.

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Hoke County Department of Social Services abuse, bias, and illegal acts
NC Fathers has compiled a list of very serious issues that we believe need reform in the NC Family Courts, and with Social Services in Hoke County NC. We believe that many of you will be familiar with the issues we outlined, but there are a few not widely publicized. For instance, did you know that for every dollar collected in child support, the State of NC gets back one dollar from the Federal Government to replenish money custodial parents use for Welfare and Low Income Assistance programs? NC Fathers believes that this setup within NC is one of the main reasons why it is more beneficial for you to pay child support rather than have increased visitation with your grand kids, nieces and nephews, and children. Did you know that false allegations of child abuse and domestic violence are becoming a routine and expected tactic hopeful custodial mothers use in order to be on better ground in a custody dispute, and that the Hoke County Department of Social Services benefits from these false allegations being handled in the courts as legitimate abuse because they then use the higher statistics to get federal money allocated for abuse? Click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to learn more.

County DSS

Hoke County Department of Social Services in NC, Child Support Enforcement, Domestic Violence, and Hoke County Non-Custodial Families

Child Support, Enforcement, and Domestic Violence are two hot button political topics that receive a lot of attention and federal money to combat. Both issues have a lot of infrastructure, jobs, programs, services, and other costs associated with the response NC gives to these programs. And, the Hoke County Department of Social Services is the primary agency in your community that addresses these issues. Given that both child support enforcement and domestic violence are in need of billions of dollars annually to run, they need to continue to receive the same federal money each year (or more) to maintain (or increase) the existence of these programs. For us, this means that they NEED for fathers to either 1) Be kept as far away from their children as possible, so that greater child support is give, thus creating more federal money, or 2) Not have any relationship or visitation with their children. For Domestic Violence, there is an incentive for the existence of a male (father) batterer so that it counts as statistical data the coalition can use to get greater federal money for jobs and programs related to both of these issues. With this in mind, we think that the Hoke County Department of Social Services is a potentially dangerous agency for all NC Fathers, and the extended family members in the paternal family.

There is also a culture being pushed by Social Services lately that is seeing a collaboration between Child Support Enforcement lobbyist and Domestic Violence lobbyist that seems geared at using false allegations and flimsy accusations of violence as a tool to decrease visitation (or eliminate) by children and the non-custodial family so that mutually both programs can flourish via federal money. And, given the 1005 immunity Hoke County DSS has, there is a huge door open for abuse, bias, and illegal acts by staff on Hoke County NC non-custodial families.

NC Fathers believes that the Hoke County Department of Social Services needs to create an atmosphere where the incentive is to allow NC Kids to have equal access and nurturing by both parents and extended families, instead of a money oriented system that helps to justify their jobs, programs, and feceral money.

Hoke County Department of Social Services and NC Non-Custodial Family Dynamics

Here is the good news, but it requires some work. The Director and Supervisors at the Hoke County Department of Social Services knows that non-custodial families across NC contain a lot of WOMEN who get equally hurt in this whole process of using fathers to generate federal social services money. And, given that daily in the NC Family Courts there are at least 10 NEW non-custodial families created PER county, there are a LOT of non-custodial families in NC that come from every racial and ethnic back ground, socioeconomic back ground, and political party affiliation. Our organization estimates that of the 9.8 million people in NC, 4.7 million have direct ties to a non-custodial family. That is a LOT OF VOTERS. Our guess is that NC Department of Social Services agencies, Judges, and Legislators have a fear of a non-custodial family lobby forming, as it would mean an end to the money generation for social services, and less biased Family Courts. NC Fathers believes that children receive far greater emotional, psychological, financial, and physical resources and opportunities when they have equal parents, and both extended families at their side. No amount of federal money or government intervention will ever replace family. Unfortunately, right now the Hoke County Department of Social Services staff, Judges, and Politicians do not see you as family to minor children, they see you as visitors only needing 5 days a month visitation, and who pay money each month.

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