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Scotland County Dept of Social Services and Non-Custodial Families

Scotland County Department of Social ServicesContinuing with our series on NC Department of Social Services agencies, this article is for Non-Custodial families in Scotland County NC who may have found themselves under investigation by the Scotland County Department of Social Services and may be experiencing abuse, bias, or illegal acts by child protective services staff or supervisors. Additionally, we are going to discuss two programs that generate a lot of federal money for social services which puts non-custodial families in a adversarial role with Scotland County DSS, while custodial mothers seemingly get excessive and increasing services thrown her way by this agency. The two programs we are going to touch on is child support enforcement within Scotland County Department of Social Services, and their Domestic Violence programs. NC Fathers is an organization of non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles, as well as paternal grandparents. Our GOAL is to bring reform to the NC Family Courts and NC Social Services agencies so that children can gain far greater resources and opportunities when they have two equal parents, and extended families. Our belief is that social services benefits should be geared towards strengthening BOTH parents, and not just one parent at the demise of the other parent. Please join our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE if you identify with this article. If in the past, or present, you have experienced what you thought was abuse, bias, or illegal acts stemming from a child protective services complaint or false domestic violence allegation by a custodial mother (or hopeful custodial mother) and the Scotland County Department of Social Services was the investigative agency, this article is for you.

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Scotland County Department of Social Services - Abuse, Bias, and Illegal Acts by Child Protective Services

Historically, NC Department of Social Services agencies has focused of helping women and children, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, under the current system, it seems that social services helps recover money spent on these programs at the expense of non-custodial fathers (and by proxy the paternal family). By clicking on the RED and BLUE graphic below, we point out many of the groups and agencies that benefit from the biased Family Courts in NC, as well as how social services gains continued federal money VIA non-custodial families using child support and domestic violence. NC Father’s concerns is that NC DSS NEEDS for fathers to not have equal parentage and access to their children so that they pay more child support, thus triggering greater federal money from the Social Security Act, Title IV-D Program.

CPS Abuses

Scotland County Department of Social Services Title IV-D Legislation, NC Child Support, and Domestic Violence

In looking at the Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, Section 458 entitled “Incentive Payments To States”, Scotland County NC Non-Custodial families need to understand that this is the back side of child support enforcement not portrayed to the general public. The forward facing side of enforcement is that it is a federal program that gets money for children from a non-custodial parent that REFUSES to support his kids. The back side of this program is generating money to replenish money for Welfare and Low Income Assistance programs that custodial mothers are increasingly using. This relationship between child support and Welfare is clearly outlined by NC DHHS.

This setup would be fine for parents that make a CHOICE not to support their kids or be active in their lives, but what about non-custodial families that DO want to be involved EQUALLY, but are denied by the courts? Why are these parents and families generating money for Welfare on the back of a Judge only allowing limited contact?
For every ONE dollar collected by NC Child Support Enforcement at the Scotland County Department of Social Services, ONE dollar is given back to the State of NC to replenish Welfare funds even if the custodial mother is NOT within social services programs. Our organization thinks that the State of NC is dependent on this federal money because they have no idea how to pay for Low Income Programs, and they are supportive of the biased family courts that 85% of the time deny one parent equal parentage and access so that they pay greater child support. This of course means greater Title IV-D money. In short, we believe social services ENJOYS seeing fathers not given shared parenting so that their jobs, infrastructure, and programs are funded.

Child Support and Abuse and Bias

Like child support enforcement, Domestic Violence depends on federal funding, and more federal funding is guaranteed when social services can show a continued problem. In NC, there are many jobs tied to the Domestic Violence industry that stays afloat by federal money. But we aren’t talking about all Domestic Violence, just MALE on FEMALE domestic violence. If you are a Scotland County NC Non-Custodial grandmother, step-mother, or aunt, you probably remember quite clearly at the custody hearing involving your son/husband/brother that there was a routine and expected allegation of domestic violence or child abuse accompanied by the complaint. This is because domestic violence is a hot button political topic that Judges do not want to be on the wrong side of, so they tend to rubber stamp ALL domestic violence allegations with conviction. Once convicted, a non-custodial father will have VERY limited contact with his children, and thus pay even greater amounts of child support, which triggers more federal money for the Scotland County Department of Social Services. It is the perfect tactical tool used by custodial mothers to get them a lot of attention and services, while ensuring that she wins a custody battle.

And, since NC Department of Social Services have 100% legislative immunity when they commit bias, we feel that many times social services (especially CPS) turns their back on obvious false allegations in the hopes that it goes to conviction so that they can add another statistic which triggers money for their jobs.

Scotland County Department of Social Services and NC Family Voters

NC Fathers knows that Scotland County Non-Custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandparents and aunts and uncles are sick of being treated like second class visitor families who only get 4 days a month visitation assuming that they have money to pay a big government enforcement agency. We know you are disgusted watching custodial parents get excessive social services housing assistance, educational assistance, financial assistance, medical assistance, job assistance, and tax incentives to make financial ends meet, while you visit your husband, son, or brother in jail when he can’t make financial ends meet. And knowing that the Scotland County Department of Social Services is benefiting from this is clearly unacceptable. What NC Social Services directors, judges, and politicians fail to recognize is that given the divorce rate, non-custodial families represent a HUGE voter base. And, we come from ALL racial and ethnic backgrounds, as well as socioeconomic backgrounds. Furthermore, for every non-custodial father that gets beaten up in this system, there are THREE WOMEN that get affected as well. The minute that these families come together, unite around these issues, and start deciding elections on this issue, judges, politicians, social services, and child protective services will develop a new system that strengthens EVERYONE in a child’s life. We hope you will join us in our mission.

Please join our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE, as well as sharing this article on the Scotland County Department of Social Services with other NC families using email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites so that we can build a massive lobby quickly.

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