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Rep Grey Mills – Iredell County Republican – Must Read

Representative Grey MillsHopefully, this article on Representative Grey Mills, a Republican from Iredell County NC in the NC General Assembly, will shed some light on issues non-custodial families face daily. By families, we are not just talking about a non-custodial parent (likely a father), but step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, and paternal aunts, all who get hurt in the historically biased family courts each time just once father is marginalized as a visitor to his kids. Additionally, Representative Grey Mills should recognize that we estimate EACH county in NC creates seven new non-custodial fathers per day, and that there are at least 2-3 women in these families who are affected equally. The NC General Assembly needs to hear this information. This equates to about 4900 NC voters per week, and our GOAL is to reach them and form a massive organization that will start holding NC Representatives and Judges accountable for this continued divisiveness that pits two parents against each other in the courts for the purpose of winning a custody battle. If you are a member of a non-custodial family in Iredell County NC, please consider joining our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE where you will have the opportunity to share this article on Republican Rep Grey Mills with other non-custodial families in your county. Furthermore, we ask that you invite other non-custodial family members to our website so that they can learn more about the issues we think supports the continued bias in the family courts. Help NC Fathers send the message to Judges and the NC General Assembly that for far too long, these courts have encouraged two parents to wage war against each other and this is unacceptable in children’s lives.

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It is important to noted that Rep Mills serves on the NC House Judiciary Sub Committee A and is a trained attorney. Also important to note, is the fact that the American Bar Association and the NC Bar Association both believe that shared parenting is a bad idea, and that the best interest of children is best served by one parent having control of a child while the other parent has a lesser role in the child’s life. Therefore, our question to Rep Mills is, as a Judiciary Committee member, are you making decisions about this issue from your perspective as an attorney, or as a Representative? Did you practice Family Law? And are you aware that if two parents fight in court for 18 years, it insures that NC Family Law Attorneys will keep getting $5000 retainers twice a year?

Representative Grey Mills - Iredell County NC and Non-Custodial Families

If you are an Iredell County NC Non-Custodial father, step-mother, paternal grandparent, or paternal aunt or uncle, our organization thinks that it is important for you to click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to get a reminder of the many difficulties Judges and NC Representatives ask you to operate under in working with custodial parents and the NC Courts. We ask that you pay special attention to the Social Security Act, Title IV-D program which is generating money for social services programs in NC based upon how much child support you pay. Additionally, we ask that you read how we think that a new culture of automatic false allegations of domestic violence is becoming routine in all custody matters as it ensures that the hopeful custodial parent will win a custody case, and prevent the non-custodial parent from having any contact with children; thus increasing child support and federal money for the State of NC. Then, we want to ask Republican Representative Grey Mills if he is aware of this revenue generation and ask how he thinks that Iredell County NC non-custodial parents and families are supposed to have equal parentage and access to their children if the State of NC has a relationship where it gets money from you being alienated from your children.

Iredell County NC

Republican Representative Grey Mills and the NC House Judiciary Sponsored Alienation of Iredell County NC Non-Custodial Families And Their Children

Continuing with the Social Security Act, if NC House Representatives know that the Social Security Act is providing one dollar in revenue for Welfare and Low Income Assistance programs for each dollar collected in child support, surely some of them should be asking if this relationship sets up failure for Iredell County NC non-custodial families. NC Fathers believes that NC children gain more resources and opportunities when they have two equal parents, and the support and love from both extended families. Currently, there is a system where children receive nurturing and support from the maternal side of the family, and they are socialized into the paternal side of his/her family being who they go visit. Representative Grey Mills should recognize that fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, and paternal aunts and uncles do not appreciate being marginalized when it comes to their children, and we are asking that you reach out and demand family law reform for equally shared parenting even if it means his colleagues not getting rich via retainers or social services being funded.

With respect to Domestic Violence and Iredell County NC non-custodial families, Representative Grey Mills should know that Domestic Violence is a massive problem in the State of NC. But, it has also become an industry tied to many jobs, infrastructure, and politics. The Domestic Violence initiative in NC is dependent of federal dollars to keep shelters, jobs, and programs running, and we all know that federal dollars are allocated on statistics. In essence, the NC Domestic Violence Coalition NEEDS Domestic Violence statistics to remain high so that they can continue to receive greater federal money. As a lawyer, Representative Grey Mills should be acutely aware that many times women will allege domestic violence that is later proven to be false because she realizes that this claim will bring her a lot of attention and resources. Unfortunately, what our supporters are telling us is that these allegations many times can keep non-custodial families and children separated for many years because Judges tend to rubber stamp clear false allegations into a actual conviction to appear being supportive of coalition and the enormous political pressure they bring to the table. And, there is no doubt this lobby is supportive financially for Judges and NC Representatives that perpetuate that Domestic Violence is ONLY about male on female violence, and that women never hit, intimidate, or seek to control a partner with intimidation.

Representative Grey Mills needs to know that as the culture of automatically alleged domestic violence claims rises, it will start to cast doubt on ALL Domestic Violence allegations, thus putting REAL Domestic Violence abuse under a cloud of suspicion.

Representative Grey Mills and NC Voters From Non-Custodial Families

If Republican Rep Grey Mills has done his homework, he would know that non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, and paternal aunts represent a huge amount of voters in Iredell County and all of NC. And, if seven new families are added to these ranks DAILY from EACH county in NC, one can be assured that non-custodial families are a clear swing vote in NC elections given that we come from all racial and ethnic backgrounds, political party affiliation, and socioeconomic backgrounds. For Iredell County NC families, the reason that Judges and NC Representatives do not consider the issues outlined in this article is that there are very well established lobby organizations that have been existence for decades that have a clear goal of making sure mothers maintain control and access to services in virtually all family court matters. Until there is an equally powerful organization holding NC Representatives, Senators, and Judges accountable for the systematic bias leveled on non-custodial families, things will stay the same. This is why we are asking you to join our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGES, and help draw other NC non-custodial families into our organization by routinely sharing this article on Republican Representative Grey Mills of Iredell County NC with other families via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social networks.

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  1. As a Iredell County sister who has watched her brother fight this battle in court over and over, I seriously doubt you will ever get Representative Mills to take on this issue.


    Comment by Crystal J | October 2, 2012 | Reply

  2. Just read this article on the mailing list, and I too think that Representative Grey Mills will never hear you on these matters. Republican Representatives, despite being about entitlement reform, never see child support as having close ties to welfare funding. The opposition has done too good of a job passing child support off as a program that if you do not agree with, you are hurting children. Thank you for pointing out that child support enforcement would not be needed if the NC General Assembly would give greater contact and support from their fathers and family.


    Comment by Paul H | October 3, 2012 | Reply

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