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Davie County Dept of Social Services Discrimination

Davie County Department of Social ServicesAre you a Davie County NC Non-Custodial father, step-mother, paternal aunt, or paternal grandmother who has experienced discrimination, abuse, bias, or illegal acts from the Davie County Department of Social Services? Are you tired of watching your son/husband/brother go to jail because of hard economic times and inability to pay child support, while watching custodial mothers get expanding housing assistance, educational assistance, job assistance, medical assistance, financial assistance, and tax incentives to make ends meet? During a child protective services investigation into your family by the Davie County Department of Social Services did you get the feeling that this agency dealt overly harsh with you while being supportive of the custodial mother; or have you tried for years to get someone at social services to listen to your pleas about abuse, neglect, or dependency on your minor child who is in the care of a custodial mother and nobody listened? NC Fathers is an organization of Davie County and NC non-custodial FAMILIES who are seeking reform in the NC Family Courts and with NC Department of Social Services Agencies to be less about parental warfare and the strengthening of one parent (always the custodial parent) at the demise of the non-custodial family. Please review our GOALS, and consider joining our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE where you can learn more about our organization, speak with others across NC who may also be experiencing discrimination, abuse, or bias at the hands of Social Services, and help us build a State lobby of non-custodial families. Additionally, we ask that you extensively share this article on Davie County NC Social Services with other non-custodial families using email, facebook, twitter, linkedin, and other social networking sites.

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In this article, we are going to explore two areas where we believe NC Department of Social Services agencies and Child Protective Services has an interest in Davie County Non-Custodial Families so that they can continue to receive massive federal money that helps justify their jobs, programs, services, and historical help for children and mothers who use their children to get Welfare and Low Income Assistance.

According to NC DHHS, there is a clear relation to child support enforcement, and funding of Welfare. And notice that it says “when one parent was absent from the home”. In 2012, we believe that there are purposeful absent fathers, but we also believe that many fathers are absent because of the biased family courts and policies and procedures of NC Social Services agencies. If DSS has a monetary incentive (federal money) to get money from child support enforcement, then we think they have an incentive to make sure fathers are absent.

Davie County Department of Social Services and County Non-Custodial Families

If you are a Davie County NC Non-Custodial family member, the Director of Davie County Department of Social Services, Child Protective Services supervisor or staff, then we invite you to click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to get a reminder of what social services and NC Judges ask you to live with daily. Furthermore, we are asking Non-Custodial Families to stop this abuse and bias.


Davie County Department of Social Services, Domestic Violence, Child Support Enforcement, and the NC Non-Custodial Family

In NC, each non-custodial father that pays $700 a month in child support is making $700 a month available to NC Department of Social Services agencies via the Social Security Act, Title IV-D program. These agencies then use the money for programs like TANF, Food Stamps, and other programs. The thinking here is that when men leave their wives and take everything, women are left with nothing and are forced into social services programs to feed themselves and their children. The problem with this is that men are not the only ones leaving marriages, and in 2012 women are self-sufficient in their careers. But there is a growing group of women with children who live off of social services, and the State of NC has no idea how to pay for it. In large part, Child Support Enforcement is how they pay for it, and therefore the State of NC has no incentive for non-custodial families to have equal parentage and access to their children. In fact, they have a bigger incentive to make sure that you spend as little time with your children so that you pay greater child support and trigger federal money that supports their programs and jobs.

With respect to Domestic Violence, there is a growing culture of custodial mothers and hopeful custodial mothers who use the political hot button topic of domestic violence to bring a lot of attention and resources to themselves by making FALSE allegations because they realize this is the quickest path to winning a custody battle. And, the Davie County Department of Social Services has every incentive to form these false allegations into real abuse to make sure these statistics make it to the federal government when it comes time to distribute federal dollars. And, for every NC father that can be labeled as an abuser, social services can then deny access to children forcing greater child support that triggers even more federal dollars. NC Fathers has real concerns that Social Services, Judges, and Politicians, by turning their back on false allegations, will further more false allegations that will then start to cast a dark cloud on real domestic violence. There is no doubt that both child support enforcement and domestic violence programs have become an industry with their own lobby groups that need federal money for their political endeavors and programs, and they NEED fathers having less time with their kids and labeled as domestic offenders to make sure this federal money comes down the pipe.

NC Department of Social Services has a long tradition of having ties to feminist ideals. We are not making a anti-woman statement here as it is clear that radical feminists have no use for your sons, husbands, and brothers when it comes to being a father. NC Fathers gets daily contact from WOMEN in paternal families who are crying foul over false allegations of domestic violence. Do your own research on Google, search social services AND feminist. You will be presented with a lot of information regarding feminists and their attempt to create strong women and children at the expense of fathers. NC Fathers believes that these feminist ideals are very much alive at the Davie County Department of Social Services.

Davie County Department of Social Services and NC Non-Custodial Family Reform

Judges, Politicians, and Directors and Supervisors and the Davie County Department of Social Services will have a huge problem on their hands when VOTERS from non-custodial families finally stand up to the bias in the NC Family Courts and revenue generation tactics used by NC Social Services agencies. We know this because every week day, Judges create SEVEN new non-custodial fathers PER county, and that there are at least three women in these paternal families who get hurt by this. This equates to roughly 4900 non-custodial family members per week in NC. When you break this down further, non-custodial families come from every racial and ethnic background, socioeconomic background, and political party affiliation. There are massive lobby organizations that are well funded who make sure that Judges and Politicians work for NC Social Services agencies, and it is time that non-custodial families have their own powerhouse that is making sure that social services works to strengthen EVERYONE in a child’s life, not just the maternal side of the family.

We hope you will join our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK page and share your stories about your experiences with the Davie County Department of Social Services, and we hope you will share this article with other NC Families using social media.

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  1. Just read this article on facebook and I have to say THANK YOU! I was investigated by Davie County Department of Social Services after an anonymous complaint and the information they had could have only come from my ex-wife. They put our family through hell and took every word my ex-wife said as scripture! I will definitely be sharing this article on facebook.


    Comment by Paul H | October 3, 2012 | Reply

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