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Sampson County Department of Social Services and CPS

Sampson County Department of Social ServicesAre you a non-custodial father, step-mother, paternal grandmother, or other family member who has been the focus of Sampson County Department of Social Services child protective services investigation? Did you experience any bias, abuse, and illegal acts and nobody heard your complaints? Did you know that all 100 county NC Social Services agencies have an incentive to deal overly aggressive with you, while being supportive and service driven with custodial mothers and her family? In this article we are going to explore why, and we encourage you to review our GOALS, join our MAILING LIST, and join us on FACEBOOK to tell us about your experience with CPS and the Sampson County Department of Social Services. Did you know that NC Social Services agencies have 100% legislative immunity for any wrong or illegal acts they commit on Sampson County NC non-custodial parents and families? NC Fathers is getting contact daily from NC non-custodial families who have had enough with the Family Courts and DSS agencies, and we are building an organization that aims to put pressure on Judges and Legislators to end their policies and procedures which have historically alienated you from your minor children, and prevented equal parentage and access. NC Fathers encourages you to widely share this article on the Sampson County Department of Social Services with other families using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social media sites so that our message reaches a larger group of people.

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NC Fathers is serious when we say that we believe Social Services agencies policies and procedures are very dangerous for Sampson County NC non-custodial family members, and not just fathers, but women in paternal families as well. The reason for DSS to be abusive and biased with non-custodial families is that that you are a source for major federal and state funding that social services uses for Welfare and Low Income programs. And, you can complain all you want to your NC legislators, attorney, and supervisors at social services but it will do no good. The only effective way to deal with the divisiveness at DSS and the Family Courts is just how other groups have done it, build a organization of many family voters that let politicians and Judges know that it is time to stop. In this article we are going to discuss NC Child Support Enforcement and Domestic Violence policies that have an incentive towards being aggressive with you so that they have statistics needed to ask for more federal and state dollars in the next fiscal year.

Sampson County Department of Social Services - CPS Investigation Staff and Supervisors

NC Fathers is asking Sampson County NC non-custodial families to click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to learn more about the Social Security Act Title IV-D program and how your child support money is generating revenue for the Sampson County Department of Social Services.

DSS Staff and Supervisors

Sampson County Department of Social Services in NC, Domestic Violence, Federal Child Support Enforcement, and Non-Custodial Families

NC Fathers believes that Sampson County non-custodial families know the deal by now, everything revolves around child support. Custodial mothers want more and more, NC Social Services agencies are getting more and more aggressive in getting it for them, and NC Judges are increasing their efforts to jail your sons/husbands/brothers when they have a hard time making financial ends meet, and while they applaud the housing assistance, educational assistance, job assistance, medical assistance, and financial assistance programs that the Sampson County Department of Social Services stands ready to deliver to custodial parents when they have a hard time making financial ends meet. Nobody in the NC Courts or NC Department of Social Services agencies is discussing shared parenting as a way to decrease Welfare applications that are increasing each year. Nobody at social services is saying why aren’t we allowing paternal grandmothers and fathers to have a greater role in their kids lives so that mothers get a break financially. Nobody at Social Services is thinking about step-mothers and paternal aunts roles in providing emotional, psychological, and physical support of minor children. Nobody is talking about it because they want to provide services to custodial mothers, and use the amount you pay in child support to trigger much greater money from the federal government via Title IV-D Social Security Programs.

For every Sampson County NC non-custodial father that is paying $600 a month in child support, the Sampson County Department of Social Services receives about the same figure back to replenish programs like TANF, Food Stamps, Jobs, and other programs. NC Fathers believes that the issue of NC not having money to pay for the increase in Welfare programs mandates that non-custodial families not being able to have equal parentage and access to their children so they pay more child support which triggers federal money. Also, NC Fathers also believes that Judges very much understand this dependency on federal money.

Child Support and Abuse and Bias

Domestic Violence in North Carolina is a pervasive problem that plagues our society, but unfortunately this social issue has much misinformation surrounding it by groups that have formed it into a hot button political issue for womens rights groups. Much like the Domestic Violence Coalition, along with the Sampson County Department of Social Services, this group’s response to domestic violence is only about male on female violence, intimidation, and control. What is not being told is that Domestic Violence is gender neutral, and figures of domestic violence involving lesbians in domestic partnerships is equal to heterosexual relationships. And, given that domestic violence in NC has become an industry in itself, it requires billions in federal money. NC Fathers believes that these groups rely on male on female domestic violence to continue to get federal money for jobs, programs, shelters, and services.

If you are in a Sampson County NC non-custodial family, you likely are familiar with the growing culture of hopeful/current custodial mothers who use false allegations of domestic violence as a tactical tool in custody matters. These allegations of violence always alienate children from their fathers, step-mothers, and grandmothers, and nobody wants to take on this issue because of the political nature of this issue. Furthermore, we believe that staff and supervisors at the Sampson County Department of Social Services understands that if a father can be labeled as a domestic offender, he will lose all visitation and pay maximum child support which then triggers more federal money.

Sampson County Department of Social Services and what NC Non-Custodial Families Can Do To Stop The Bias

The latest census figures show that NC has roughly 9.8 million citizens, and we believe that 4.7 million of these people have direct ties to a non-custodial family. Be it a father, paternal grandmother or grandfather, aunt or uncle, or step-parent, there are a lot of people who identify with this article. Additionally, there are SEVEN new non-custodial fathers created Monday through Friday PER county, and in most circumstances there are two women in these families who get equally marginalized as visitor families and have dramatically less time with their young loved ones compared to maternal families. Furthermore, NC non-custodial families come from every socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and political party affiliation. The bottom line is this, if you are tired of being marginalized in your kids lives by the NC Family Courts and the Sampson County Department of Social Services directors, supervisors, and staff, then it is imperative that you join our group and collectively we force politicians to change policies and procedures.

Please consider joining our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE to learn more, and do not forget to share this article on the Sampson County Department of Social Services using email, facebook, twitter, and other social networks so other families in Sampson County NC can learn more about or organization.

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