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Sheriff Donnie Harrison – Wake County NC and Fathers

Sheriff Donnie HarrisonThis article on Sheriff Donnie Harrison of Wake County NC is information meant for non-custodial family voters to remember when talking to, or voting for him. In this article, we are going to focus on several issues, mainly child support enforcement and domestic violence, that we feel play a huge role in the daily lives on Wake County NC non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers and grandfathers, and paternal aunts and uncles. NC Fathers is an organization of NC non-custodial families trying to bring about reform in the NC Family Courts, Social Services Agencies, and Law Enforcement officials in how they deal with non-custodial family members. If you identify with this article on Sheriff Donnie Harrison of the Wake County NC Sheriffs Department, we ask that you extensively share it with other families in Wake County on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other networks to bring about greater awareness. In addition, please consider joining our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE so that you can learn more about our organization, and so that we can learn more about your experiences. NC Fathers wants to make it clear upfront that we do not believe that Sheriff Donnie Harrison is responsible for the obvious bias in the Wake County NC Family Courts and how local government handles issues of child support and domestic violence, but by being complicit with these policies and procedures we believe the Sheriff helps keep you stigmatized as visitor families, who are not allowed to have equal parentage and access to your children, and who must pay money to a big government agency to see your children instead of having the ability to support your children and young loved ones on YOUR terms through equally shared parenting.

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Wake County NC Non-Custodial Parent Question and Answers

NC Fathers can not emphasize enough the importance for Wake County NC non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, and all family members and friends to recognize their importance as voters who can bring about an end to the historical bias that that is forced upon them by Sheriffs across NC, Judges, and Politicians. Given the divorce rate, rate at which parents are having children outside marriage, and rate at which many fathers are conceiving children they didn’t even know they have, we believe that a very large population of NC voters have significant ties to a non-custodial family, or person that has been incarcerated by the Wake County Sheriff wrongly.

Sheriff Donnie Harrison - Wake County NC and Non-Custodial Families

As a reminder to bring home our point that the NC Family Courts, Social Services Agencies, and Sheriffs organizations across NC are biased in dealing with non-custodial families, we ask that you click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to refresh your memory and learn more about the industry around child support enforcement and domestic violence that is used to secure federal money for Welfare and Low Income Assistance programs using Title IV-D legislation contained in the Social Security Act. NC Fathers believes that when Sheriff Donnie Harrison speaks about child support enforcement, he is speaking about the forward facing public side of this system that seemingly only exists to provide financial support to children by parents that refuse to support their kids. Unfortunately, the reality is there is a rear facing side to enforcement that is not publicized and that is the revenue generation from child support that uses Wake County non-custodial parents and families to trigger federal funding for the State of NC social services programs when they are DENIED the ability to support their children as equal parents.
NC Sheriff

Sheriff Donnie Harrison, Wake County NC Non-Custodial Families, Child Support Enforcement, and Domestic Violence

Before delving into these issues, we want to respond to data contained on the website of Sheriff Harrison that contains some information about child support in an effort to get Wake County NC non-custodial families to understand how government officials attempt to socialize you into thinking that the ONLY way to be a responsible non-custodial parent is by paying child support to a federal agency instead of supporting your children directly.

  • In response to “Wake County has led the way to support responsible fatherhood by cooperating with the National Fatherhood Initiative and the Father’s Forever Program“, we believe that Sheriff Donnie Harrison is misleading you. First, the “Fathers’ Forever Program” is run by a CUSTODIAL father who has deep ties to the Wake County Family Courts (specifically Judge Kristin Ruth) and is a program that teaches fathers the importance of paying child support, working, and staying out of jail to name just a few. This sounds reasonable, except that is promotes responsible fatherhood by working within their system of you paying child support to a government agency, accepting your role as a forced marginalized father who sees his children about 5 days a month. Remember, the more child support you pay, the more federal money you trigger for social services and other agencies via Title IV-D legislation. NC Fathers believes that Wake County NC non-custodial family voters should be very upset that Sheriff Donnie Harrison is trying to get your sons/brother/husbands to relax, enjoy paying child support, not seeing his children 25 days out of a month.
  • In response to “Most importantly, the Program has helped in the fight to decrease welfare dependence“, is Sheriff Harrison serious? Wake County NC non-custodial families are very aware that the Sheriff is all happy to jail you/your sons/husbands/brothers when they get into financial difficulty, but that custodial mothers receive increasing medical assistance, financial assistance, job assistance, housing assistance, educational assistance, and tax credits to make financial ends meet and this is why such importance is placed on you not being allowed to have equally shared parenting so that you pay more child support which triggers more money to pay for all this assistance. NC Fathers believes that Sheriff Donnie Harrison is complicit in a program that PROMOTES Welfare dependence and alienation of children from their non-custodial families.
  • In response to “The Program strives to accomplish the goal of economic self-sufficiency for families by consistently collecting millions of dollars for the benefit of the children“, we wish that Sheriff Donnie Harrison would stop using the words “Families” and benefit in the same sentence. Child Support is benefiting Wake County NC women and children, and not the paternal side of the family. There are ZERO programs designed to bring about benefit to children because nobody is talking about strengthening BOTH parents and extended families who bring about significant more opportunities, resources, psychological support, emotional support, and physical support than any government agency will every be able to achieve. The key point for Wake County NC non-custodial families to remember here is “collecting millions of dollars” which triggers massive amount of federal dollars for local government. And, NC Fathers has to wonder how much of this money Sheriff Donnie Harrison receives.

Child Support and Domestic Violence

In regards to Domestic Violence in Wake County NC, like Wake County Sheriff Harrison, we believe this issue is a pervasive problem that nothing short of the moon should be used to end this problem. Unfortunately, we think that Sheriff Harrison approaches domestic violence ONLY from the stand point of male on female violence instead of the global issue that federal statistics now prove; that women and men hit, use intimidation, and attempt to control at the same rates, and that domestic violence in female domestic partnerships equals that of heterosexual relationships. And, domestic violence receives several billions of dollars annually in federal money to maintain jobs, programs, and infrastructure. What about the politically motivated lobby organizations that seemingly NEED for domestic violence (male on female only) to exists so that statistics stay high, thus triggering federal money? Sheriff Harrison, is that why whenever you receive a domestic violence call involving a heterosexual relationship the male (father) automatically goes to jail, but your deputies historically never arrest female combatants? NC Fathers also has to wonder how much Sheriff Donnie Harrison receives in political donations from the Domestic Violence lobby to be hard on only male on female violence.

If you are in a Wake County NC non-custodial family, you have probably been introduced to a false allegation of domestic violence or child abuse that is becoming an automatic tactic hopeful custodial mother use to put herself in a better situation to win custody of a child. These allegations are becoming almost routine and we believe Sheriff Harrison and his deputies know it. However, they aren’t speaking out on it and it is this quiet complicit policy that is alienating children from their non-custodial families daily.

In short, our message is that it seems Sheriff Harrison condones and asks Wake County NC non-custodial families to enjoy and work within a system that needs you to be happy with bias, forces you to be OK with 5 days a month visitation, and socialized in thinking that paying a big government agency money is the only responsible way to be a father so that federal money is triggered for others. Our organization would like to see Sheriff Harrison advocate for a system that allows non-custodial fathers and families to be equals in their kids lives and support them during that time and not paying child support to anyone.

NC Fathers also wants to make it very clear that we have an issue of Sheriff Harrison using “Best Interest of a Child” on his website. It is never in the best interest of a child to visit his/her father in jail because he is denied the opportunity to be an equal parent, then jail him when he has financial difficulty while knowing that mothers are not held to the same standard. Also, what about NC Adoption Law?

Sheriff Donnie Harrison and Wake County NC Non-Custodial Family Voters

Here are some figures that Sheriff Donnie Harrison may want to consider, because we are using a lot of resources to remind, reach, and educate non-custodial voters on the issues discussed in this article.

  • In the NC Family Courts each day, and in all 100 counties, there are seven NEW non-custodial fathers created, and when these fathers are marginalized, there are at least two women in paternal families who get equally hurt. This is a tremendous amount of voters.
  • Non-Custodial families come from every political party affiliation, socioeconomic, and ethnic background.
  • Putative Fathers, or Fathers who create children outside of wedlock, account for 40% of fathers in NC and the family of the putative father has ZERO legal right to their children.

When you combine these figures, our organization estimates that these numbers equate to about 4.7 million voters in a State that has 9.8 million people. The numbers you represent are unmistakably significant to Sheriff Donnie Harrison and future elections. If you are tired of being asked to live as a visitor father, grandmother, step-parent, or aunt, then please consider joining our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK so that we can build an equally powerful organization to those that have an interest in you staying non-custodial, paying child support via a government agency, and generating revenue for their members. Additionally, we ask Wake County NC non-custodial families to routinely share this important article on Sheriff Donnie Harrison with other families.

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