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Craven County District/Family Court Judges

Craven County District and Family Court JudgesDid a Craven County NC District Court or Family Court Judge decide your custody matter, and now you find yourself as a marginalized visitor and non-custodial family who wanted equal parentage and access to your young loved ones? Are you tired of Craven County NC District Court Judges deciding your worth as a family by how much child support you pay instead of your worth as a equal access family? Did a Craven County Family Court Judge allow a custodial mother to move your children hundreds of miles away despite you being active in their lives? NC Fathers is an organization of NC and Craven County non-custodial step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and fathers who have had enough of the bias and favor in the courts. Please review our GOALS and help us build a massive organization that holds these Judges and Politicians accountable for their actions in future elections. You can join our organization simply by joining our MAILING LIST or FACEBOOK PAGE where you and others can discuss your experiences as non-custodial families in the Craven County NC Courts. In this article, we are going to provide information on why we think bias exists in the Craven County Courts, and with Judges who decide cases in them. We ask that you routinely share this article with others on the major social networking sites to help bring greater awareness.

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Craven County NC Family and District Court Judges - Bias with Non-Custodial Families

NC Fathers invites Craven County NC non-custodial families and Judges in the Craven County Courts to click on the red and blue graphic below to get a reminder of how divisive the family courts are, and we ask that you pay special interest in the Social Security Act Title IV-D programs that is using YOU to replenish money payed out to Welfare and Low Income assistance programs. Obviously our question is for Craven County District Court Judges is how do non-custodial families get equal access to their children when the State of NC is dependent on federal money for TANF, Food Stamps, and other programs?

Judge - NC County Court

Craven County District and Family Court Judges need NC Families in Future Elections

NC Fathers believes that on average, SEVEN new non-custodial fathers are created PER county PER day during court business hours. Now obviously the large counties are creating more, and the smaller counties less. The thing to keep in mind here is that this is a lot of very angry people who are voters. And, with each non-custodial father, there are many WOMEN in the paternal family who get equally hurt in this process. Furthermore, Craven County NC Judges should recognize that non-custodial families come from every racial and ethnic background, political party affiliation, and economic scale. The bottom line here is that non-custodial family members represent a massive amount of voters that Judges and Politicians in Craven County NC need.

Historically, there are many lobby organizations that exists to make sure that social services and custodial mothers win 85% of custody battles and continue to receive their social services benefits as the custodial parent. And, these special interest groups talk with Politicians and Judges groups on a routine basis. We think it is time that Judges in Craven County recognize a group of equal importance, but we need your help.

If you identify with this article on the Craven County NC District and Family Court Judges, we ask that you share this article with other families in your community using email, facebook, twitter, and other popular social media sites so that we can meet our goal.

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